Travel Guide: Malawi

Located in southeast Africa, the Republic of Malawi is a hot country with a beautiful natural landscape. In addition to the mountains, rivers and valleys, there is abundant flora and fauna, which you can observe through any of its wildlife reserves and national parks. For some luxury accommodations, head to Club Makokola for its beaches, golf courses and numerous activities. Be sure to experience the local culture by visiting the markets or attending a festival. In this video, we continue our travel series with a look at Malawi.

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This country is known as “the warm heart of Africa.” Welcome to, and today we’re continuing our travel series with a look at Malawi.

Location and Population

Located in southeast Africa, the Republic of Malawi is a landlocked country bordered by Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. Its population of over 14 million people is spread out over its total area of more than 45 thousand square miles.


Due to its location, the climate of Malawi varies between hot and temperate with dry periods in winter and rainy conditions during summer.

Air Travel

When traveling to the country by air, you’ll most likely be arriving at the Chileka or Lilongwe International Airports. The Lilongwe Airport serves Malawi’s capital city of the same name and is also called the Kamuzu International Airport.

Flora and Fauna

As Malawi is well known for its beautiful natural landscapes, be sure to check out the aerial views of the mountains, rivers and valleys during your flight. The African country is also home to diverse wildlife so there are many options for you to enjoy its most popular attractions after you land.

Club Mak

Found south of Lake Malawi, Club Makokola is your perfect chance to get away from the ordinary. Whether you’re relaxing on the wide, natural sandy beaches or hanging out by the pool, Club Mak is a prime spot to observe the region’s flora and fauna. If you’d like to get more active, there’s a golf course on site and guests can participate in a number of freshwater activities such as boating, catamaran rides and jet skiing.

Wildlife Reserves and National Parks

If you’d like to get even closer to nature, then you can visit any one of Malawi’s wildlife reserves and national parks. In the south, there’s the Majete Wildlife Reserve, the Liwonde National Park and Fisherman’s Rest. Meanwhile, central Malawi is home to the Tongole Wilderness Lodge and there is the Luwawa Forest Lodge up north.

Local Markets

To learn more about Malawian culture, head to the local markets where you’ll find plenty of handmade artifacts and souvenirs. You might also be interested in observing the china-making process at a pottery factory. Malawian wood carvings are especially remarkable. Be sure to find out if you can watch some traditional dance performances as these can be rare.

Cultural Festivals

The culture of Malawi can also be observed through a number of annual festivals and events. These include the Mulanje Mountain Porters Race and the Lake of Stars International Music Festival on Lake Malawi.

Much to Offer

From stunning natural scenery to exotic wildlife, to its rich culture and extremely friendly people, Malawi certainly has much to offer.

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