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Top 10 Unforgettable Veronica Mars Moments

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Mark Sammut

Endless banter, a badass teen detective, and more red herrings than an Agatha Christie whodunnit. For this list, we’re looking at the most shocking, funny, or downright intense moments throughout Rob Thomas’ crime drama. Please be advised, spoilers will be unavoidable. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Veronica Mars Moments.

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Script written by Mark Sammut

Top 10 Veronica Mars Moments

Endless banter, a badass teen detective, and more red herrings than an Agatha Christie whodunnit. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Veronica Mars Moments.

For this list, we’re looking at the most shocking, funny, or downright intense moments throughout Rob Thomas’ crime drama. Please be advised, spoilers will be unavoidable.

#10: A Neptune High School Bus Drives Off a Cliff

“Normal Is the Watchword”

With season one's murder mystery wrapped up, Veronica's life was unusually peaceful, for a short while. But then, Neptune is nothing if not a magnet for trouble. So, how did the show follow-up the Lilly Kane investigation? "Veronica Mars'" concluded that the only way to top the murder of one high school girl would be to plunge a whole group of students off a cliff. To make matters even worse, Veronica was meant to be on the bus, and the accident left Duncan's ex-girlfriend in a coma.

#9: Beaver Caused the Bus Crash

“Not Pictured”

Tying up various loose ends – and comfortably among the show's greatest episodes – season two's finale basically consists of nothing but shocking revelations and unforgettable moments. The "Bus Crash" investigation drove Veronica to suspect Mayor Woody Goodman of molesting boys while serving as a Little League coach. Finally, all the clues started to come together when the teen detective learned that Beaver was one of the victims. In an attempt to leave the past firmly behind, Veronica deduced that he'd decided to get rid of any student who was also molested by Goodman.

#8: The Death of Lamb

“Mars, Bars”

Unlikely to be mentioned among anyone's favorite characters, Don Lamb existed merely to be a thorn in Veronica's side. The Sheriff crudely dismisses Veronica's rape report, indulges in some casual blackmail, and was just a textbook, garden variety class-A jerk to everyone; nevertheless, Lamb's death still hit like a brick wall. Occurring completely out of nowhere, Lamb died after being struck on the head during a routine domestic disturbance call. As the officer's final words, "Veronica Mars" went with "I smell bread," which is a reference to an episode of "M*A*S*H"

#7: Veronica Comforts a Grieving Logan

“Ruskie Business”

Prior to becoming an on-again, off-again couple; Logan and Veronica were constantly at each other's throats. Veronica fought with pretty much everyone in Neptune, but Logan Echolls seemed to truly relish pushing the outcast's buttons. As Lilly's boyfriend and best friend, the girl's murder saw the once friendly teenagers transform into bitter enemies, but things started to change when Logan broke down in front of the investigator. Shattered by a death in the family, Logan's tough persona dissolved and Veronica was the perfect shoulder to cry on.

#6: Veronica Behind Bars

“Mars, Bars”

"Veronica Mars" is chock full of so many fantastically written dramatic scenes, one could easily forget that most episodes are actually pretty funny. While a more than capable detective, Veronica's sharp tongue is the charming protagonist's deadliest weapon. No other moment better exemplifies the show's sense of humor than Veronica's brief stint in jail. Temporarily and wrongly arrested by Sheriff Lamb, the sharp teen instantly adapts to life behind bars, a fact that fails to surprise Veronica's father. Funny, smart, and occasionally devastating; "Veronica Mars" – the show and the character – could do it all!

#5: Veronica & Logan’s Bathroom Session


Even as enemies, Logan and Veronica had undeniable synergy, and this was put on full display throughout the couple's stormy but passionate romance. With Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring's chemistry evident for everyone to see, it was only a matter of time before their characters took things to the next level. Deciding to date in secret, the couple turned to Neptune High's girls' bathroom for a bit of privacy. In the grand scheme of things, this make-out session might seem like a relatively minor moment, but the couple's sizzling banter helped cement "Veronica Mars" as a teen drama for the ages!

#4: Veronica & Logan’s First Kiss

“Weapons of Class Destruction”

"Veronica Mars" introduces Logan as a straight-up bully and, honestly, an almost irredeemable jerk-wad. A handful of flashbacks reveal that Logan and Veronica used to be close friends; however, in the present, neither teenager even attempted to mask their contempt. As season one progressed, the couple's mutual hatred gradually began to disappear, culminating in a shocking embrace that established one of TV's greatest modern couples. Just a few episodes prior, such a pairing would have been deemed unthinkable, but Logan and Veronica's kiss felt right!

#3: Finding Out Who Murdered Lilly Kane

“Leave It to Beaver”

Season one tends to be rated as "Veronica Mars'" peak, and Lilly Kane's murder mystery deserves quite a lot of credit in that claim. Lasting for the entire season, Lilly's death shaped Veronica's personality and social standing, while the police investigation saw Keith Mars voted out of office. After various clues and multiple suspects, the killer was ultimately unveiled to be Logan's father, Aaron Echolls. Up until that point, Aaron was essentially treated as a minor character, but this final reveal managed to be both shocking and satisfying.

#2: Logan’s Heartbreaking Prom Speech

“Look Who's Stalking”

Logan and Veronica were made for each other, but the teens spend most of the series either as enemies or former lovers. Despite the first season concluding on a promising note for the couple, the show quickly breaks the two apart and only hints at a possible reconciliation. During prom, a drunk and hurting Logan delivers a heartbreaking speech capable of driving any fan to rip open a pack of tissues. Defining the pair's relationship as an “epic” spanning years and destroying lives, Logan's romanticized portrayal is initially refuted by Veronica, but nobody remembers the easy love affairs.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

The Death of Dean O’Dell
“Spit & Eggs”

Veronica Picks Piz
“Un-American Graffiti”

Weevil Is Arrested
“Not Pictured”

#1: Veronica Faces Her Rapist

“Not Pictured”
Besides orchestrating the bus crash, Beaver was also hiding another sinister secret, one that directly involved Veronica. In the pilot episode, a flashback reveals that Veronica was drugged and sexually assaulted during a party, but the police refused to even investigate. For a long time, this plot point went unanswered, but the truth finally came out when Beaver proudly took credit for this indefensible act. Culminating in an incredibly tense rooftop confrontation that sees Veronica turn the tables on him, while Logan barely manages to talk down the investigator from killing Beaver and going down a dark one-way road.


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