Top 10 Worst Video Game Spin Offs

Behind a lot of great video game franchises comes a blatant cash grab. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Worst Video Game Spinoffs. For this list, we picked the most unnecessary and downright bad spinoffs of iconic franchises. They must be based off franchises that originated from Video Games, so no spinoffs of titles that were themselves spinoffs of comic books, movies, or anything else, and as usual, one game per franchise. Special Thanks to our users "OmegaJackRed666" and "DaveVsTheWorld" for suggesting this topic on our website WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Worst Video Game Spinoffs

Behind every great franchise is a blatant cash grab. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 worst video game spin-offs.

For this list, we picked the most unnecessary and downright bad spinoffs of iconic franchises. They must be based off franchises that originated from Video Games, so no spinoffs of titles that were themselves spinoffs of comic books, movies, or anything else, and as usual, one game per franchise.

#10: “Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII” (2006)

If you’re a gamer you should know Final Fantasy VII as one of the greatest JRPG’s of all time. Dirge of Cerberus however … isn’t. Vincent Valentine is now the protagonist, and he’s being targeted by a mysterious organization called “Deepground,” who hopes to destroy the planet Gaia. Storywise, it’s not too bad. The gameplay however is, opting to be a third person shooter is the least of the game’s problems as poor A.I. and redundant level design make the game feel like a chore rather than fun.

#9: “Sonic R” (1997)

This franchise has seen some awful spinoffs, but nothing was as bad as this misfire of a racing game. It was notable for being among the first “Sonic” games on the Saturn with 3D graphics, but the gameplay didn’t live up to the visuals. It only has five playable tracks, all of which are pooly designed, and while It’s neat to play as characters like Dr. Robotnik, pretty much every character handles poorly. If you do decide to wrestle your way thru the controls, you can finish the game in roughly an hour. Weak.

#8: “Mega Man Soccer” (1994)

The “Mega Man” series produced some great action-platformers. However, as this title showed us, they shouldn’t have tried to branch out into the world of sports games. The premise is absurd, as we can’t understand why Dr. Light would send the titular hero to fight the antagonist Dr. Wily by playing his robot masters in soccer. As dumb as it is, it’s the poor controls and slide happy stupid AI that truly sink the title.

#7: “Dead or Alive Xtreme” series (2003 & 2006)

Misogynistic to the point of absurdity, these *ahem* “games” feature scantily clad female characters from the iconic fighting game franchise doing very little fighting. These shameless titles feature the ladies playing volleyball, gambling, or just frocking around doing nothing, as you play to earn more revealing swimsuits and accessories. Even worse, the sequel added offensive extras like an unlockable pole-dancing minigame, umm … no comment.

#6: “Resident Evil: Survivor” (2000)

This survival horror series had a lot of dumb spinoffs, like “Operation Raccoon City,” but none of them were as pointless as this one. A lot of the scares from the original game came from you never knowing if you’d have enough ammo to defend yourself from the zombies. So, this game butchered much of the series’ impressive level of dread by giving you unlimited firepower for pistol. But, most confusingly, they also forgot to include light gun support in the North American version of the game, which … you’d want in a light gun shooter.

#5: “Pokemon Channel” (2003)

Given all of the pointless Pokemon merchandise, it was inevitable that something from the series would make our list, and this TV watching simulator was an easy choice. No, seriously, that’s the main concept of the game: You watch TV. There are activities, like exploring the house and finding items, but most of your time is spent staring at shows like the Pokemon News Flash, featuring Psyduck as an anchor. And there’s a show where all that you do is count Mareep jumping over a fence. Riveting.

#4: “Mortal Kombat: Special Forces” (2000)

This series has given us great memories; and this game is not one of them. It’s not the only action adventure-title to be inspired by the series, but it’s the worst one. Jax Briggs, the guy that nobody ever picks, is the protagonist, and he has to fight the Black Dragon gang, and … that’s pretty much the plot. However, beyond the incoherent story, the boring gameplay doesn’t even let you jump, and the barren environments are just ugly. Series creator Ed Boon wasn’t part of the development team, but has stated the game had all sorts of development problems.

#3: “Hotel Mario” (1994)

Again, when you’ve been around as long as Mario, it’s inevitable that you’ll be featured in a few stinkers. This game released by Phillips is by far the worst, worse than the supposedly educational games “Mario is Missing” and “Mario’s Time Machine”. The quote “gameplay” involves you closing doors in Bowser’s hotels, and if you close them all, you get to, wait for it…close more doors. Oh yeah and lets not forget the animated cutscenes with hilariously bad voice acting.

#2: “Street Fighter: The Movie” (The Game) (1995)

Movies based on video games don’t tend to be very good, but you haven’t seen the worst that licensed merchandise has to offer until you’ve played a game based on a movie based on a game. Using digitized actors, both games offered terrible fighting mechanics thanks to poor hitboxes. Yes we said both, as there were actually 2 versions to this game, with a home console versions being vastly different to the arcade game, yet both are just as pointless.
Before we get to our number one, let’s take a look at some honorable (or dishonorable) mentions:
“Bomberman: Act Zero” (2006)

“Castlevania: Judgement” (2008)

“Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls” (1994)

“The Bureau: XCOM Declassified” (2013)

“Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures” (1994)

#1: The Zelda CD-i Games (1993-94)

Taking top spot on our list are these infamous installments that were so bad we’ve listed them as some of the worst games of all time. After a deal where Nintendo partnered with Phillips to create a CD console went sour, Phillips was able to push out these awful games. The first 2 games are practically identical and features the most abysmal level design we’ve seen, while Zelda’s Adventure isn’t any better with gameplay hampered by massive load times. To top it off, the cut scenes in all three games were so cheesy and weird that they were borderline frightening.
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