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Top 10 Best Gina Moments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

VO: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Tal Fox
We come for the Nine-Nine, but we stay for Gina Linetti. For this list, we’ll be looking at the funniest and most memorable moments involving Gina. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Best Gina Moments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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Top 10 Best Gina Moments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

We come for the Nine-Nine, but we stay for Gina Linetti. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Gina Moments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
For this list, we’ll be looking at the funniest and most memorable moments involving Gina.

#10: When She Got the Internet Back

“Game Night”
Tensions rise when Cyber Crimes move in and hog all the internet, making work all but impossible for the squad. The war is on between the two departments and the computer guys are pulling out in front with their tech savviness and control over the wifi. However, the Nine-Nine has a secret weapon: what Gina lacks in work ethic, she more than makes up for in loyalty and steps up to help. It doesn’t take long before she breaks them down and makes sure that they never pick on her colleagues again.

#9: When She Gets Amy to Change Her Tire for Her

“Your Honor”
Gina and Amy are like chalk and cheese, which luckily provides us plenty of comedy gold. Amy tries to teach Gina how to change a tire so she can be self-sufficient, but what Amy forgets is that Gina’s methods, though unusual, always find a means to an end. As Amy chatters away, Gina isn’t paying the slightest bit of attention as she takes advantage of Amy’s good nature. She quickly shatters Amy’s illusion that she has been anything more than a prop with a mic drop moment as Gina proclaims that she can’t be taught because she is in fact the teacher.

#8: When She Wouldn’t Look Up from Her Phone

“The Chopper”
When Gina refuses to look up from her phone, the team turn it into a challenge to get her attention off the tiny screen - but one by one they fail. Jake, Boyle and Rosa all try their hand and she even joins Jake’s dance party without adjusting her gaze. As each attempt crashes and burns, Terry plays Gina at her own game and uses social media to get a reaction. Only when he changes his relationship status does she finally look up, but his victory is cut short when his wife calls.

#7: When She Got an Assistant to Write Down Burns for Amy

“Coral Palms: Pt. 2”
We’re not sure why an office administrator would need her own assistant, but you can never have too much Gina. Emily insults Amy within moments of meeting her and explains that Gina has instructed her to do so at every opportunity possible. There’s nothing funnier than watching Emily flick through a list of classic Gina insults as Amy stands there and waits for Gina to find the perfect one. Gina comes to life as Emily rattles off a list of classic Gina burns and between the two of them, the delivery is perfect.

#6: When She Explains Why She Was Born for Politics

“Full Boyle”
Gina’s eccentricities could definitely lead her to a successful political career. When she decides to become Holt’s campaign manager, she argues that she would be perfect for the role as she has great hair and loves to lie. This isn't the only time she has expressed an interest in a political career as she previously told a group of professors she's just met that she would make a good president based on her skill set, dance ability and blood lust. Based on current events, who is to say that isn’t what we need in office?

#5: When She Spoke in Emojis

“Charges and Specs”
Every word that Gina says is pure gold and boy does she know it. She tells the others that she is the human form of the “100” emoji and declares that the English language just can’t fully capture the depth and complexity of her thoughts in the way that apparently emojis can. We’re first introduced to this concept when Boyle is going through a breakup. She voices her opinion on the matter with a mash up of words and emojis and she clearly has a point - as Boyle ends up taking her advice.

#4: When She Gave the At-Risk Teens a Pep Talk

“The Slump”
Amy and Rosa snub Gina when they’re tasked with talking to a group of at-risk teens. She’s offended and decides to make the session harder for the detectives until they break and ask for her help. While Gina’s dance skills fail to inspire the kids, it certainly gets their attention. She finally seals the deal by sharing all the fun perks of being a cop. She explains to her colleagues that she used to be one of those kids and these programmes never work anyway. Doesn’t that just explain so much?

#3: When She Was in Floorgasm

“Full Boyle”
Whether you think Gina is the next big thing in the dance world or that she should hang up her jazz shoes, one thing we can all agree on is that Gina knows how to deliver a performance. In the series’ early days, she belongs to a dance troupe brilliantly named Floorgasm and we are rooting for them until they dance Gina out the group. Although if she had stayed with Floorgasm, we never would have seen Gina take to the floor with Terry as the pair show everyone how it is done.

#2: When She Described Herself as the ‘Paris of People’

“The Party”
Rosa is tasked with keeping an eye on Gina at Holt’s party, but she quickly shakes her off when she finds a group of psychologists who are fascinated by everything Gina says. And why wouldn’t they be? We'd all love to have Gina's confidence as she declares herself the “Paris of People” and it's hilarious to watch the psychologists hanging onto her every word. Even when they diagnose her personality quirks, she takes it as a compliment and we wouldn’t have her any other way.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are some honorable mentions.
When She Rode Her High Horse

When She Had an Opinion Hoodie
“The Jimmy Jab Games”

#1: The Year She Won the Halloween Heist

“Halloween IV”

At the Nine-Nine, Halloween is always a big event with everyone wanting to get in on the annual Halloween Heist. Gina gets the whole squad into one room where she locks them in before explaining how easy it was to manipulate them all and win the heist. Of course, the competitors were so preoccupied with their own squabbles that no one even suspected her for a moment. Gina takes her place as the rightful winner of the fourth Halloween Heist and even more so her rightful place as the “Ultimate Human/Genius.”


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