India's Culture and Cuisine

India is a unique and exotic country, thanks to its traditional culture, languages, foods, music and clothing. Famous for its teas and coffees, India has an active industry in both. Indian artwork is colorful, and drawings like Rangoli are thought to bring good luck. Dancing is another important element of the culture, and this can be seen in many depictions of the countries gods. One event that brings together many aspects of Indian culture is the wedding, a joyous event that joins two families together with a days-long celebration. In this video, learns more about the culture and cuisine of India. Footage Courtesy of India Tourism.

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The Tastes of India

The flavors and ingredients of Indian cuisine have permeated the foods of other cultures around the world. A number of herbs and spices are native to the country, which explains why these tastes are used so abundantly in India. Chili pepper, brought to the country by the Portuguese, is another example of a popular flavor in Indian cuisine.

Tea and Coffee

India is also famous around the world for its tea industry, and to a lesser extent its native coffees. Tea is thought to have therapeutic properties, and has been drunk ceremonially for centuries. In fact, India drinks and produces much of the world’s tea, with cultivation of the plant tracing back centuries. Coffee is also an important part of day-to-day culture in certain parts of India, and the country’s native drink is quite unique.

Beautiful Rangoli Art

India has a tradition of beautiful folk art. Rangoli is one such example, and is a decorative design painted on the floor or ground. Thought to bring good luck, these designs are often in the shape of flowers and are usually made for special occasions.

Indian Weddings

One colorful special occasion in India is the wedding. Lasting several days, these events are festive and full of tradition. One element that has been adopted from western culture is the wedding carry, where the groom carries the bride across the threshold.

Indian Dance

Dancing is an important part of Indian culture, and a number of the country’s most well-known gods are normally portrayed dancing. There are a variety of different dance forms to be performed in different locations and at different times. One important element that is often seen in Indian dances is a form of sign language that is used to tell a story.

Traditional Clothing

Traditional clothing in India varies from region to region, but one colorful piece worn by women is the sari. These colorful silk scarves are draped over the body in a variety of ways, and can be worn as part of a traditional outfit.

Colorful, unique and steeped in tradition, Indian culture is an experience that needs to be savored first-hand.

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