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Top 10 WWE Betrayals

VO: Ashley Bowman
Written by Ashley Bowman They turned their back on their friends and the entire WWE Universe. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 WWE Betrayals.

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Top 10 WWE Betrayals

They turned their back on their friends and the entire WWE Universe. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 WWE Betrayals.

For this list, we’ll be looking at times in WWE History when friendships, partnerships, and resistances broke apart thanks to the actions of one or more superstars.

#10: Big Show Betrays Team Cena

A more recent betrayal and maybe a little forgettable for some… you know given the whole Big Show switching between face and heel at the flip of a switch. But nonetheless, at Survivor Series in 2014 Team Cena looked to put down the Authority for good. The odds were not in their favour as one by one, Cena’s team were being eliminated, with just a battered Ziggler, Cena and Big Show left. Weighing his options, Show delivered a knock-out punch to Cena in an attempt to salvage his job… Though we soon found out that he bet on the wrong horse.

#9: Triple H Betrays Shawn Michaels

Fans had been begging for a DX reunion since the moment Michaels returned to the rin, and though it would eventually happen, their first attempt was not so fruitful. The classic theme song echoed around the arena and the two burst out sporting their signature t-shirts and crotch chops. Yes, it had finally come, the come-back tour the people wanted!

Buuuut… Before he could even finish his catchphrase Trips turned against his long-time friend with a pedigree, and left fans waiting for that reunion once more.

#8: Paul Heyman Betrays CM Punk

If there’s anything history has taught us, its that you don’t trust Mr. Heyman. Apparently learning nothing from Heyman’s betrayal of Brock Lesnar, the WWE, and countless others, CM Punk proclaimed himself a Paul Heyman guy and enlisted him as his manager. Things started well at first…until Money in the Bank 2013, where punk was inches away from grabbing the brief case.

Heyman thrust a ladder into the straight edge superstar a number of times, cementing that their partnership had come to a close…

#7: Trish Stratus Betrays Chris Jericho

In perhaps the most uncomfortable of storylines, Jericho and Stratus began a steamy relationship…despite being married to other people in real life. But while he wasn’t trying to get some ‘stratusfaction’, he was in a bitter rivalry with former teammate, Christian. The stage was set for their Wrestlemania contest where, surprise, surprise, Trish chose one canuck over the other, assisting captain charisma in his victory. Icing on the cake? Trish locked lips with Christian as they stood victorious, making Jericho a kayfabe cuckold on the grandest stage of them all. Ouch.

#6: Steve Austin Betrays The WWE

Why Austin, Why? As if betraying the people at Wrestlemania by aligning with the devil himself – he went and pulled a stunt like this.

We thought we got the old rattlesnake back when he burst into the arena and laid out almost the entirety of the alliance to waste with stunners, but the following pay per view, “invasion” closed with the bionic redneck once again giving his signature middle finger to the fans joining the dastardly forces of WCW and ECW… even if it didn’t really make much sense story-wise…

#5: Evolution Betrays Randy Orton

Why wouldn’t you learn, people? Only Triple H was allowed to be champ in the early 2000’s. Well, young Randy learned this the hard way on Raw, during a celebration with his fellow faction mates, Trips, Flair and Batista. Being hoisted up victoriously by Drax…until The game gave the signal and things came crashing down. It was clear then that Randy was on his own and that Triple H had his sights set on his championship.

#4: Tomasso Ciampa Betrays Johnny Gargano

The betrayal that broke the hearts of everyone in the arena and everyone watching at home. After a hellacious ladder match with the authors of pain, the ultimate underdog tag team were in pieces. But hey, defeat is nothing when you’ve got a good friend by your si-oh wait nevermind. In a shocking turn of events, just as the closing watermark popped up in the corner of the screen, Ciampa absolutely obliterated his partner in frustration. Thus would begin one of the most emotionally taxing feuds in NXT.

#3: Kevin Owens Betrays Chris Jericho

We all knew it was coming eventually, but not like this damnit. In order to re-affirm their bromance, one half of Jeri-KO set the stage for the “festival of friendship” wherein the two would celebrate everything they had accomplished together thus far. After an eyebrow raising gift from Chris, KO passed Y2J one of his own. A brand new list with one name…Chris Jericho. What followed was a brutal pummeling of his once friend and a flood of tears for those who still believe in love.

#2: Seth Rollins Betrays The Shield

After tearing their way through Evolution at Payback, The Shield looked set to be the most dominant team in Wrestling History. No one could stand up to them…except one of their own. The following night on Raw, Seth Rollins did the unbelievable, attacking his two sworn brothers in the middle of the ring with a steel chair. Seth had thrown away everything he had accomplished with the team, choosing the easy way out and becoming the golden boy of the game. His list of accolades that followed proved he made the right choice.

#1: Shawn Michaels Betrays Marty Janetty

The betrayal to end all betrayals… or rather the catalyst that shaped every one to follow. Yes, the Rockers were at the top of their game at one point, but at this stage there was tension in their ranks. During a Barber Shop segment, the two looked to reconcile and get back in the game, because one without the other just aint good, right? To the surprise of many, HBK delivered a sweet chin music to his former partner and threw him crashing into the glass window. It was the start of something big.

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