Top 10 Comic Book Relationships

Script written by Clayton Martino. They may be tasked with saving the world from evil, but even superheroes need a little romance in their lives. Superman and Lois Lane, Green Arrow and Black Canary, it seems almost every comic book superhero has found love at some point in their carrier. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 comic book relationships. Special thanks to our users jkellis and noob299 for suggesting this topic on our Suggestion Tool WatchMojo.comsuggest.

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Script written by Clayton Martino.

Top 10 Comic Book Relationships

They may be tasked with saving the world from evil, but even superheroes need a little romance in their lives. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Comic Book Relationships.

For this list, we are looking at the best super-powered relationships in both the comics and in other forms of media, such as film and television. Our only stipulation is that one member of the relationship has be considered super powered, whether hero or villain.

#10: Starfire and Dick Grayson

One of the most alluring superheroes in the DC universe, Starfire’s affections were sought out by several different characters; but it was Dick Grayson, aka Robin, who ended up winning her heart. They were almost married once, but Raven, who had once again turned evil, interrupted the ceremony. Starfire, an alien princess, played a large role in Robin’s life, and helped him create his own identity; and her blissful ignorance of human customs make her all the more endearing.

#9: Jane Foster and Thor

Jane Foster must be something special to land Thor, the Asgardian god of thunder. In the comics, she actually falls in love with both Dr. Donald Blake and Thor, unaware that Blake is actually Thor’s secret identity. Things are a bit simpler in the cinematic universe, where Thor never has an alter ego, and the two maintain their affections despite being in a long, long, long-distance relationship. Thor seems like the faithful type, however, and Jane’s genius and patience is a perfect match for Thor’s boisterous personality.

#8: Pepper Potts and Iron Man

This relationship goes far beyond the stereotypical boss/assistant cliché. The romance between Pepper Potts and Tony Stark isn’t as explicit in the comics, but it is a key element in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tony’s self-destructive nature is regularly kept in check by Pepper’s sense of responsibility, and their feeling for each other develop naturally over time. Their relationship is made official in the second Iron Man film and their bond has remained strong ever since.

#7: Liz Sherman and Hellboy

Unlike the comics, where Liz and Hellboy are just friends, their relationship is an important element of the film series. Liz and Hellboy are both members of the B.P.R.D, the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. Like all good superhero relationships, the two have each other’s backs and save each other’s lives several times. In the second film, Liz is pregnant, and Hellboy puts her safety above all else.

#6: Catwoman and Batman

As a millionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne is rarely pinned down to one woman. As Batman, however, he seems to be infatuated with the sometimes villain, sometimes hero Catwoman. The two often work together towards a common goal, and maintain an on again off again relationship. This relationship sometimes goes beyond their superhero personas, with Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle becoming romantically involved in more than one story arc. Although Catwoman’s criminal desires often come into conflict with Batman’s unyielding sense of justice, she seems to be the only woman capable of holding Bruce Wayne down, figuratively and literally.

#5: Jean Grey and Cyclops

The relationship between Jean Grey and Scott Summers is a major plot point in almost every portrayal of the X-Men characters. Although initially slow to show affection for each other, the two eventually entered a relationship and got hitched. With a normal relationship impossible, the two take what they can get, until the Phoenix entity inevitability bursts their bubble. Even after the Phoenix destroys Jean, Cyclops is never truly able to move on.

#4: Sue Storm and Reed Richards

These two Fantastic Four members actually met and became romantically involved before they were superheroes, with Sue meeting Reed when she moved to California to attend college. Their new super powers didn’t deter their feelings for each other, and their super-powered son Franklin acts as their relationship’s compass. The fact that the two have been together since 1961 makes their relationship one of the most consistent and longest running in comic book history.

#3: Harley Quinn and The Joker

It takes a special kind of woman to be attracted to Clown Prince of Crime. Harley and Joker’s relationship is one of the most complex relationships in the DC Universe, with the Joker often physically and emotionally abusing her. While the romance may be very one-sided, there is no denying that Harley has become an important part of Joker’s life. Harley is the one person Joker can at least tolerate, and when they work together, they can be quite a handful for Batman to deal with.

#2: Mary Jane Watson and Spider-Man

While Gwen Stacy may have been Peter Parker’s first love, no one had quite the hold on him as girl-next-door Mary-Jane Watson. They were initially set up by Aunt May, but their relationship developed following the death of Gwen at the hands of the Green Goblin; when M.J. comforts Peter in his time of grief. The two eventually married in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21, yet Peter’s commitment to being Spider-Man is a constant source of tension for the two.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honourable mentions:

Elektra and Daredevil

Betty Ross and Bruce Banner

Carol Ferris and Hal Jordan

Storm and Black Panther

Rogue and Gambit

#1: Lois Lane and Superman

One of the most famous couples in all of fiction, Lois Lane and Superman have maintained a complicated relationship since their first appearance in the 1930s. Lana Lang, Superman’s first love, and Clark Kent, Superman’s alter ego, sometimes complicate their relationship. In some versions, Lois is aware that Clark is Superman, while in others she is somehow oblivious. Regardless, this relationship is the gold standard of comic book relationships, and continues to be a major plotline in the Superman franchise, and Lois is a key figure in all of Superman’s adaptations.

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