Top 10 Nude Fight Scenes

Nothing is more fun to watch than a good fight in the buff. Especially when its combined with hysterical one liners, belt whipping, ass kicking and chainsaw throwing. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 most memorable nude fight scenes on the silver screen.

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Top 10: Nude Fight Scenes

Nothing’s better than a good fight scene. Except maybe nudity. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 most memorable naked fight scenes on the silver screen.

Number 10: American Psycho

Kicking off our list is an iconic scene from a film that satirizes Wall Street overindulgence in the 1980s through the eyes of a serial killer. Christian Bale appears in the buff to chase down a girl while wielding a live chain saw, and eventually drops it on his poor victim from several stories above. Okay, so it’s not much of a fight. But points for originality and precision!

Number 9: Memento

In this out-of-sequence thriller, Guy Pearce plays a man who is trying to solve his wife’s murder, but who is unable to retain any of his most recent memories. So, he’s just as surprised as we are when an unknown man enters his hotel room. He leaps from the shower, causes a ruckus and finally locks the dude in the closet. Of course, minutes later he forgets any of it ever happened.

Number 8: The Hangover

The main characters in this film have lost their memories for a completely different reason. In the hilarious scene in question, the gang discovers a leftover surprise from the mysterious events of the night before. A naked Ken Jeong flies out of their trunk and inflicts serious pain on the hapless trio, and gets one of the biggest laughs of the entire movie.

Number 7: Beowulf

This is the only animated film on this list, but that doesn’t make the nude fight any less impressive. A motion-captured Beowulf decides to show how fearless he really is by disarming a monster while naked. Is that cocky or what?

Number 6: School Ties

This powerful movie showcases the themes of racism and bigotry, and features a balls-to-the-wall fight scene between Matt Damon and Brendan Fraser due to Damon’s character’s hatred of Jews. If you look closely, you’ll be able to spot Damon’s buddy Ben Affleck as well as Chris O’Donnell in the film as well.

Number 5: Shoot ‘Em Up

In this over-the-top action comedy, Clive Owen plays a hit man who decides to take on a slew of assassins without interrupting his fun with Monica Bellucci. What’s better than getting laid and killing people?

Number 4: Fargo
In the Coen Brother’s Oscar-winning classic, Steve Buscemi plays an inept criminal who is interrupted while he’s with a hooker. He throws racial slurs instead of fists, but that only makes things worse for him. Fortunately, it’s downright hilarious for us.

Number 3: Borat

This is easily the funniest and most repulsive nude fight scene ever committed to film. Here, Borat rumbles with his manager after he catches him admiring his beloved Pamela Anderson. What ensues is a disgusting mash of hairy and doughy body parts.

Number 2: Eastern Promises

Moving from comedy to sheer bad-assery, this four-minute-long bathroom scene is the most hardcore entry on our list. In this Russian Mafia thriller, Viggo Mortensen battles two knife-wielding Russian goons in nothing but his birthday suit.

Number 1: Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Taking top honors on our list is the sci-fi sequel in which Arnie goes hunting for clothes in a biker bar. While the Terminator does ask for what he needs as politely as a murderous machine can, he gets burned in the chest with a cigar. Sure, he’s cybernetic killer from the future on a mission to save the leader of the resistance, but seriously: who does that?

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