Year in Review: 2010

2010 has been a busy year, full of natural disasters, political minefields, triumphs and tragedies. It started out with a behemoth snowstorm in the United States, followed of course by the earthquake in Haiti that devastated the country. Pakistan was ravaged by flooding, while much of Europe was disrupted by an errant volcano in Iceland and the United States struggled with an unruly oil spill. The entertainment didn’t stop, though with Justin Bieber showing the world who’s on top. In this video, recaps the year that was: 2010. We’ve definitely left some stuff out, so feel free to visit us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to tell us what we missed.

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Welcome to, and today we’ll be going over the year that was: 2010.

Bieber is king.
Fake tan industry rejoices.
Butchers can double as fashion designers.
Everybody’s dead.
Everyone’s a Gleek.
Miley’s legal and decides to go nuts. Don’t try this at home, kids.
Queen of daytime begins the final year of her reign.
M. Night Shyamalan is getting better…at sucking.
Randy proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the worst Quaid brother.
Mel Gibson goes crazier than Martin Riggs. Again.
Will she run in 2012? You betcha.
I’m with Coco.
The world falls in love with Canada. For two weeks. Then goes back to ignoring them.
Facebook crosses 500 million users, and has its dirty laundry hung out for all to see.
Dubai does it bigger.
Everyone wants an iPad. And an iPhone 4.
The TSA gets handsy. No one wants to go anywhere for fear of Gate Rape.
This guy quits his job in the most epic way possible.
Gamers get to continue looking stupid while playing video games. Microsoft releases Kinect, and Sony launches Move.
They also bought Call of Duty: Black Ops in droves, beating Halo: Reach.
Michael Douglas has cancer. Doesn’t stop him from coming back as Gordon Gecko.
Pakistan is devastated by flooding.
Also, it’s the year of the earthquake. China. Chile. Pakistan again.
Haiti did it first. Celebrities want to help: they sing.
Iceland tries to be different with a volcano no one can pronounce. No one in Europe can get anywhere.
Oil. Everywhere. It’s BP’s fault. People wash birds.
Speaking of birds, they’re angry.
Cars keep getting recalled.
Asia is starting to get scary.
Still illegal, guys.
Snowpocalypse .
Chris Brown’s a blubbering fool.
And then there’s this guy.
And this guy.
These people got married.
Sandra Bullock is “blindsided” by her husband’s cheatin’ ways. She divorces him and adopts baby boy Louis.
These people also broke up.
By the way, Tiger’s lost his mojo.
Apparently the Academy doesn’t take blue aliens seriously, but it sure loves the Iraq war. He’s no longer the king of the world.
Alexander McQueen dies: Can no longer dress Lady Gaga like an alien on stilts.
Chatroulette got really popular. It’s mostly dudes.
The acting world lost some greats.
There is not enough time to explain.
These guys got stuck in a mine for 69 days. They got out. Now they’re heroes.
Lindsay Lohan is still a trainwreck.
Google’s Android surpasses the iPhone - history repeats itself.
The World stopped turning.
Eminem is still good.
This guy’s on a horse.
The Democrats got their butts kicked in the mid-term elections.
She’s not a witch. See, told ya.
Spain wins their first World Cup. Paul the Octopus was right. Then he died.
And, everyone had one of these.
The Chicago Blackhawks defeat the Philadelphia Flyers to win the Stanley Cup, ending the longest Cup drought in the NHL. Toronto panics.
The Giants win their first World Series since moving to San Fran.
The Saints win the Superbowl. Brett Favre likes to text.
The U.S. approves universal healthcare. It’s a big fucking deal, but don’t hold your breath.
The Large Hadron Collider has not destroyed the world. Yet.
Everyone’s talking about a Ground Zero mosque. It’s a Muslim community centre.
Wikileaks releases secret American diplomatic cables. Somebody’s in troooooouble. Probably this guy.
Prince William gets engaged, crushing the dreams of wannabe princesses everywhere.
Europe is broke like everyone else.
Chevy finally releases the Volt. It doesn’t go so well.
NASA says they’ve found a new life-form in California. Nerds freak out.
Oh yeah, everyone’s still unemployed.

It was a busy year, and we’ve definitely missed some stuff. Tell us what you would’ve added.

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