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Legion Season 2 Episode 10 BREAKDOWN - WatchClub

VO: Justin Giglio & Chris Masson
Legion Season 2 Episode 10 "Chapter 18" BREAKDOWN - WatchClub Subscribe to MojoTalks for more great coverage of breaking stories and trending news: It's time to talk about Legion season 2's penultimate episode, and we're nowhere close to understanding where this rollercoaster ride is heading. Justin and Chris do their best to talk about how successful this season has been in preparing us for the finale, who the hero is now that David has seemingly turned heel, and who they're rooting for going into the season finale. Be sure to tune in to MojoTalks every Wednesday as WatchClub will be breaking down our favorite moments, things you may have missed, and predictions for every episode of FX's Legion Season 2. MojoTalks is a brand new channel from WatchMojo that covers all of the topics and categories that you love in a Talk format! Our in-house experts will interview, debate and break down all the latest news and releases in Movies, TV, Video Games and Pop Culture. Stick around, we'll talk you through it!

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