Top 10 Yu-Gi-Oh! Battles

Script written by Brandon Stuhr. Sometimes you just have to believe in the heart of the cards. Combining monster battles with card collecting, what makes duel monsters so exciting is the fact that you can play it at home, with the same cards and rules in the series. From old classics beasts to the mighty Egyptian god cards, we looked at the biggest, best and most epic duels in the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series. So as we count down our picks for Top 10 “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Battles. Special thanks to our users Godslayer79 and David Painter for suggesting this topic using our website suggest tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest.

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Script written by Brandon Stuhr.

Top 10 Yu-Gi-Oh! Battles

Sometimes you just have to believe in the heart of the cards. Welcome to, and today we are counting down our picks for Top 10 “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Battles. For this list, we are only considering the best of the best from the second “Yu-Gi-Oh!” series, so fans of 5Ds and GX will have to wait for another list. We also have to issue a spoiler alert for this round.

#10: Yugi & Kaiba vs Dartz

Lets start this list off with the longest tag-team duel in the series’ history. This duel between series protagonists and Atlantean ruler Dartz rounds out the Waking the Dragon story arc in a rather bleak way. If dueling for their souls wasn’t enough, the fate of the world relies on the outcome. Dartz is a formidable opponent and Kaiba outshines Yugi with impressive moves. That is, until he loses his soul. It is then up to Yugi to destroy Dartz once and for all, whiling saving the world at the same time. We could have worse odds.

#9: Mind Controlled Joey vs Yugi

Sometimes, friends make the best enemies. Taking place during the middle of the Battle City arc, this duel pits Yugi and his best friend Joey, currently under the control of Marik, against each other in a duel to the death and the loser will be dragged to the depths. Marking Yugi’s independent stance against Yami, this duel shows that while Yugi has much to learn, he is an expert duelist. This is the closest that “Yu-Gi-Oh!” has acknowledged death as the result of a duel, so enjoy it while you can.

#8: Joey vs Mai Valentine

Welcome to the duelist kingdom. In Joey’s first duel of the series, he is challenged by duelist Mai Valentine as a practice before challenging Yami Yugi. Joey needs to do this in order to gain more star chips and further herself in the tournament. This duel sets the rules for Duel Monsters relatively early and offers the first instance of a character cheating in a duel. While Joey’s warriors are out-matched by Mai’s harpies, it is revealed that Mai coats her cards with perfume to memorize the order. That’s… actually a really clever way to cheat.

#7: Yugi vs Kaiba Battle City Semi-Finals

As series rivals, there was no way we could leave their duel off our list. Rounding out the semi-finals of Battle City, Yugi and Kaiba square off in a hologram of the roman Coliseum. This is the perfect setting for the monumental clash between two Egyptian god cards, Kaiba’s Obelisk and Yugi’s Slifer. Partway through the duel, the duelists are even treated to a vision of a past duel between the Pharoah and his High Priest. Needless to say the stakes are high. While Yugi eventually comes out on top, this is one duel that built the suspense until the end.

#6: Marik vs Joey Battle City Semi Finals

Our next entry shows just how far a duelist can come from their first duel. Taking on Yami Marik after he sends Mai to the Shadow Realm in the previous duel, Joey is forced to deal with Shadow Game rules of his own. Marik attaches metaphorical strings between the duelists and each monster, resulting in physical pain when a monster is defeated. Showing some expert dueling from Joey, as he is able to unravel Marik’s scheme, it is not enough as he collapses but is still able to keep from losing his mind to the Shadow Realm.

#5: Kaiba & Yugi vs Noah

Its time to duel… for possession of Kaiba Corp. that is. Trapped in a virtual world by the infamous Noah, Kaiba is challenged for control via a brain-washed Mokuba. What makes this duel interesting is the setup of each deck eerily resembles each of the duelists. Whether this be Kaiba’s pride and power or Noah’s fixation on the past, it doesn’t prevent Kaiba’s loss to the latter. While initially the duel begins between Kaiba and Noah, Yugi steps in and destroys Noah with a six-card combination. Even in a virtual world, you can’t beat the “King of Games”.

#4: Atem/Yugi vs Rafael

Not many contenders can take on the “King of Games” let alone the Pharaoh, but our next entry is an exception. This duel earns its place as the darkest battle during the Waking the Dragon arc, with Atem fighting against swordsman Rafael. This fight is suspense at its finest, with Yugi’s soul being locked away and Atem becoming consumed by his inner rage and fear of losing. Rafael is one of many few characters to earn the honor of defeating Atem, so you know the risks before you challenge him.

#3: Yugi vs Pegasus Duelist Kingdom Finals

You know you are the “King of Games” when you surpass the game’s creator. In the final major duel of the Duelist Kingdom arc, audiences are finally able to see the first battle of the Milleniums, particularly Yugi’s puzzle and Pegasus’s eye. While the duel seems one-sided from the beginning since Pegasus can read Yugi’s cards and anticipate his moves with his cheating eye, Yugi is able to shuffle his thoughts and keep his opponent at bay until Yugi is victorious. What do you do if your opponent is cheating? Play like a god that’s what.

#2: Yugi vs Marik Battle City Final

Egyptian god cards dueling for the fate of the world? Yeah, we’re down we that. The final confrontation between Yugi and Battle City antagonist Marik, this duel has some memorable plays, as well as the first time all three Egyptian god cards are in play. Once the Shadow Game rules are introduced, emotions and suspense run high until the duel’s miracle conclusion. Not only a satisfying duel, but a satisfying conclusion to a fantastic arc. Friend sanctuary anyone?

Before we duel with our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Joey vs Yugi Duelist Kingdom Semi-finals
Joey and Yugi vs The Paradox Brothers
Kaiba vs Zigfried
Mai Valentine vs Tea Gardner
Yami vs Bakura

#1: Yugi vs Atem

The final battle that everyone was waiting for. Aptly named the “Ceremonial Duel”, it serves as Atem’s final battle before his spirit passes on. The battle also mixes a blend of nostalgia and the unknown future, reflected by the cards in Atem’s and Yugi’s decks. Not only do we see many fan favorite cards return, such as the Dark Magician, Summoned Skull, and all three Egyptian God Cards, but this battle gives audiences glimpses of the future. By far the most evenly matched in the series, this duel takes its rightful place in our top spot.

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