Superhero Origins: Rogue of the X-Men

This X-men member didn't debut as a hero. Instead, Rogue was an integral part of fellow mutant Mystique's plan to disable the Avengers and free her colleagues from prison. Rogue's origin wasn't revealed during this appearance but readers did witness her special powers, a result of her mutant genes. Rogue possessed the ability to absorb the memories and powers of anyone with whom she came in skin-to-skin contact, incapacitating them as she did so. Rogue eventually switched from villainy to heroics and became an invaluable member of the X-Men. Join as we explore the comic book origin of the Rogue of the X-Men. Special thanks to our users Shahab Gh, Sam Cossey, Leo Logan, crazylazybub, Tom Glynn, Superhero Origin Rogue, DunneNDusted and Spideyfan-0913 for submitting the idea on our WatchMojo.comsuggest page!

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