Top 10 Angry U.S. Conservatives

The aggressive voices of the right-wing are famous for their fervent beliefs, and for their hatred of anything liberal. They’re quick to quip, fast to fight, and are always ready with a commentary on why Democrats are nuts. Personalities like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and many, many more make their livings by stirring the pot, riling up right-wingers, and never backing down from a fight. Plus, they’re always good for a sound bite. In this video, counts down the Top 10 Most Combative Conservatives.

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The Top 10 Angry Republicans

They are the aggressive voices of the right. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Most Combative Conservatives.

#10 - Christine O’Donnell

Let’s call her the Tea Party princess. O’Donnell defeated a favorite to win in Delaware’s Republican U.S. Senate primary in 2010. But that’s not why she’s famous. No, what made her fodder for comedians around the world were her stances: She proudly admits to chastity, even when by herself. All the time she saves, she spends trying out witchcraft and asking why monkeys aren’t still evolving into humans.

#9 - Michele Bachmann

This Tea Party Queen comes by her title honestly: she claims to know more about climate change than MIT scientists. She has adopted more than 20 foster children. While she and her husband deny it, he allegedly runs a clinic that cures homosexuality. Though “Crazy Eyes” was unable to make a dent during the 2012 GOP nomination debates, she still has fervent fans across the nation.

#8 - Donald Trump

While he isn’t officially a pundit or a politician, there’s no denying The Donald’s presence as a Republican personality. From his money-money-money mentality, to his promotion of the birther movement, Trump is about as right-wing as they come. He’s anti-abortion, anti-gun control, and anti-gay marriage, and while he ultimately decided not to run for president in 2012, that doesn’t mean he won’t re-emerge later. Watch it, or you’re fired.

#7 - Sarah Palin

Caribou Barbie didn’t make it to the White House in ’08. But, this maverick came back. She resurfaced as a pundit to appeal to hockey moms and Joe six-packs alike that were also in support of capital punishment, guns and oil, and against abortion, birth control and health care reform. Palin proved that sometimes, going rogue gets you places. Like out of Alaska.

#6 - Bill O’Reilly

You are entering a “No Spin Zone.” O’Reilly is equipped with a working-class background and in-your-face style to cut through the intellectual clutter of the media elite. He doesn’t necessarily paint himself as a conservative, and even defends homosexuality and some environmental topics; however, he is definitely right-of-center. And, he never backs away from an old fashioned public feud.

#5 - Glenn Beck

What would conservatives do these days without Glenn Beck? He is one of the stars of conservative media due to his political rants. He pleads with listeners to save his country from the radical leftists. While he has been accused by the left of dealing in untruths, Beck’s passion is legendary. But, here’s a tip, Glenn: never let ‘em see you cry.

#4 - Sean Hannity

The word polarizing comes to mind when discussing this combative conservative. He pits the good guys against the bad guys, and offers listeners confirmation of their already-held views. He’s one of the most trusted and predictable names on the far-right, and though he lacks the sharp wit of an Ann Coulter-type he sure as hell believes in what he’s saying.

#3 - Michael Savage

Like most entries on this list, you either love Michael Savage, or you hate Michael Savage. He has become one of the most listened to radio hosts in America through his show “The Savage Nation,” and has been accused of using that platform to promote extremism and hatred. You’d better not admit to being a liberal in his presence, or he just might accuse you of being mentally disturbed. And don’t even get him started on autism…

#2 - Ann Coulter

Coulter’s views can be summed up by one of her book titles: “If Democrats Had Any Brains, they’d Be Republicans.” She lives and breathes that idiom, and causes mega controversy every step of the way. Aside from offending 9/11 widows and calling John Edwards dirty names, she is constantly stirring the pot. Even some conservatives equate her to nails on a chalkboard.

#1 - Rush Limbaugh

El Rushbo is as conservative as you get. Limbaugh has been a leader in conservative media for decades, and has been bringing his special brand of sarcasm to his loyal “dittoheads” ever since. He’s pro-death penalty, anti-feminism, critical of climate change and staunchly against illegal immigration. While liberal senator Al Franken may call him a “Big Fat Idiot,” there’s no doubt his unapologetic yelling appeals to faithful right-wingers.

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