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Things We Want To See In Escape Room 2

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Michael Wynands
Escape Room was such an amazing experience, that we couldn't help but want a sequel! So in this list, we explore things that might make Escape Room 2 or Escape Room: The Sequel the best horror experience we could have! Maybe it could have Easter Eggs connecting it to Saw? Who knows! What would you like to see in an Escape Room sequel? Let us know!

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Think you’ve got what it takes to make it through another round? Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Things We Want to See in an Escape Room Sequel.

For this list, we’ll be looking at fun ideas that we want to see explored in the sequel to the 2019 psychological horror film Escape Room. Since we’re riffing off events in the first movie, please be advised that this video is FULL of major spoilers. So enter at your own risk!

#5: The Plane Escape Room

At the end of the first film, Zoey convinces Ben to fly with her to Minos’s headquarters in New York to out the company. We then cut to a new group of people trying to solve a puzzle aboard a plane as it hurtles towards the ground. Luckily for this test group, it’s just a simulation. Once again, Minos is one step ahead! Not only are they aware of what Zoey is planning, but they intend to use it as an opportunity to trick her and Ben into another life and death escape game. This is the sort of end-of-film teaser that they could totally drop or skip-over in the sequel, but we really hope that we get to see it play out.

#4: Even More Creative Kills

For a film that drew many comparisons to “Saw”, “Escape Room” is surprisingly . . . not that gory! Rather than fixating on carnage, the film really puts the puzzles front and center, and when deaths do occur, they tend to be shocking rather than gross - byproducts of trying to complete the task. These deaths are more about the journey than the destination, so to speak. Danny’s drowning caught us completely off guard, Amanda’s fateful drop was emotionally-charged, and Mike’s death a real heartstopper. These were all satisfying in their own right, but we also think that the nascent franchise has left itself plenty of room to up the creativity of their kills moving forward - hopefully while maintaining that refreshingly emotional core.

#3: An Easter Egg Connecting it to the Saw Franchise

Despite a different approach to its death scenes, “Escape Room” is sure to appeal to “Saw” fans. This got us thinking, since both properties are set in fairly realistic worlds, why not situate them within a single shared universe? This could be done with a really subtle nod, like the xenomorph skull in “Predator 2”. Ideally though, we’d like to see an even stronger link established. Perhaps the people at Minos were fans of Jigsaw’s handiwork, following his killings with fanatical glee. Liking the concept but annoyed by Jigsaw’s rules, what if they adapted the concept to be more about sport and entertainment rather than big life lessons? In the same vein, a nod to “Cube” would also be pretty cool.

#2: The History of Minos Explored

We don’t know much about the mysterious Minos Escape Room Company, but a few things HAVE been made very clear. First, they’ve got seemingly limitless resources at their disposal, and the influence to get things done. Second, this isn’t their first rodeo. When Ben meets the Game Master, he explains that they’ve been doing this for years, with groups ranging from college athletes to savants. While we get Minos’ purpose, we can’t begin to imagine how the company came to be, or how long they’ve been operating for. The name, taken from Greek mythology, certainly makes them SOUND ancient. Also, what of the mysterious Wootan Yu? All questions we’d love to have answered in the film’s sequel.

#1: Some Truly Surreal Theming

Arguably this franchise’s biggest draw are the escape rooms themselves. Things start off strong when that perfectly ordinary waiting room transforms into an oven. Though every room has something unique to offer, it was the “outdoor” escape room that really blew our minds. Between that and the plane-themed room from the end of the film, it feels like the sky’s the limit. In the sequel, we want to see them really push the limits to the extreme with the sort of escape rooms that you could only dream of in the real world. Of course, if Zoey DOES get the jump on the company, we wouldn’t mind seeing the tables turned - with Minos members being the ones forced to compete.

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