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Top 10 Penny & Leonard Moments on The Big Bang Theory

VO: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Tal Fox

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Script written by Tal Fox

Top 10 Penny and Leonard Moments on The Big Bang Theory

They say opposites attract, but there’s rarely been such a textbook example. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top ten Penny and Leonard moments on The Big Bang Theory.

For this list, we’ll be looking at those moments between these on-screen neighbours and eventual couple that highlight why, despite their differences, Penny and Leonard were meant to be together.

#10: The First Time They Met

As far as meet-cutes go, this one is, well… awkward. Leonard and Sheldon have just come home to discover their new neighbor. The introduction is definitely cringeworthy as Leonard struggles to make conversation. Thankfully, Penny eventually manages to parse meaning from his verbal diarrhea and understands that he’s inviting her over for lunch. Leonard is an experimental physicist at Caltech and Penny is a Sagittarius vegetarian who loves steak. While Sheldon is wholly underwhelmed by her charms, Leonard hangs on to her every word. The whole encounter is hilarious and reminds us just how far these two have come since first meeting.

#9: The Relationship Agreement

Many seasons and misadventures later, the spark fizzles for this now-married couple and weirdly, they turn to Sheldon to reignite the flame. Sheldon’s contracts have always been a running gag throughout the series, but suddenly it doesn’t seem too funny when Leonard and Penny realize that having one might save their relationship. Sheldon is thrilled and soon presents them with a relationship agreement that includes Penny not saying everything is fine when it’s not and Leonard limiting his video gaming in underpants hours to when Penny isn’t home. Who says romance can’t be structured?

#8: Leonard Buys Penny a Car

These two may not always see eye to eye, but they definitely care about each other - even if they don’t always know how to show it. When Penny panics after her car breaks down, Leonard unintentionally rubs salt in the wound by patronizing Penny in front of all their friends. It doesn’t take him long to realize what a jerk he’s been and he makes it up to her by buying her a car. The gesture is so sweet and shows that he’s actually just been looking out for her the whole time.

#7: Their First (Romantic) Kiss

Sheldon plays cupid once again when Penny and Leonard get cold feet ahead of their first date. They’re both nervous because the other isn’t the kind of person either one of them would normally go out with. Sheldon proves to be surprisingly helpful in this matter by telling them both to compare their relationship’s potential to Schrodinger's cat. Thanks to Sheldon, Schrodinger and his cat, Penny decides to test out this theory before she heads out with Leonard. She kisses him, and wouldn’t you know it, she discovers that the cat is very much alive. This is romance the way that only “The Big Bang Theory” can tell it.

#6: Valentine’s Day

Fancy dinner turns into burgers in the car when Leonard and Penny ditch their Valentine’s Day plans after the maitre d’ makes Penny feel old. They spend the rest of the night trying to prove that they’re still young and fun, but dismiss plans to go dancing or skinny dipping. In a final attempt to prove their best days are not yet behind them, they burst into the apartment dressed as cupids and throw confetti. While this may prove that their respective inner children are indeed alive, we don’t envy the cleanup.

#5: Penny Say ‘I Love You’ to Leonard

Leonard becomes jealous after learning that Penny has a young, attractive, British study partner and embarrasses her when she catches him trying to scare off her new friend. When Penny confronts Leonard, she ends up accidentally blurting out that she loves him. They’re both lost for words after Penny drops the ‘L’ bomb and quickly decide to part ways before they both start crying. It might not seem like the most romantic moment, but it wholly encompasses what make Penny and Leonard the couple we love to watch. Things have never been simple for them, but the love has always been real.

#4: The Proposal

This one has been a long time coming, and the showrunners really kept us on the hook with a higher than usual proposal count between these two characters. Leonard’s first proposal was badly timed and Penny’s was a drunken mistake, but hey, all those misfires just serve to make the real deal all the more exciting. Of course, even then it’s not your average proposal with Penny yelling at Leonard that he’s her pop tart rather than bran muffin. Although it's not the most romantic proposal, Leonard brings it back when he reveals the ring he’s been carrying around for years.

#3: Penny Can’t Be Romantic

When Howard pulls off the ultimate romantic gesture, Leonard points out to Penny that she has never done anything romantic for him. Despite calling Raj in for help on the subject of romance, Penny’s ‘crapstorm’ of romance falls flat. You have to feel bad for Penny, but as soon as she reveals her box of keepsakes from their relationship, all is forgiven - and the hearts of viewers everywhere absolutely melt. Leonard realizes that he never needed some grand gesture and is deeply touched by the sentiment. They might not always know how to show it, but these two really love each other.

#2: Prom

When Bernadette and Amy find Penny’s prom dress, they’re inspired to have a prom do-over, minus the drama. Penny and Leonard are the first to arrive and manage to make the night extra special without their friends or music in a moment that is arguably one of the show’s most moving. They acknowledge that they never would have gone to prom together back in high school but hey, what they have now has clearly been worth the wait. Their relationship is a testament to how much they’ve both matured. They get to do all the best bits of prom, without the drama and show us how perfect they are together.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Leonard Supports Penny’s Commercial

Leonard & Penny Dance in Their Underwear

Leonard Gives Penny a Snowflake

#1: Leonard & Penny Get Married in Vegas

This event was a long time coming, but thankfully they made up for the wait by giving us two weddings. The first time is a spontaneous Vegas wedding, which they assume their friends are watching via live stream. Their impromptu Vegas wedding might not have been conventional, but it perfectly reflects them as a couple, right down to the vows - with Leonard being prepared for he and Penny improvising, but nonetheless nailing it. This wedding might not be the most romantic, but it nonetheless highlights everything we love about them, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. That being said, their second wedding was a nice bit of sentimental icing on the cake.

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