Top 10 WORST PS4 Games

Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean Eeesh...I’m sure Sony won’t be showcasing these at their press conferences any time soon. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst PS4 Games. Special thanks to our users “hyprmania52” & “Drew Boxall”for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comSuggest

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Top 10 Worst PS4 Games

So much for the next generation of gaming. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten worst PS4 games.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at the worst entries to ever come out for the PlayStation 4 and ranking them based on their sheer awfulness.

#10: “Fluster Cluck” (2014)

Because chickens are always funny, right? After all, it’s not like you need any innovation or compelling gameplay mechanics to make a good game, all you need is... chickens. As a feathered fiend, players are expected to hunt down other animals from aboard their UFO in order to “chickenize” them. And that’s literally it. Unless you and three friends are absolutely crazy about barnyard animals in a dual-stick shooter format then chances are whatever initial appeal you had is going to fade very quickly. Can’t we just send these things back into space?

#9: “Alekhine’s Gun” (2016)

We think there’s an interesting plot in here somewhere about spies during the Cold War, but we just can’t see it through all that poor gameplay. Just as its story starts to pique your interest, you are almost guaranteed to be hit by the countless bugs that stalk every corner, to the point where our superspy protagonist defies the laws of physics. And don’t get us started on the incompetence of the enemy A.I, who seem to forget all about you if you just move ever so slight out of sight. This is one title that should have remained out in the cold.

#8: “Yasai Ninja” (2015)

If this game has taught us anything at all, it’s that you shouldn’t play with your food. While there’s certainly plenty of hacking and slashing to be done, players won’t be cutting up enemy food groups as much as they will be battling the game itself. With its diabolical camera, ridiculously limited controls, ugly textures, poor audio and anger-inducing platforming stages, the game's’ bland cast of characters would have been better off as ingredients.

#7: “Ghostbusters” (2016)

Are you a fan of the Ghostbusters theme song? Would you listen to it for hours on end? No? Well too bad because that’s what you’ll be doing in this disasterpiece. Serving as something of a sequel to the latest reboot, it boasts four-player cooperative gameplay against hordes of phantom enemies for you to blast to pieces. Does it manage to capture its license’s legacy of fun and charm? What do you think! It’s an utter slog to play through, with unimaginative enemies appearing in droves upon droves while the characters spit out cringe-worthy dialogue. At this point, we’d rather take a proton pack to the face.

#6: “Umbrella Corps” (2016)

Because this is exactly what Resident Evil fans have been crying out for; an action shooter with none of the atmosphere or genuine horror the franchise is known for. As a less-than-successful departure from the series’s roots, players are presented with the daunting task of carving their way through a single-player mode that consists of essentially repeating the same mission over and over again; collecting goo while being crammed into poorly conceived levels and being attacked by an endless swarm of zombies and birds. Well, it’s either that or partake in its online multiplayer, which seems to think it’s on its way to becoming the next esport…

#5: “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5” (2015)

Anyone remember when this series used to be good? Whatever hope it may have had of treating fans to a grind down nostalgia lane was ruined upon release, with a level of glitches and bugs so great that it was rendered almost unplayable. If you can somehow get past how your skater suddenly starts randomly levitating after every crash, then all you’ll find is a bare boned gaming experience filled with overly simplistic missions and none of the thrills that came from its earlier entries. Even diehard fans will struggle with this one.

#4: “Motorcycle Club” (2015)

Oh god, would you please turn down the volume! Aside from its audio that seems to think just by blaring out sounds, it's adding to the illusion of an actual race, this title commits the greatest sin of its genre; the driving mechanics are just plain bad. With unbalanced handling that will cause even the most experienced racers to be sent crashing into the railings, it tries to stand out from the crowd by allowing players to switch between different bikes while driving. However, this only serves to disrupt things further. This is one club you’re going to want to leave ASAP.

#3: “Rugby World Cup 2015” (2015)

If you ever played the slated video game known as Rugby 15 this might seem ever so familiar. Well, that’s because it’s essentially the same game just slightly polished and rebranded just in time to snag sales due to the arrival of the actual sporting event. Filled to the brim with bugs, graphics that are sorely lacking for a PS4 title, and even lacking any sort of online head to head multiplayer mode, no amount of love for the sport of rugby can hide what is ultimately an unfinished game. You’d think for a Rugby based game they would ‘try’ harder.

#2: “Godzilla” (2014)

How dare you insult the King of Kaiju! Fans of this iconic monster and his equally imposing rogue’s gallery found their hopes dashed as they were given a game that lacked any substance whatsoever. Across a series of boring levels, players are given but a single mission; destroy generators. Not only is this insultingly lazy and boring as can be, but it also serves as the only way to unlock any of the other Kaiju Even if you accomplish that, said Kaiju move too slowly to evade attacks and they can’t block, meaning that online battles devolve into just spamming heavy at attacks. But hey, at least there’s a diorama mode.

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few dishonourable mentions.

“Basement Crawl” (2014)

“Wander” (2015)

“Toro” (2015)

#1: “Life of Black Tiger” (2017)

Even back when this was just a title for Android and IOS, the Black Tiger was a disaster of a game, so what madman thought that a direct port to PS4 would work? The results of this unholy porting experiment paint this as possibly one of the worst in modern gaming. The graphics are beyond the pale of terrible, you have no options when it comes to trying to change the lousy settings and the infuriating controls ensure that by the end of your playing experience you’ll find yourself hoping that this tiger goes extinct.


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