7 Things You Should Know About Mafia 2

Get ready to once again wage mob warfare and claim ownership of the streets in this gritty and realistic drama that chronicles the rise of Vito Scaletta, a World War II veteran out to clear his family debt. Joining forces with his old friend Joe, the two embark upon a life of crime that leads them to join a mafia family, and carry out deadly missions for the mob. In this video, WatchMojo.com explores everything you should know about this highly detailed and exciting post WWII era sand-box action-adventure for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

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7 Things You Should Know About Mafia 2

Get ready to once again wage mob warfare and claim ownership of the streets. Welcome to WatchMojo.com and today we’ll be taking a look at the 7 Things you should know about ‘Mafia 2.’

Number 1: The Setting

Set several years after the original 2002 game, the unrelated sequel takes the narrative to the decade following World War II.

The game takes place in the newly imagined city of ‘Empire Bay’, a combination of several re-imagined real-life American metropolises, such as San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit and New York City.

Number 2: The Plot and Protagonist

Mafia 2 is a gritty and realistic drama that chronicles the rise of franchise newcomer Vito Scaletta, a World War II veteran and son of Sicilian immigrants.

As the story begins, players discover that Vito had joined the U.S. military to avoid jail time. However, while away he discovers his father has died and left his family with a massive debt.

Reuniting with his old friend Joe, the two embark upon a life of crime that leads them to join a crime family, and carry out missions for the mob.

Number 3: Open-Ended Gameplay

Mafia 2 features a completely open-ended game map with the most detailed 10 square mile area ever designed for a Sand-box game. This is roughly twice the size of the city from the previous game. And players will soon discover, there are no restrictions to what you can do in Empire Bay.

Number 4: Inspiration and Cutscenes

Containing over two hours of in-game cinematics, Mafia 2 swiftly outdoes its predecessor in terms of screenplay and dialogue. Clocking in at over 700 pages of scripted scenes, the sequel is a grittier and more realistic take on the mob underworld. Simply put, this game isn’t the romanticized tribute to gangster films that the original was, and even its effects are based in reality.

This time violence will be more brutal, and gamers will engage in small-scale operations, rather than massive firefights.

Number 5: The Weapons

The firearm selection of the game is extremely exciting. It will feature many of your old weapon staples. These include the Thompson M1928, the Colt 1911 and the pump action shotgun.

In addition, it will also heavily feature new WWII-era weapons such as the MP40 and the M3 Grease Gun.

Number 6: Interacting with Your Environment

In order to create a simplified, yet intuitive play mechanic, the developers have created a two-button context-sensitive control scheme.

This means that interacting with objects in the environment involves only two action buttons, a “standard” action and a "violent" action.

Meanwhile, new controls include a cover system that allows you to hide behind objects while shooting at enemies, rather than only being able to crouch.

To regain health when injured, Vito will be able to sit down in local restaurants and purchase food and drinks, such as coffee and pie. And there’s no need to fear losing your place in the game if Vito succumbs to his injuries, the game also features an overhauled checkpoint save system.

Number 7: The Vehicles

As a sandbox title, Mafia is famous for allowing you to take control of any vehicle you want. Doing so will help you navigate the massively detailed city surrounding you, and help you get to jobs and make getaways.

Fortunately, Vito will have access to a detailed and easy to use map when driving one of the game’s 50 cars pulled directly from the time-period.

Even more exciting is the fact that the game will incorporate a physical destruction system. This means that you will experience stunning car crashes, which will cause detailed body damage.


Available for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3; Maffia 2 is a narrative and graphical free-roaming experience that will blow you, and your rivals away.

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