Introducing WatchMojo T-Shirts!

We know you've been dying for some merch with the name plastered all over it, and it's finally here: the WatchMojo t-shirts. Check out this video, and head over to WatchMojo.comstore to get yours before we run out, and let us know in the comments section what else you'd like to see in the way of merch. Btw, the t-shirt is guaranteed to make it to your "Top 10 Favorite Branded Clothing Items" list! Warning: T-shirts are not suitable for fighting crime, stopping bullets, performing surgery, religious ceremonies, furious lovemaking, volcano spelunking, guerrilla warfare, hipster art shows, deep sea diving, children's birthday parties. T-shirts will spontaneously combust at temperatures that exceed 36 degrees centigrade. (Just kidding :p)

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