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Top 10 Queer Eye Contestants: Where Are They Now?

Script written by Savannah Sher Let’s get the gang together again!For this list, we’re looking at life updates from some of our favorite people to appear on “Queer Eye”. We’ve included Neal Reddy, Joe Gallois, Ted Terry and more!

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Top 10 Queer Eye Heroes: Where Are They Now?

Let’s get the gang together again! Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Queer Eye Heroes: Where Are They Now?

For this list, we’re looking at life updates from some of our favorite people to appear on “Queer Eye”.

#10: Neal Reddy

The second episode of the first season of “Queer Eye” featured Neal Reddy, a man who hid behind his beard and his humor, avoiding forming close relationships with those around him. His episode was one of the most emotional of the series so far, with him giving a heartfelt speech to the Fab 5 about how much their work had affected him. After filming wrapped, he continued to be close with his dog Forever, even dressing up in a couples costume for Halloween. He is also reportedly using his sense of humor for in a more productive way, and has begun doing stand up comedy.

#9: Joe Gallois

The seventh episode of “Queer Eye’s” first season was where we met Joe, who was already a stand up comedian but who lacked self confidence off stage. He had recently undergone a pretty serious body transformation, and the guys helped him to move towards a happier and healthier life. Because of the show’s exposure, Joe now has over 10 thousand followers on Twitter, and is very active on the platform. Unfortunately though, he opted not to keep the website that Karamo helped him create.

#8: Ted Terry

The finale of season two was about a mayor who needed help living up to his position. Edward "Ted" Terry was mayor of Clarkson, Georgia, which is affectionately known as "the Ellis Island of the South" because of its ethnic diversity. The Fab 5 gave Ted an epic makeover, and when it came time for the next municipal election, the town chose him to lead for another four years. While he did manage to accomplish that major task, he wasn’t able to keep those plants alive for long. RIP!

#7: Arian

Recent college “graduate” Arian (or Ari) was forced to fess up in this episode of the show that although he did walk at his graduation, he technically still hadn’t received his diploma. The Fab 5 helped him clean up his act, and fans will be happy to hear that he did finally graduate in the fall of 2017 from Georgia State University. Not only that, but according to culture expert Karamo Brown, Ari has also managed to secure a job. Brown says that he keeps in touch with him and asserts just how proud he is of his progress.

#6: Cory Waldrop

One of the most controversial episodes of “Queer Eye” featured police officer Cory Waldrop, a Trump supporter and extreme NASCAR fan. There were some tense moments between Waldrop and members of the Fab 5 over social and political issues due to their inevitable ideological differences. The most poignant scenes took place between Waldrop and Karamo, but the latter says of their relationship: "he and I are close friends now”. In fact, when his episode aired, he and Karamo FaceTimed while they watched it! Aww.

#5: Jeremy Holmes

Viewers couldn’t get enough of this makeover subject, who was not only a firefighter, but also had five adopted children with his wife. Fans will be pleased to hear that Jeremy completed his Designation Program in 2017 and officially became Chief Fire Officer, which is a position that is only held by a small number of firefighters worldwide. In early 2018, he wrote an article for about the difference between your career and your calling. And his adorable brood seems to be just as happy as ever!

#4: Bobby Camp

This father of six just needed a little push to help him get his busy life in order. Bobby Camp was working two jobs to make ends meet and didn’t have any time for himself. Despite the stellar job that design expert Bobby Berk did on the Camp’s crowded home, the family decided to make a big move after filming wrapped. In February of 2018, Jonathan Van Ness said, “"Vera literally DMed me the day before yesterday and they moved to a different house with three bedrooms”.

#3: A.J. Brown

One of the most heart wrenching moments of the series thus far came in season one, when A.J. came out to his step mother. It was an incredibly intimate moment to bear witness to, so of course viewers had to know what happened next in A.J.’s life. Luckily, this story has a happily ever after, because it turns out that A.J. tied the knot with his longtime boyfriend Andre, who also appeared on the show. Do you think the Fab 5 were invited to the wedding?

#2: William Mahnken

In this season two episode, sci-fi fan William looks for help from the Fab 5 when it comes to proposing to his live-in girlfriend Shannan. The two were living in a house decorated with items from her previous relationship, so a re-do was definitely in order. We saw the adorable proposal in the episode, and on June 16th, 2018, the two said their “I do’s” on Amelia Island in Florida. Okay, we are dying to know what Tan thinks of that Hawaiian print top.

#1: Tom Jackson

The very first episode of the “Queer Eye” reboot introduced us to Tom Jackson, aka Romeo, a 57 year old sweetheart who clearly still had eyes for his ex-wife, Abby. The hopeless romantics in all of us were unleashed while watching his transformation, as it became more and more clear who he was doing this all for. Tom and Abby decided to give things another shot after their date that we saw on the show, and they were officially remarried in March of 2018.

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