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Top 10 Awesome Moments from The Lego Movie

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Nick Spake

With the building blocks of imagination, you can create something truly special. For this list, we’re taking a look at the most humorous, touching, and inventive moments from this 2014 animated feature. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Moments from The Lego Movie.

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Script written by Nick Spake

Top 10 Moments from The Lego Movie

With the building blocks of imagination, you can create something truly special. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Moments from The Lego Movie.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the most humorous, touching, and inventive moments from this 2014 animated feature.

#10: Escaping from Bricksburg

Although “The Lego Movie” is mostly brought to life through computer-animation, it maintains the spirit of a “Brickfilm” with our plastic heroes all moving like stop-motion figures. This gives the film a distinctive style that feels both high-tech and handmade, paving the way for stunning action sequences such as this. Escaping police custody, the oblivious Emmet is rescued by resistance fighter Lucy, aka Wyldstyle. Thinking outside the box, Lucy throws together a gnarly motorcycle. With superb attention to detail, this fast-paced set piece sends Emmet crashing through a house while Lucy converts the cycle into a jet. While Emmet isn’t what Lucy expected, they at least elude the authorities, much to Bad Cop’s chagrin.

#9: Princess Unikitty

Emmet has always been pressured to follow the instructions, but no idea is off-limits in Cloud Cuckoo Land. It’s only natural that there would be a princess who’s half unicorn and half kitty, aptly named Unikitty in this this off-the-wall realm. Voiced to cheerful perfection by Alison Brie, Unikitty has the bright, big eyes of an anime character and the enthusiasm of a Ponyville resident. Although she strives to remain positive at all times, Unikitty finds throughout the film that life isn’t all bubblegum and butterflies. When her world is threatened, this happy-go-lucky feline finally releases all of her pent-up rage out and uses her horn as an effective weapon.

#8: Spaceship

Of all the characters the filmmakers could have shined the spotlight on, one can’t help but wonder why so much attention was given to Benny, a 1980-something space guy. Even in a cast that includes a unicorn kitty, this obscure astronaut can often feel like the odd one out, but perhaps that’s part of the joke. In any case, Benny’s infectious energy makes you want to dig through the toy chest and play with some Classic Space Legos. Benny’s unyielding desire to build a spaceship has a particularly great payoff, as the others finally give him free rein to construct the ultimate intergalactic vessel. We’ll never tire of hearing actor Charlie Day frantically exclaim, “Spaceship!”

#7: Good Cop, Bad Cop

We’ve all heard of the good cop, bad cop police interrogation technique, but this officer takes the concept to a whole new level. Like the Mayor of Halloweentown from “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” Lord Business’s lieutenant’s is literally two-faced. In the midst of grilling Emmet for answers, throwing chairs around the room, and playing a rather depressing video, he occasionally lets his Good Cop alter ego shine through, although it’s never long until Bad Cop rears his disgruntled head again. What makes this all the more hilarious is that both sides of this split personality are voiced by Liam Neeson, whose tough guy persona is flipped on its head.

#6: You’re the Special

“The Lego Movie” caught audiences off-guard with how sincerely poignant its story could be. In the third act, it’s revealed that the Man Upstairs is actually the father of a little boy playing with Legos. Like Captain Hook in most iterations of “Peter Pan,” both the father and the villainous Lord Business are played by the same actor. Rather than feeding Lord Business to a crocodile, though, Emmet warms his heart with some touching words. Simultaneously, the Man Upstairs comes to see the creativity his son put into his creations. These not-so bad guys thus learn that life is whatever you make of it, which is why we should all embrace what makes everyone special.

#5: Meeting the Master Builders

Two years before “Batman v Superman,” the Man of Steel snubbed Green Lantern at a Master Builders meeting. Speaking of awesome crossovers, this might be the only time you’ll ever see Dumbledore and Gandalf in the same room. This scene also assembles the likes of Wonder Woman, Milhouse from “The Simpsons,” and 2002 NBA All-Stars with Shaquille O'Neal voicing himself. That’s not the only clever voiceover cameo here, as Abraham Lincoln is voiced by Will Forte, who previously voiced the American president on “Clone High,” which directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller co-created. The filmmakers’ ability to pack so many jokes and references into just one scene is a testament to this entire movie’s brilliance.

#4: The Ghost of Vitruvius

The death of a wise mentor is a common trope, but “The Lego Movie” puts a few spins on this cliché. When Vitruvius gets decapitated, we’re not sure whether to feel sad or to laugh at how sudden his demise is. The fact that Vitruvius’ severed head gets a few words out only contributes to the surrealism. Although Vitruvius bites the dust before he can give Emmet an inspiring pep talk, he’s able to speak to him from beyond the grave. Instead of a disembodied voice, however, Ghost Vitruvius is a white bed sheet that glows green in the dark hanging from some string. It’s impossible not to crack up seeing such a silly figure paired with Morgan Freeman’s voice.

#3: The Millennium Falcon

We’ll never know how “Solo: A Star Wars Story” would’ve turned out if Phil Lord and Christopher Miller remained onboard. We were given a taste of what might’ve been in “The Lego Movie,” however. When our heroes are in need of a spaceship, the Millennium Falcon conveniently drops in. Billy Dee Williams and Anthony Daniels took up their former roles as Lando Calrissian and C-3PO, while Keith Ferguson does a dead-on Harrison Ford impression. Although it appears Batman has bailed on his friends, it’s only a ploy to raid the Falcon. This is great news for Emmet and company, but when an Exogorth shows up, the Falcon finds itself up an asteroid belt without a hyperdrive.

#2: I’m Batman

“The Lego Movie” gives us several satirical takes on popular characters, but none dominate the screen quite like Lego Batman. Voiced by Will Arnett, who naturally sounds like the Dark Knight, Batman swoops in out of nowhere to rescue our heroes as they nearly plummet to their demise. Initially, Emmet is enthralled to be in the presence of the Caped Crusader. He goes from wowed to confused, however, upon learning that Batman is dating Wyldstyle. This sets up one of the film’s best running gags, as Batman makes a point of emphasizing how much cooler he is than everyone else. It’s no wonder he got his own spin-off movie.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Enter Lord Business

Double-Decker Couch

Duplo Aliens

Wild West

Where Are My Pants?

#1: Everything Is Awesome

Emmet may not realize it, but both he and the other citizens of Bricksburg are all President Business’ playthings. Through the evil government’s influence, everyone has been brainwashed to abide by the same instructions. This means following the same daily routine, drinking the same overpriced coffee, and listening to the same song continuously. Although “Everything Is Awesome” is supposed to be a satire of generic pop music, it also works as a genuinely catchy tune, so much so that it scored an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song. Tying into the story’s themes of conformity vs individuality, it’s become an anthem for “The Lego Movie,” as well as a celebration of all things awesome.


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