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Top 10 Alan Carr Moments

VO: Richard Bush WRITTEN BY: Jessica Nosal
He might just be the chattiest man on telly. Welcome to WatchMojo UK, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Alan Carr Moments. For this list, we'll be looking at the funniest bits of comedy brilliance brought to us courtesy of Alan Carr. Special thanks to our user MikeMJPMUNCH for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Alan Carr Moments

He might just be the chattiest man on telly. Welcome to WatchMojo UK, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Alan Carr Moments.

For this list, we'll be looking at the funniest bits of comedy brilliance brought to us courtesy of Alan Carr.

#10: Stand-up Success
"Live at the Apollo" (2004-)

Nowadays he’s arguably best known for his presenting work, but Alan Carr’s bread and butter is on the stage. His stand-up routines have been bringing in sell-out audiences for years – while the DVD of his first show, “Tooth Fairy Live”, proved a bestseller in 2007. While he has performed for the Queen at the “Royal Variety Performance” in 2012, his appearances on “Live at the Apollo” are among his best-remembered, packed with trademark enthusiasm and on-the-money observations. Few comedians bring the fun quite as effectively as this man!

#9: The Karen Matthews Controversy
"The British Comedy Awards" (2008)

As with many mainstream comedians, Carr’s career hasn’t quite been controversy-free. But this was perhaps his highest-profile gaffe, on the back of winning ‘Best Entertainment Personality’ at the 2008 British Comedy Awards. Speaking to reporters backstage, Carr dedicated the gong to Karen Matthews, who had recently been found guilty of kidnapping her own daughter, Shannon Matthews, in an infamous news story. Alan was heavily criticized for the perceived poor timing of his comments, and he did apologise via his website afterwards… But this was one awkward moment he couldn’t simply laugh off.

#8: Drinking Games with Phillip Schofield
"This Morning" (1988-)

Phil Scofield’s no stranger to a tipple or two on “This Morning”, despite the daytime TV slot… And Alan Carr often has some sort of alcoholic beverage on the go whenever he’s entertaining guests on his own chat shows. So, when the pair came together in 2015, a shot of tequila was naturally on the menu. This moment actually served as the culmination of a long-running drinking game between the two, and unfortunately for Alan he lost it at the last. Aiming to keep a straight face while downing the drink (at God knows what time in the morning!), Carr could do no such thing.

#7: The Balloon-Bursting World Record Attempt
"Studio 10" (2013-)

While touring Australia with his latest stand-up show in 2016, Alan stopped by “Studio 10” for a pretty standard promo opportunity. Or, not. Carr creates merry chaos throughout his time on the show but he saves his best to last, when he partakes in an especially unusual world record attempt – seeing how many balloons he can burst by sitting on them. In fairness, he starts off quite well. But just as it looks as though he’s found his rhythm, it all goes wrong. In the end, he was far short of the target required - but many a laugh was had by all.

#6: Living with Adele
“The Jonathon Ross Show” (2011-)

Alan is rarely on the receiving end of an interview, but sitting across the desk from Jonathan Ross, here he opens up about his friendship with one of the UK’s most successful pop performers, Adele. Though a fanboy first and foremost, Carr reveals how he and Adele became friends, and recalls when the esteemed songstress stayed at his house for a brief stint. And if you need any further proof that these unexpected best pals arethe real deal, there’s Carr’s marriage to Paul Drayton – which Adele got ordained for, and actually officiated!

#5: Interviewing Lindsay Lohan
"Alan Carr: Chatty Man" (2009-16)

As one of Alan’s most successful TV projects, “Chatty Man” became one of the UK’s most popular prime time chat shows – setting itself apart thanks to Carr’s candid interview style and some uniquely frantic features. It netted some A-list guests too, not least Lindsay Lohan in 2014. Back then, Lohan was never far from the headlines, and so Alan’s interview was quite the scoop – even if it did get pretty awkward at times. The actress didn’t take kindly to Carr referencing her ‘sex list’, but at least he diffused the tension with his own cringey countdown.

#4: Alan’s Rainbow Cake
"The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand up to Cancer" (2018)

“Bake-Off” has become quite the British institution in recent years, with celebs queuing up to try their hand at making bread, biscuits and anything else even at all edible inside the famous tent. But Alan’s cake-based meltdown is a definite high point. If – by ‘high point’ – you mean ‘definite disaster’. The comic does serve up an unsightly slab of something, but it looks very far from the Zippy, George and Bungle masterpiece he’d originally envisaged. And, as Paul Hollywood crumbles his sponge into literal dust, it’s back to the drawing board, quickly.

#3: Work B**ch
"Alan Carr: Chatty Man" (2009-16)

As mentioned earlier, part of the unique charm of “Chatty Man” is Alan’s uncanny ability of getting A-list stars to do some pretty stupid stuff. And Britney Spears’ 2013 appearance gave perhaps the greatest, weirdest and most unconventional feature of all – with Spears on the promo trail for her latest single, “Work Bitch”. Handing the pop icon a long whip, Alan leads her backstage to meet various apparently underperforming crew members, writers and even friends and family. And, when Carr reels off a list of their wrongdoings, Britney lets them have it. It’s sheer TV gold.

#2: Hunt the Sausage with Jamie Dornan
"The Radio 1 Breakfast Show" (1967-)

As we’ve just seen, Alan will willingly inflict all sorts of strange tasks and games onto his own guests… But he has been on the receiving end as well. Dropping by the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw, he and “50 Shades of Grey” actor Jamie Dornan play ‘Hunt the Sausage’, wherein Alan and Jamie must try to detect which of three callers is eating the eponymous sausage. Their questions should help to determine the sausage eater… But Alan wades in with an enquiry about shoes. And it only gets weirder from there.

#1: The Cadbury's Spoof
"The Sunday Night Project" (2008-09)

Back where it all began for Alan – on mainstream tele at least – “The Friday Night Project” proved the perfect platform for his outlandish brand of comedy. And while it is difficult to single out one specific moment from the series, this parody of a popular advert for Cadbury’s chocolate sticks in the mind – with Alan taking a starring role. Played out alongside guest host Lily Allen, this eyebrow-raising spoof featured on what was ultimately the last ever episode of the show. After which, Carr’s solo career took off.

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