How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Murphy's Law is an adage that states: 'Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.'Forget worrying about fighting the Flu: A zombie outbreak has been shown in film to be a near unstoppable nightmare scenario. Starting as a virus with a penchant for mutation, the disease quickly spreads to both the living and the dead. Those infected, such as family and friends, become motivated by basic predatory instincts and will lurk the streets with a lust for flesh. In this video, provides you with the basic survival tips that could make the difference when you're stuck in a world ruled by the undead.

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Zombie Apocalypse

Preachers have been warning us for years that once hell fills-up, the dead will walk the Earth. Welcome to, Hello, I’m your host Rebecca Brayton and listen carefully, the following advice may save your life in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse.

Before deciding on a strategy, you should lock your doors and close all your windows. If a zombie sees an opening, he’ll make himself at home. And never try to hide in a low or underground location. Zombies can’t climb as well as you, and may unwittingly stumble into basements or sewers.

Surviving the end of the world means that you must be willing and able to lose any sense of sentimentality that you may have. If someone turns into the undead, they are not your friend or family anymore. This means that keeping them around, even locked up, is not a smart idea.

Keep in mind that zombies may become smarter over time. They travel in packs and depend on their natural survival instincts. Zombies will always try to grab you, so a short-range handheld weapon should always be at hand. This means that while guns are a must, they should be used sparingly, as they may alert zombies to your location. Your choices must be based on effectively crippling the zombie to create escape room. When killing Zombies, remember that you must destroy their brain. All other areas of their body will only slow them down.

Before leaving your home to seek out a better hiding place, try to locate a CB radio. It will most likely remain your best tool in finding other survivors and getting help. And remember to wear running shoes and protective gear. Don’t be run around in shorts and a T-shirt. You will get bitten.

Having a buddy system is important. Keep with a group large enough to fend off zombies, as well as defend your position. Your group cannot be too big, as you need to ration your food supply. And always be mindful following any zombie encounter that one of your group members is hiding a zombie bite and may transform.

Try not to depend on vehicles to get you where you need to go. Moving by foot is the most discrete and flexible option. Vehicles attract attention and can run out of fuel. Plus, roads will be jammed.

However, fleeing an infected area is a solid plan of action. So, when choosing a vehicle, keep in mind that they should be able to drive over zombies, have a large gas tank in order to minimize re-fueling, be able to handle off-road conditions, and be capable of carrying many supplies.

Once your group decides to hide and await rescue, you must pick your spot very carefully. Remember that zombies try to do the things that they did while they were alive. For this reason, Malls are a poor option. Plus, they simply do not have enough of the proper survival supplies, in addition to too many entrances. Therefore, if possible you should find a low-key grocery store, as you will need food, and having only two entrances makes defending your hideout easier. You must also barricade your chosen hideout. Keep on the lookout and remember to always be ready to abandon your base at a moments notice.

And remember that you are never truly safe, just momentarily sheltered.
So be prepared to repeat these tips as necessary!

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