Travel Guide: Riviera Nayarit

Located in western Mexico between the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra Madre Mountains, Riviera Nayarit is a beautiful region known for its natural landscape, countless activities, warm culture, delicious food and lively nightlife. Described as a both a treasure and paradise of the Pacific Ocean, Riviera Nayarit is perfect for beach lovers with its luxurious hotels. It offers thrill-seekers lots of adventures among a gorgeous natural setting and history buffs a look into the past. In this video, takes a look at Riviera Nayarit.

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This is Mexico’s Pacific Treasure. Welcome to, and today we’re continuing our travel series with a look at Riviera Nayarit.

Western Mexico

Located in western Mexico, Riviera Nayarit spans the pacific coast of the state of Nayarit. With over 100 miles of sandy beaches, it is about a ten minute drive from the Puerto Vallarta airport.


Found between the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra Madre Mountains, Riviera Nayarit has a mainly warm and sunny tropical climate that is only rainy between June and October.

Natural Landscape

Thanks to its climate and geography, it boasts a gorgeous natural landscape that includes green mountains, vibrant forests and golden beaches. As such, it is home to much flora and fauna, ranging from various birds, turtles, iguanas and crocodiles, to whales and other marine life. Animal lovers can get up close and personal with them through horseback riding or swimming with dolphins!

Water Sports

When it comes to water sports, there is boating, canoeing, snorkeling and fishing. If you are more adventurous, there is also surfing, scuba diving and cliff diving. You can even try parasailing right on the beach!

Land Activities

However, you can always just relax on the beach. Feel free to build a sand sculpture or fly a kite! Thrill-seekers may want cruise the countryside with an all-terrain vehicle or zip line against gorgeous surroundings.


Riviera Nayarit has many resort hotels. Be sure to play some pool volleyball and then indulge yourself in the ultimate spa experience later on. Golfers will find some of the best championship courses around.


And if you’re interested in fine dining, the region has hundreds of restaurants, from casual cantinas for local specialties to international dishes at fine dining establishments. You can also savor fresh seafood while dining outdoors by the seaside!


Shoppers can satisfy their cravings by heading to the designer malls. For a greater sense of the culture, head to the beachfront and street side markets and galleries. You’ll find handmade souvenirs made by the locals that range from clothing, beadwork, jewelry and art.

Culture and History

The culture is also celebrated through numerous festivals and parades where locals don traditional clothing. For some history, book a tour with a guide who will regale you tales of the past or check out the artwork depicting stories of the indigenous people. The region’s notable architecture includes churches, pueblos, pyramids, stone fortresses and more.


Riviera Nayarit really comes to life at night-time, when you can experience live entertainment, drink to your heart’s desire and dance to the Latin rhythms.

Pacific Paradise

From stunning natural scenery to abundant flora and fauna and stunning beaches to countless activities, Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit is truly a Pacific Paradise.

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