Top 10 Movie Jerks

Most movies already have a bad guy. However, a select few feature those special people who go beyond the usual world domination ploys and exist just to make the main character's life a living hell! These actions range from outright bullying, to relentlessly taunting, getting in the way, and even trying to steal the girl! Join as we count down our top 10 favorite movie jerks.

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Top 10 Movie Jerks

These are the jerk-offs you don’t enjoy. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our top 10 favorite movie jerks.

To keep an even playing field, we’ve decided to stick with characters that hassle the films’ protagonists.

#10 – Ted: “Bridesmaids”

Kicking off our list is the character that proves that, just because you look like Don Draper, doesn’t mean you’re smooth like Don Draper. As Kristen Wiig’s handsome buddy-with-benefits, Jon Hamm plays a mean-spirited and self-obsessed jerk who’s constantly crushing her self-esteem, calling her names, and setting up the next booty call. Few jerks can successfully convince others they’re actually sensitive and caring, while also cranking the exploitation dial to eleven.

#9 – Benjamin Kane: “Wayne’s World” (1992)

This guy is the rich and ridiculously handsome TV executive who uses his charm to steal Wayne’s show, and his girl. What makes him a total douche, besides the false pretenses or his use of hair gel, is that he is the only jerk, to our knowledge, to get his own happy ending!

#8 – Edward Rooney: “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (1986)

Rooney is the embodiment of everything you hated about high school. On his quest to prove wrongdoing, he oversteps his authority, harasses other students and even does a little breaking and entering! Unlike some of the other jerks on this list, he spends most of his screen time getting what’s coming to him, including getting his face dirty danced…

#7 – The O’Doyle Family: “Billy Madison” (1995)

O’Doyle rules! This family of hard-headed bullies regularly makes Adam Sandler’s high school re-do as unpleasant as possible, whether it’s by pouring soup on his head or stuffing his locker with crap. Literal crap. What makes these jerks stand out from the rest is their trademark chant! Thankfully, they make a solid push for a Darwin award by driving over a banana peel and veering off a cliff, and thus removing their prolific family tree from gene pool.

#6 – Walter Peck: “Ghostbusters” (1984)

Thanks to a personal vendetta and a bruised ego, this small-minded EPA mouthpiece leads the charge against Bill Murray and the Ghostbusters. In a textbook example of bureaucracy getting in the way of what make sense, Mr. Pecker – sorry Peck’s – failed policies lead to a citywide, jumbo Twinkie-sized ghost storm. But don’t worry, in the end he gets hit over the head with his own mistakes.

#5 – Ernie McCracken: “Kingpin” (1996)

Now it’s Bill Murray’s turn to be the bully. He plays a hustler who exploits a young bowling prodigy named Munson, but when things go sour he bails and leaves Munson to deal with the consequences. Of course, Big Ern never owns up to what he did and instead he goes on about getting dirty with Munson’s love interest, turns “Munson” into a mainstream slur, and showcases his lack of morals by sleeping with moms from the charities for fatherless families.

#4 – Draco Malfoy: “Harry Potter Series” (2001-2011)

This bigoted bully is member number one of Slytherin house. A snobbish schoolyard big shot, Draco uses his family’s wealth and pure blood heritage as a way to put down Harry’s gang. This mean-spirited racist coward can’t even fight his own battles, and is always strutting around with his pair of goons for protection. Worst of all, it’s just practice until he can join his father at the Dark Lord’s side. Don’t you wanna just crack his little jerknose every time he says “Potter”?

#3 – Richard Thornburg “Die Hard”

Walter Peck may have been annoying, but this guy’s a real “Dick.” This arrogant news reporter jeopardizes the safety of John McClane’s family by threatening to deport their maid as a way to get into their home to interview the already terrified children. Thornburg is a soulless opportunist, to the point where he makes the kids believe they’ll never see their parents again! Thankfully, he gets what’s coming to him… In the face!

#2 – Bill Lumbergh: “Office Space” (1999)

It’s a sidesplitting parody of the stuffiness at the management level, and its star cult favorite jerk cranks the douche up to eleven! He does this by making his employees do pointless work, lowering their working standards, and by making unfair requests in the most painfully non-confrontational way imaginable. Coercion aside, Bill simply gets stuck deep in your head! Especially if you think he’s been with your girlfriend…

#1 – Biff/Griff/Buford Tannen: “Back to the Future” (1985-1990)

Taking the top spot on our list is the genetic line of buttheads that is incapable of delivering a proper insult – that is, barring a radical change in the timeline. They’re the quintessential movie jerks because it doesn’t matter which era of Hill Valley’s history the time travelling Marty McFly ends up in: a Tannen will always be there to bully a McFly, and to get Marty in trouble by calling him chicken.

Do you agree with our list? Who’s your favorite movie jerk? For more entertaining top 10 lists, be sure to subscribe to

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