Top 10 Greatest Power Ranger Mentors of All Time



Top 10 Greatest Power Ranger Mentors of All Time

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Joey Turner
Where would our heroes be if it weren't for these Power Ranger mentors? Behind every great Ranger team is an even greater guide to aid them along the way. We'll be looking at the great advisers and teachers that helped their Ranger teams grow in power against evil - whether they're wise and full of experience, or learn a little themselves along the way. WatchMojo ranks the best Power Ranger mentors. Who's your favorite Power Ranger mentor? Let us know in the comments!
Behind every great Ranger team is an even greater guide to aid them along the way. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down the Top 10 Mentors to the Power Rangers.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the great advisers and teachers that helped their Ranger teams grow in power against evil -whether they’re wise and full of experience, or learn a little themselves along the way.

#10: Spencer
“Power Rangers Operation Overdrive” (2007)

Yes Andrew Hartford is the true brain behind the Overdrive team, but let’s be real here: Spencer is the heart of the team. More than just a butler, Spencer can act as a second-in-command for the team, or a field agent -as he is a master of disguise. Much like Batman’s Alfred, Spencer is gifted with a witty sense of humor –which is REALLY refreshing with the likes of (in an annoyed tone of voice:) Dax and Norg around. On top of that, he’s also an excellent source of moral support for either the Rangers or Hartford, usually helping them to straighten up their acts. While Operation Overdrive was critically panned, Spencer stands out as a snarky, much-needed supporting character that no one can hate.

#9: Mick Kanic
“Power Rangers Ninja Steel & Super Ninja Steel” (2017/18)

Actor Kelson Henderson has appeared as multiple Power Rangers characters throughout the years, including this eccentric mentor. Mick is a shapeshifting alien from the Lion Galaxy who befriended Brody on board Galvanax’s Warrior Dome. After they escaped, Mick became a dependable ally – able to forge all the Rangers’ weapons and Zords using the leftover ninja steel. Along with being an ace mechanic, Mick can offer some guidance in his own unique way –funny and on an equal level with the Rangers, making it easier for them to heed his advice. Though a reliable consultant, he will tread cautiously if something doesn’t seem right –after all, you never know what surprises will happen next.

#8: Kendall Morgan
“Power Rangers Dino Charge & “Dino Super Charge” (2015/16)

While the alien Keeper was the Dino Charge team’s primary mentor figure, he owes all his success to Kendall Morgan. Kendall is the head director of the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum, and the one in charge of developing the Rangers’ arsenal and Dino Chargers. While she’s not incredibly strict, she doesn’t have a very friendly image –disrespecting Shelby at first and allowing only a select few to call her ‘Kendall’ rather than ‘Miss Morgan’. However, she’s not above making mistakes, and is determined to put them right when she does. Ultimately, Kendall’s determination, confidence, and bravery are what allow her to bond with the Purple Energem and become the Purple Ranger.

#7: Captain William Mitchell
“Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue” (2000)

Captain Mitchell, the head of the Lightspeed Aquabase, chose only the best of the best for his Ranger team –including his own daughter, Dana. While he could be pretty vague with his orders, his intentions were in the right place, and he trusts his Rangers deeply. Before him, Rangers were mentored by aliens or had to mentor themselves, so Captain Mitchell is the first pure human guide for the multicolored heroes. Being human, Mitchell is bound to make emotional mistakes –like erroneously giving Diabolico his son to save his life, but that makes him all the more relatable, and you can’t overlook the influence he’s left on others.

#6: Tommy Oliver
“Power Rangers Dino Thunder” (2004)

Who better to guide the new dino-themed rangers than the legend himself? After hanging up his Ranger duties for good, Tommy Oliver got his degree in Palaeontology and became the new science teacher at Reefside. However, when Mesogog arises, Tommy (or “Dr. O” as his team calls him) must put his faith in the hands of three teens chosen by the Dino Gems. He utilizes his own experience as a Ranger to help guide the newbies against Mesagog’s forces, and if a Dino Gem should ever choose him, he’s more than ready to get back in the saddle as the Black Dino Thunder Ranger – showing that you’re never too old to get back in the ring.

#5: Zordon of Eltar
“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” (1993-95) to “Power Rangers in Space” (1998)

Originally a sage from the planet Eltar, Zordon sealed Rita Repulsa and her minions in a space dumpster 10,000 years ago –and she, in turn, imprisoned him in a time warp with only an energy tube as a means of communication. Fortunately, Zordon had plenty of contingency plans made –including assembling the very first team of Power Rangers. However his backstory is rather hazy and he never evolves as a character, which is why the OG mentor is only #5. But his actions make up for it – instilling wisdom to his team, both for on and off the battlefield, and acts as a father figure to them all. Not to mention he is more than willing to sacrifice his life to save the universe if needed.

#4: Anubis “Doggie” Cruger
“Power Rangers S.P.D.” (2005)

Every dog has his day, and this one is commander of the S.P.D. Delta Base. Commander Cruger originates from a planet destroyed by Grumm –a fact that haunts him throughout the series. Despite Cruger’s hard past, he is a dedicated leader who wants his Rangers to be at their best –directing them with a firm but gentle hand. His authority only grows stronger later on when he’s given the tools to get in the fight as the Shadow Ranger, but he knows that teamwork is the key. In the end, with the aid of his team, Cruger successfully brings justice to those wronged by Grumm and the Troobian Empire.

#3: Robert James “RJ”
“Power Rangers Jungle Fury” (2008)

Jungle Fury had plenty of teachers and masters, but the one who stood out the most was the one no one expected. Along with being the owner of Jungle Karma Pizza, RJ is also an expert martial artist –despite his laidback demeanour and appearance. Unlike his father’s strict by-the-book training, RJ’s training methods are more unorthodox and simple –it’s abnormal, but you feel more at ease being around him. RJ prefers to go with the flow, knowing that things will turn out right in the end; but, when push comes to shove, he’ll fight with the courage of a wolf as the Jungle Fury Purple Ranger.

#2: Zordon of Eltar (2017)
“Power Rangers” (2017)

This might be cheating, but it was too good to let slide. This version of Zordon –played by Bryan Cranston - was the original Red Ranger whose team was killed by the traitorous Green Ranger, Rita. He died protecting the Power Coins from her, but his essence lives on in the walls of his ship. Unlike his TV counterpart, this take on Zordon adds a lot more depth to his character – more of an aggressive drill sergeant with survivor’s guilt than a wise sage. He may seem selfish, but there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to save the Earth – including giving up his only chance to escape the wall.

#1: Dr. K
“Power Rangers RPM” (2009)

We first meet Dr. K as an ominous voice on a computer screen… but we soon learn that SHE’S not what she seems. Hiding behind the screen is a young scientist who is calculative, socially awkward, incredibly blunt (especially to Ziggy), yet remarkably endearing. Abducted at a young age by a corrupt government agency due to her incredible intellect; she retaliated by creating the ultimate computer virus, Venjix …which also inadvertently doomed the world. But since then, she’s dedicated her life to fix her biggest mistake with the creation she got right – the RPM Ranger weaponry. Top that all off with one of the best performances of the whole franchise by Olivia Tennet, and Dr. K takes honour of the greatest Power Ranger mentor ever.