10 Best Movie Theatre Snacks



10 Best Movie Theatre Snacks

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Thomas O'Connor
Let's face it, movies and snacks are a match made in heaven. For this list, we're counting down our favorite snacks to pick up before sitting down in the seats at our favorite local theater. Get your own though, we ain't sharing. Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top Ten Movie Theater Snacks.
Let’s face it, movies and snacks are a match made in heaven. Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top Ten Movie Theater Snacks.

For this list, we’re counting down our favorite snacks to pick up before sitting down in the seats at our favorite local theater. Get your own though, we ain’t sharing.

#10: Reese’s Pieces

The classic Reese’s Peanut Butter cup is a hard act to beat, but these delicious candy coated candy get it done. Introduced in 1977 by Hershey, the snack was actually originally marketed as “PBs” before being rebranded with the much catchier moniker we know today. Amazingly, despite being a tasty mix of peanut butter and a crispy candy shell, the snack had trouble maintaining sales until getting a major boost following their appearance in “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial”. It just proves the old adage that sometimes something doesn’t seem appetizing until you see it used to lure a lovable alien out of the woods.

#9: Gummy Bears

Nobody's quite sure why fruit-flavored gummy candy seems best delivered in tiny bear form. Maybe it’s our primal desire to bring one of the most powerful land predators down with ease, but whatever reason we just can’t get enough of these multicolored confections. Conceived in Germany and inspired by the trained bears often seen at festivals and fairs, the ursine edibles have become a staple of candy aisles everywhere, appearing under a variety of brands and even becoming pop-culture icons thanks to a Disney animated series and an earworm of a song that took a generation by storm.

#8: Raisinets

The historical origins of these chocolate-coated raisins are shrouded in mystery, not unlike an edible Stonehenge. When it comes to taking something only marginally appetizing like the humble raisin, a chocolate coating does wonders to turn something healthy, and also boring, into pure junk food magic. Variations on the snack appear all over the world, like Schokokugeln in Germany, and they may even date back as early as some Mesoamerican cultures. Wherever they come from, they’ve become a go-to snack for moviegoers, frequently mixed with other popular snacks to form new and exciting junk food combinations.

#7: Nachos & Cheese

Picture it: Piedras Negras, Mexico – 1943. A group of women crash a restaurant just before closing, leaving the maitre d' to furnish a meal for them of whatever was left in the kitchen. Known to history as either Ignacio or Nacho, this hero creates what would become one of the primary dietary items of drunk college kids, lazy cooks and yes, moviegoers. Combining traditional Mexican tortilla chips with melted cheese and a variety of toppings, the dish has become a favorite at concession stands, even if that topping can’t legally be called cheese.

#6: Hot Dogs

In its heyday, hot was a place of fabulous lights and sounds, incredible attractions and sights and some of the finest, and most life-threatening, theme park rides to ever exist. It also gave the world the humble hot dog... possibly. Yes, a cylindrical serving of processed mystery meat, the hot dog is an excellent vehicle for ketchup, destined for happiness. Frankfurters and similar foods can trace their origins to Germany and Austria, but its introduction at Coney Island solidified it as a food for the masses, suitable for consumption on the street, on the go and at the movies.

#5: Twizzlers

Manufactured by one of the oldest candy companies in the United States – Hershey - this peelable snack began as a basic licorice snack before the strawberry variation quickly outstripped the others in terms of popularity, with the now-ubiquitous moniker first being used to market the candy in 1929. Today, they contain little in the way of actual licorice but that doesn't stop them from being found just about everywhere candy is sold. When it comes to movie theater snacks, these chewy treats are in a league of their own, just be sure you have the teeth and chewing strength to stand up to them.

#4: M&M’s

Chocolate buttons coated in a layer of seemingly un-melting candy have been around for ages, but that lowercase “m” on these colorfully delicious goodies have made these a snacking icon. First introduced in 1941 following their invention by Forrest Mars, Sr, M&M's now come in a variety of flavors, incorporating whole peanuts, caramel and even pretzel bites. Their marketing has become a mainstay of television, particularly their holiday-themed ads, making them a true cultural force, and a go-to snack for movie theater patrons. Just don’t believe those old rumors about the green ones.

#3: Pretzels

Some sources claim this salty snack is the invention of an Italian monk somewhere around the year 610, and that he invented them as a reward for his students. As such, the name is said to be Latin for “little reward”. By the time the food made it to Germany, often claimed to be their country of origin, they became known as Bretzels. This simple length of bread dough tied in a knot is most often seen with a coating of sea salt, but at the movies you can expect an optional dose of sugar or even cinnamon.

#2: Soda

When you’re consuming loads of sweet and salty snacks, you need something to wash it down. While some prefer juice, lemonade, or … wah ter? it's hard to say no to a tall glass of your favorite soft drink. While sweet, refreshing, flavorful drinks have been around for awhile, it wasn’t until the late 1700s that the process of carbonation made fizzy drinks a reality. With dozens, if not hundreds, of varieties of pop on the market, these beverages can be found at eateries across the globe, and that includes the theater, where massively sized drinks have been ensuring mid-movie bathroom breaks since time immemorial.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are some of our honorable mentions:

Frozen Yogurt / Ice Cream

Milk Duds

ICEE / Slush

#1: Popcorn

Could it be anything else? The iconic movie snack, favored by theaters for its cheapness, ability to be made in large quantities with relative ease and that enchanting aroma, there’s no food more closely associated with the motion picture. We don’t know who first had the bright idea to use heat to cause corn to burst into fluffy bunches, but we do know that the popcorn machine came into being in the late 1800s. Some prefer the simple, classic butter topping, others favor caramel or other flavored add-ons, but any way you pop it and any way you top it, it's the undisputed king of the movie theater.