Top 10 Jet Li Moments

This iconic Chinese martial artist has appeared in many thrilling action films since age 16, before transitioning to American cinema in the late 90s. Known internationally for his serious screen personality and skill, he has made a name for himself with insane action sequences and a history of depicting legendary Chinese folk heroes. Join as we count down the Top 10 Memorable Jet Li Moments.

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Top 10 Jet Li Moments

Whether good or bad, he’s always the best! Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our Top 10 Memorable Jet Li Moments.

#10- Unstoppable Assassin “Lethal Weapon 4”

Kicking off our list is Li’s role as the assassin who is not only able to get out of a Mexican standoff while dismantling a gun, but can dodge a bullet before laying the beat down on Mel Gibson and Danny Glover! Sheesh, a pole through the chest barely slows him down, even underwater! He would have totally won if Mel didn’t cheat!

#9- Nobody’s Bitch “The One” (2001)

Think that role was hardcore? In this Hollywood sci-fi action film, Li got to play both the hero and the evil bad guy, an evil dimension jumping serial killer with super strength! After good Li manages to defeat himself, his doppelganger is sent to a prison dimension, where he is lauded for having a pretty mouth, before letting everyone know the score, and beating down an entire dimension!

#8- Gas Attack “The Defender” A.K.A. “The Bodyguard from Beijing” (1994)

In this climatic battle, Li plays a top Bodyguard that must fend off assassins, and their leader. To level the playing field, he creates a gas leak, forcing an unusual kitchen confrontation! To make things more interesting, Li and his opponent hold their breath while battling over a drink of water! No other cinematic fight comes close to whatever this is…

#7- Bathroom Fight “Unleashed” (2005)

Playing a man conditioned as an attack dog, Li ends up in a few close shaves while evading his owners, including an exchange in a washroom that takes place while a woman tries to flee the shower! Seriously, how did the bad guy know his face was going to be right behind the door? This is memorable for Li’s close quarters exchange, and for snacking on the guy’s nipple!

#6- Nameless Swordsman “Hero” (2002)

As a nameless master swordsman, Li plays a man dedicated to assassinating the king, while taking our several obstacles in his way. The first opponent he faces is a spearman named Sky. This battle allowed Li to defy gravity while looking cool in the rain, before hiring an old man to provide meditation music and making use of ultra cool slow motion!

#5- Blindfolded Swordfight “Swordsman II”

Li is famous for playing Chinese folk heroes. In this case he plays a mythical swordsman on a path to save his mother! Able to wield twin swords at once, with spares strapped to his belt, he is so skilled that he blindfolds himself to become one with his eyes before taking on the army that stands in his way! Seriously, this guy is a human weed whacker!

#4- Blindfolded Fight and Shoulder Reset “Fist of Legend”

In another memorable blindfolded fight, Li takes on a Karate master in a open field. This battle allowed him to play the overconfident young warrior up against experience. Interestingly, just as the wind blows dust into his opponent’s eyes, Li moves the fight over to blindfolds, not wanting to sacrifice his honor. Think that’s cool? Li also ferociously resets his arm during the film’s final brawl. Yeousch!

#3- Gravity has Nothing To Do With it “Tai Chi Master” (1993)

In this completely unrealistic, but thrilling anime style fight, Li once again shows gravity who’s boss! He and his competitor use bystanders and everything else around them to battle. However, the defining moment is when Liis covered by a carpet and stabbed, only to make an explosive exit! He not only reveals that he’s got the situation in hand, but that he’s an impressive juggler!

#2- Versus Jackie Chan “The Forbidden Kingdom”

How can this encounter not make the list? Here, the two legends get to finally spar as masters competing for a magical staff. Li plays a Monk that throws it down with Chan’s drunken master persona. Of course, a fight this epic and divisive couldn’t have a clear winner, oh well… at least Li ends up sharing a drink with his rival and showcases a glimpse of his lighter side!

#1- Ladder Fight “Once Upon A Time In China” (1991)

Taking the top spot on our list is the fight that had Li and his opponent showcase their expertise in Wushu, all while riding ladders around a massive warehouse! Li simultaneously evades gunfire the entire time! Easily one of the most impressive martial arts battles in cinematic history, its no surprise that this is the film that allowed Li to finally climb the ladder to super stardom!

Agree with our list? What’s your favorite Jet Li moment? For more entertaining Top 10s, be sure to subscribe to

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