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Thanks to Getty Images for the pictures and videos! Top 10 Must See Scenic Routes on a Trans-America Road Trip Pack up the car, it’s time to hit some of the most beautiful roads the country has to offer. Welcome to MojoTravels, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Must See Scenic Routes on a Trans-America Road Trip . For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the most stunning, unique and picturesque popular drives in America.

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Top 10 Must See Scenic Routes on a Trans-America Road Trip

Pack up the car, it’s time to hit some of the most beautiful roads the country has to offer. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Must See Scenic Routes on a Trans-America Road Trip .

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the most stunning, unique and picturesque popular drives in America.

#10: The Loneliest Road


True to to its nickname, U.S. Highway 50 becomes a rather isolated stretch of road when it passes through Nevada. But there’s also something awe-inspiring about the barren landscape. There’s a curious absence of civilization, which is hard to come by in modern America. For a good few hundred miles of road, you’ll encounter little else but seemingly endless valleys, distant mountains and the rugged plant life that toughs it out in this dry, rocky environment. Whether you’re seeking solitude, or simply a unique driving experience, Nevada’s Loneliest Road is the answer. Just make sure to gas up whenever you enter one of the few small towns along the way.

#9: Old Mine Road

New Jersey

On the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the mighty Delaware River cuts its way through the Appalachian mountains. Around it, there is a 70,000 acre area of protected national recreation area called the Delaware Water Gap. Though you could easily spend an entire vacation in this natural northeastern gem, the scenic drive alone is stunning. This route has a got a lot of history behind it; the portion of it known as Old Mine Road was first constructed way back in the 17th century, and signs of the area’s rich history can be seen all along the drive. Add to that the fall colors, scenic points and waterfalls, and you’ve got one enchanting drive.

#8: Kancamagus Highway
New Hampshire

Speaking of good places to take in the colors of fall, you’re hard-pressed to find a more beautiful display of radiant foliage than on this scenic New Hampshire drive. Stretching for almost 35 miles along Route 12, Kancamagus Highway is one long, winding breath of fresh air that carries you through the beautiful White Mountains National Forest. In addition to the red, yellow and orange leaves, you’ll be treated to views of the Rocky Gorge, the Swift River, various waterfalls, and of course, the ever-impressive White Mountains. For these 34 and a half miles, you’ll be seeing and breathing in nature at its purest.

#7: Million Dollar Highway
Don’t worry, this drive isn’t going to cost you a small fortune, but the views it offers are certainly worth a million bucks. Running for 25 miles through Western Colorado, this famous stretch of US Route 550 is not for the faint of heart. For roughly 12 miles, it passes through Uncompahgre Gorge and the Red Mountain Pass, and features tight turns, narrow lanes, and (...gulp) no guardrails. But the views that it offers up are unlike any other, and considering large RVs regularly navigate the route, you can surely manage in a car. Take your time and drive carefully; after all, on a road trip, it’s the journey and not the destination that matters.

#6: The High Road to Taos

New Mexico

This scenic byway runs for 56 miles from Santa Fe and Taos, and offers up an eclectic sampling of New Mexico’s beautiful scenery and rural environs. The ever-changing landscape will take you past mountainous terrain, deserts, forest, and windswept hoodoos (which are skinny rock spires). Throughout the drive, you’ll find yourself passing through a number of small towns, steeped in local, traditional culture, each offering something unique for the roadtripper with extra time to stop and visit. Historic adobe houses, local sights and traditional handcrafts abound. This is a slice of America that you need to visit to understand and fully appreciate.

#5: Route 66

Illinois to California

Once a major artery cutting across America, and one of the country’s very first highways, this historic road has since been retired from the official U.S. highway system in favor of modern alternatives. But Historic Route 66 hasn’t lost any of its famed charm, and it’s the sort of drive that every serious roadtripper owes it to themselves to embark upon at least once in their lives. Running from Chicago to California and covering a whopping 2,448 miles, Historic Route 66 doesn’t need to be driven in its entirety to be appreciated, but the longer you can commit to it, the more charming retro attractions and different landscapes you’ll be able to take in.

#4: Blue Ridge Parkway

Virginia and North Carolina

This All-American road bills itself as America’s favorite drive, and when you’ve driven it for yourself, it becomes hard to argue against that claim. Spanning from Afton, Virginia to Cherokee, North Carolina, this scenic drive along the mountainous spine of this region of the Appalachians connects Shenandoah National Park and Great Smoky Mountains National Park; and takes you along the through distinct geographical regions like ridge, plateau, and highlands. Each offers something unique, meaning that you’ll really want to commit to the whole 469 miles. Don’t worry, with this much beauty on display, the chances of getting bored are slim to none.

#3: Going-to-the-Sun Road

With a name like that, you know that this drive is going to be a good one, but nothing can prepare you for this much beauty. Located in Glacier National Park, Going-to-the-Sun Road takes you through some of the most ruggedly beautiful wilderness that America has to offer. The 50 mile stretch of road has been described as a marvel of engineering because really, it brings you places you shouldn’t reasonably be able to travel by car. As you wind through the Rocky Mountains, you’ll take in one breathtaking vista after another. This is another tricky road to navigate, but with so much to take in, you’ll want to take it nice and slow anyways.

#2: Overseas Highway

This drive is like few others - namely because very little of it is spent above dry land. The aptly named Overseas Highway is an All-American road that stretches 107 miles from Miami to Key West. Partially constructed using the defunct Overseas Railroad, this unique drive takes roadtrippers over open ocean, through tropical savannas, and above stunning coral reef. With places to stop, stretch your legs and explore at the various keys along the drive, the Overseas Highway is a road trip unto itself, and one that really needs to be experienced to be understood.

#1: Pacific Coast Highway
California, Oregon and Washington

You haven’t truly driven across America until you’ve also driven up or down its west coast. The Pacific Coast Highway is not only breathtaking, but it carries you through and by so many towns, cities, beaches, and parks that you’ll want to dedicate a serious chunk of time to ensure that you do it right Load up the camping gear, and you’ll find yourself lulled to sleep by the sweet sounds of ocean waves at one of the many campgrounds. Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t single out California’s Big Sur in particular, which, even by East Coast Highway standards, is next level in terms of natural beauty. And on that note… happy driving!


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