Top 10 Behind the Scenes Secrets From MythBusters



Top 10 Behind the Scenes Secrets From MythBusters

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Let's bust some behind the scenes secrets of “MythBusters!” For this list, we'll be looking at various behind the scenes facts, tidbits, and secrets about the making of “MythBusters” and the people on it. Our countdown includes there was a mistake in the title sequence, ingredient names are crossed, Discovery rejected the original idea, and more!.
Let’s bust some “MythBusters” myths! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 behind the scenes secrets of “MythBusters.”

For this list, we’ll be looking at various behind the scenes facts, tidbits, and secrets about the making of “MythBusters” and the people on it.

#10: They Fired a Cannonball Into a Neighborhood

Accidents happen. Especially in a field as bizarre and dangerous as “MythBusters.” But firing a cannonball through a neighborhood is a whole different kind of accident! While conducting the Cannonball Chemistry experiment, the titular cannonball went a little rogue. It soared past its intended targets, sped 700 yards into a nearby community, struck two houses, and broke the window of a minivan. Luckily, no one was physically harmed. However, the MythBusters’ relationship with the community had been soured, and both Adam Savage and Kari Byron participated in a panel session at Dublin High School to smooth things over. Now that’s a PR nightmare right there.

#9: Much of the Cast Has Worked on Movies

Before “MythBusters,” the crew were actually well-renowned special effects artists, and many of them had worked on some big-time movies. Hyneman owns M5 Industries, AKA the lab that hosts “MythBusters,” and both he, Adam, and Grant have worked on “The Matrix” sequels and the “Star Wars” prequels. Grant also worked on models for “Terminator 3” and “The Lost World: Jurassic Park,” and even designed Craig Ferguson’s robot, Geoff Peterson. And Tory Belleci has not only done model-making work but also served as the set designer on 2002’s “Scooby-Doo!” These guys truly are the best in the biz.

#8: There Was a Mistake in the Title Sequence

For a show so meticulous in details, it’s bizarre to see a mistake in the title sequence! Of course, it’s unlikely you noticed unless you’re a math whiz. Throughout the first four seasons, the title sequence showed the equation for finding the area of a circle as two times pi times the radius squared. However, the actual equation is pi times the radius squared. The equation shown seems to combine this with the equation for calculating the circumference, which is two times pi times the radius. Like we said, it’s very hard to notice. But to include a mathematical mistake in the title sequence of a show that prides itself on mathematics? That’s a big oopsie.

#7: They Backed Off a Story About Hacking RFID

The “MythBusters” had planned on doing an episode on the hackability of credit cards equipped with RFID, the technology that allows users to “tap” their card. However, according to Savage’s initial statements, the producers were threatened by legal counsel representing the major card companies, and Discovery quickly relented. However, he later retracted his comments, saying that the decision to halt the segment was made by the production company, not the legal counsel. In the end, we don’t really know why they decided to cancel the segment. But it would have been a fun one to see.

#6: Adam Regrets a Magical Experiment

They say you should have “no regrets.” Well, Adam Savage has one, and it involves magic. When asked by Entertainment Weekly whether he regrets any of the experiments, he revealed that there was only one. It was in episode 32, and it saw the build team testing the concept of “pyramid power.” They were testing to see if pyramids had magical powers to prevent food from spoiling, keep a razor sharp, and stop a flower from decaying. It was such an embarrassing disaster that Adam immediately asked, “Can we not do any more of these oogie boogie myths?” and he has stuck by his regret. He told EW that that segment “falls in the realm of ‘magic.’ That’s not MythBusters.”

#5: Ingredient Names Are Censored

You know how some shows put warning labels before the program actually starts, yet people do the stuff anyway and get killed? Yeah, that’s why “MythBusters” blurs their ingredients. Whenever the team is concocting something hazardous or dangerous, they always censor the necessary ingredients so that viewers don’t try it themselves. For example, they’ve censored how to ignite thermite and how to make homemade gunpowder. In fact, one segment saw the team creating a homemade explosive out of easily-obtainable ingredients. The myth proved surprisingly true, and the “MythBusters” destroyed all evidence of the experiment in order to keep the knowledge from the general public!

#4: Only Jamie Was Approached to Host the Show

Can you imagine a “MythBusters” without Adam? Well, that’s almost what we got. After series creator Peter Rees was commissioned for a pilot, he approached Jamie Hyneman and asked him if he could produce a casting video. However, Hyneman didn’t think he was interesting or entertaining enough to host a show by himself, so he brought in his old friend and business partner Adam Savage to help him out. The rest is obviously history. We love Jamie, but we think he made the right call here. Savage brings an energetic and enthusiastic feel to the otherwise academic and technical parts of the show.

#3: Discovery Rejected the Original Idea

Speaking of the show’s beginnings, Discovery actually rejected the initial idea. Back in the early 2000s, Peter Rees pitched a series titled “Tall Tales or True,” which was going to feature retellings of bizarre and unbelievable stories. However, Discovery had just commissioned a series with a very similar concept, so they sent Rees packing. Rees then went on to refine the concept into what is now “MythBusters” - that is, testing the veracity of the outlandish stories rather than just telling them to the audience. Discovery liked the idea and commissioned a pilot, Rees approached Hyneman, and once again, the rest is history.

#2: There Were Very Few Injuries

For a show that often deals in dangerous chemical reactions, weapons, explosives, car crashes, Hollywood stunts, and high speeds, there have been very few injuries on set. And even the injuries that did occur were not too serious. For example, Adam had some hair singed off - a very minor “injury” (if you can even call it that) that could have been so much worse. Of course, most of the blunders belong to Tory. He’s been kicked where it hurts by a goat, went over the handlebars of a bike, and banged his knee pretty good on a window ledge. But even that is nothing compared to, you know, getting caught in an explosion or something. This crew clearly takes health and safety very seriously!

#1: Adam & Jamie Don’t Really Like Each Other

We suppose this one is more of an open secret, but still, you wouldn’t know it just by watching the show! Despite working together for years, Adam and Jamie keep a firm distance between each other. Hyneman told Access Hollywood that they “get on each other’s nerves” and in a separate interview with Entertainment Weekly, he stated that they’ve never gone out for dinner in the 25 years of knowing each other. What makes this even harder to accept is the fact that they’ll likely never work together again. In the same EW interview, Hyneman said: “It’s probably safe to say that continuing our onscreen relationship in front of the camera is probably not happening.” And that makes us sad.

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