The Castles of Wales

Throughout the Welsh countryside are hundreds of castles, though many have either been restored or stand as ruins. Tourists continue to seek them out due to their rich medieval history and incredible architecture. Some of these notable castles have even been built by important figures of royalty, such as Welsh prince Llywelyn the Great. In this video, checks out some of the top castles in Wales, which is often considered the castle capital of the world. Footage courtesy of Visit Wales.

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Welsh Castles

Throughout the Welsh countryside are hundreds of castles, though many have either been restored or stand as ruins. While the majority of these fortified structures can now be found in the south of Wales, there are also several castles in the centre and the north of the country.

Dolwyddelan, Dolbadarn and Red Castles

Found in Conwy in northern Wales is Dolwyddelan Castle. Built in the thirteenth century, this stronghold was erected by the Welsh prince Llywelyn the Great. The prince also built Dolbadarn Castle at the foot of Wales’ highest mountain, Snowdon. Also in the north of the country lies Castell Coch, or Red Castle. Built in the late 1800s, this Gothic Revival castle was constructed over the spot of a thirteenth century fortification.

Dolforwyn Castle

Moving into the middle of the country, you will find Dolforwyn Castle in the county of Powys. Also built by a Welsh prince in the thirteenth century, the structure stands as an example of typical Welsh constructions, as opposed to those built by the English.

Calidicot and Chepstow Castles

In the southern part of the country is Calidicot Castle in Monmouthshire. Established by the Normans, the building later fell into disrepair but was finally renovated into a Victorian family home. Also in Monmouthshire is Chepstow Castle, which is Britain’s oldest surviving castle. Built by a Norman lord in the mid-eleventh century, the castle overlooks the River Wye.

Cardiff, Laugharne and Swansea Castles

Wales’ capital city is home to Cardiff Castle, which was built by the Roman Army in roughly 55 AD. Southern Carmarthenshire is home to the Anglo-Norman Laugharne Castle, which was founded in the twelfth century. Also constructed around that time was Swansea Castle, which is found in Swansea.

Newport Castle

South Wales is also home to Newport Castle. This fourteenth century construction is on the United Kingdom’s Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historical Interest.

Touristic Appeal

The obvious touristic appeal of Wales’ castles is demonstrated by the fact that visitors continue to seek them out. With an extremely rich past and incredible architecture, visitors will continue study them for their importance to medieval history for centuries to come.

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