Supervillain Origins: Black Adam

This character’s origins began in Ancient Egypt, where a wizard named Shazam took notice of a proud and skilled warrior, Teth-Adam. Shazam blessed Teth-Adam with the strengths of 6 Gods to help him protect his land and renamed him Mighty Adam. It was a name he lived up to until he became so corrupt with power that he overthrew the Pharaoh and took over his city with fear and violence. Shazam, unable to retract the powers he regretted giving, could only banish this newly named "Black-Adam" to the farthest star. But it wasn't far enough, because Black Adam returned. He flew for 5000 years to seek his vengeance. Join as we will explore the comic book origins of Black Adam. Special thanks to our user Lalaxbo, Drew Pennington, Josip Crep, ibriers1, Monta Wolfshade, Tristan Brown, PopularNobody, Oscar Fernandez, aldqbigsquare, eddiebear, Captainshazaam, reecedesmond71, Janine Mastrokalos, Nick Warrick, TheSkitifyChannel, Margaret Rd, cop123, Mike Atcherson, KILLABAZINGA708, dylan ryan and Applesmart for submitting the idea on our WatchMojo.comsuggest page!

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