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Top 10 Friendship Moments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Laura Keating

This much-beloved comedy has had some truly heartwarming moments. For this list, we’re taking a look back at some of the times the Nine-Niners made you believe in friendship. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Friendship Moments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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Script written by Laura Keating

Top 10 Friendship Moments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This much-beloved comedy has had some truly heartwarming moments. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Friendship Moments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

For this list, we’re taking a look back at some of the times the Nine-Niners made you believe in friendship. There are a few spoilers ahead, so consider yourself warned.

#10: Hitchcock and Scully

Various Episodes

They may be two of the worst detectives on the force – and pretty off-putting dudes in general – but there is no doubt that they are thicker than a meatball sub. They’re such good buds, we couldn’t pick just one moment. While Peralta and Boyle usually steal the show in terms of friendship, no one might actually be closer than Hitchcock and Scully – who have not only spent more time working together than anyone else, but are so comfortable with one another that even their more disgusting habits (or bodily functions) don’t make us turn the other away. If the test of friendship is how yourself you can be around another person, these guys ace it.

#9: Jake’s Present to Nikolaj

"Captain Latvia"

Charles Boyle is a thoughtful guy and wants everyone around him to be happy – doubly so when it comes to his family. So, for Christmas, he wants to get his adopted son Nikolaj a special Captain Latvia action figure. But as he and Jake try to track down the toy, they accidentally uncover a criminal gun ring. Boyle tries his best, but after insulting Jake and being unable to get the toy, he goes home to spend Christmas Eve with his son. Later, Jake arrives at his apartment with a wrapped present; not Captain Latvia, but a police action figure. Regardless, Nikolaj loves it. Friends have to have each other’s backs!

#8: Getting Amy to Her Sergeant Test

“Chasing Amy”

Amy is a perfectionist, the sort of person who loves to study and then get the job done perfectly. But when studying for her sergeant’s exam, the pressure gets to her and she panics. Jake tries to help her study by giving her a practice test, but she runs away when no one’s watching. Jake and Rosa use what they know about her to track her down. When Jake finds her, he realizes she’s worried she’ll pass the test and things will change between them. Jake then proves he’s the best friend/boyfriend in the world by encouraging her to follow her dream and not let herself be afraid of success.

#7: Rosa Takes Amy Wedding Dress Shopping

“Gray Star Mutual”

Now that she’s a sergeant, Amy doesn't want to overthink her wedding. She’s worried that if she indulges in "girly" things like dress shopping, she won’t be taken seriously as a superior officer. Rosa – not exactly the dress-shopping type – puts what Amy wants first and steps up to the plate like a true friend, telling her she deserves nice things. She takes her out shopping so that Amy can have the experience she so obviously wants. It’s little moments like these that remind the audience that no one character should be boiled down to just one or two traits. Also, it leads to Amy taking down a bad guy whilst in a wedding dress. Noice.

#6: Terry vs. the Fairy Princess Castle

“The Slump”

Terry, the gentle giant of the show, loves his girls more than anything else – even more than yogurt! So, for their birthday, he wants to assemble for them a Fairy Princess Castle. Boyle offers to help, as he had the same model as a boy. Terry insists he can do it on his own… even if it drives him a little nuts. Despite many setbacks, Boyle finally lends a hand, adding some new additions to the design. Terry is thankful for the help, and Boyle reminds him he’s a good dad and to not be so hard on himself. Wholesome TV feels right here!

#5: Boyle’s Bachelor Party Plans

"Bachelor/ette Party”

Boyle plans a huge bachelor party for Jake. Unfortunately, Jake thinks it’ll be lame. When Boyle is “kidnapped” – part one of a multi-stage scavenger hunt – Jake decides to skip the hunt and get steaks with Holt and Terry instead. However, when they meet up with Boyle at the end of the night, they find out how much work Boyle put into what would have been a special day. He feels terrible and tells him he’s sorry, but also that he wanted to spend his bachelor party with him, not looking for him. He and Boyle remain friends – even if he’s made an enemy for life in Reginald VelJohnson.

#4: Gina's Motivational Speech

“New Captain”

The feud between Captain Holt and Deputy Commissioner Madeline Wuntch seemingly came to a head when she made Holt the head of the NYPD’s public relations department. As part of his new duties, he must give a presentation to a bunch of second graders dressed as mascot Paulie the Pigeon. The ever-dignified Holt is humiliated and at the point of quitting when Gina, who has joined him at PR from the 9-9, steps in and gives him a rousing pep talk. While of course she has her own self-interest involved, she also does it because she knows Holt is a good person, and Wuntch doesn’t deserve to win like this.

#3: Dog Funeral

“9 Days”

When Charles' dog dies, the team initially isn’t very sympathetic. It’s just a dog, right? However, it’s not long before they – well, Rosa in particular – begin to realize just how important Charles’ dog Jason was to him. Rosa tries to buy him a new dog, but that just makes things worse. Understanding he’s really upset, she calls him to the briefing room and – along with fellow nine-niners – holds a funeral for his dog, telling Boyle he can take as much time as he needs to mourn the loss of his furry friend.

#2: Road Trip


While in L.A., Jake realizes they’re close to the filming location of Nakatomi Plaza from his all-time favourite film, “Die Hard.” They get in the building… and get locked inside. Holt needs to get home for a commissioner interview, but seeing as they’re going to miss the flight, the team has to figure out how to get him back to New York by whatever means necessary. What follows is a hectic road trip home, with the characters all pulling together to solve the problem. On the road, they not only discover new things about each other, but learn to value the traits that make them who they are.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Jake and Doug Judy Sing Karaoke

“The Negotiation"

Jake Tries To Stop the "Full Boyle"

“Full Boyle”

Boyle Takes a Bullet For Rosa


#1: Dinner with Rosa's Parents

“Game Night”

Rosa has never come out to her parents as bisexual. Jake tries to help coach her on what to say to them, but she panics and tells them she’s dating Jake. Trying to be supportive, he goes to dinner with the Diaz’s and keeps up the charade. But when an awkward moment reveals that they would rather she was in an unhappy straight relationship than a loving homosexual one, she rightly loses it. Her father eventually accepts, but her mother still hasn’t, and family game night is put on hold. Rosa is devastated. So, that night, Jake brings the team to her apartment to play games anyway, proving that sometimes family is something you make.

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