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Top 10 Lily & Marshall Moments on How I Met Your Mother

Script written by Spencer Sher For this list, we’ll be breaking down the ultimate Lily and Marshall moments from “How I Met Your Mother’s” nine seasons. For this list we’ve included moments like when they met in college, when they sucked at hosting dinner parties, when they use code words for sex and more!

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Top 10 Lily & Marshall Moments on How I Met Your Mother

Couple goals. That’s all we’ll say. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Lily & Marshall Moments on How I Met Your Mother.

For this list, we’ll be breaking down the ultimate Lily and Marshall moments from “How I Met Your Mother’s” nine seasons.

#10: When They Met in College

“How I Met Everyone Else”

While this may not be the funniest or most exciting Lily and Marshall moment, we simply could not leave out this iconic TV couple’s first meeting. The flashback scene takes place on their first day of college, with Lily seemingly mysteriously drawn to Ted and Marshall’s dorm room in her search for someone to help set up her stereo. She winds up meeting Marshall and as the couple as stated on numerous occasions, it was “love at first sight.” Soon after, Marshall asked Lily out – by singing to her no less – and the two quickly became a couple. And the rest as they say, is TV history.

#9: When They Use Code Words for Sex

“Do I Know You?”

Lily and Marshall have been together for so long they can literally read each other's minds. So it becomes that much funnier when they ditch their telepathic abilities in favor of hilariously transparent code words when they want to sneak off for a little intimacy session. For instance, Lily once used the word “chimichanga” to signal to Marshall sex was imminent. This was in full view of the rest of the gang and the look of disgust on their faces (minus Barney) shows that they all knew exactly what it meant. Honestly, the fact that they still have such a ridiculously high sex drive after that many years together is nothing short of a miracle.

#8: When They Suck at Hosting Dinner Parties

Various Episodes

Despite all of their positive personality traits, Lily and Marshall are far from perfect. For example, every time they try and host a dinner party, be it as an attempt to become a more mature couple, to impress the newly minted romantic duo of Robin and Barney or to christen their new suburban home, things just always seem to go wrong. They tend to over plan, under plan or simply worry to the point of madness. In once instance. they got bored of their own party and escaped through the bathroom window to meet up with Ted, Barney and Robin at a club.

#7: Their Karaoke Session

“Life Among the Gorillas”

One of season one’s most memorable episodes involved Marshall attempting to assimilate with a group of immature male co-workers. At first he is uncomfortable, but soon realizes he must pretend to be like them in order to fit in. Sadly, this puts him in direct conflict with Lily, who feels he is being peer pressured into doing things he wouldn’t normally do. Thankfully, Marshall sees the errors of his ways and decides to sing “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” with Lily in front of his co-workers, rebuking their macho song suggestion in the process. It was a great moment that further solidified Lily and Marshall’s incredible love for each other. And the dancing was hilarious!

#6: The Inability to Be Apart for Long Periods


Two weeks before they’re going to get hitched, Lily and Marshall decide it’s a good idea to spend some time apart – including sleeping in separate beds. While Robin tries to help Lily gain weight to fit into her wedding dress, Ted struggles with Marshall’s censoring of his best man’s speech. Little do the two friends know that the future newlyweds have been going behind everyone’s backs and spending time with each other every night up until the wedding – they’re just that inseparable. Not only does this end up serving as the basis for Ted’s speech, but it also shows how much a pair of soulmates Lily and Marshall really are.

#5: Lily Telling Marshall She’s Pregnant

“Challenge Accepted”

Lily and Marshall had been talking about having kids since early on, so it was quite the relief when the show finally revealed that a little Eriksen was on the way in season six. Of course, what made this moment memorable was the lead up. You see Lily had eaten a bowl of soup and gotten sick soon after, leading her to believe she had food poisoning. She later discovers that Marshall has eaten three bowls of the same soup and the couple creates a countdown for when he will get sick. Little do they know that Lily only puked because she was pregnant! The look on Marshall’s face when she tells him is priceless.

#4: Their Awesome Halloween Costumes

Various Episodes

Throughout “How I Met Your Mother’s” nine-season, run Lily and Marshall demonstrated their love of Halloween on numerous occasions. Who could forget the episode where Marshall dressed up as a pirate and Lily pretended to be his parrot? Even staging a picture where it appeared she was sitting on his shoulder! Then there was the time they dressed up as Sonny and Cher, the twist being Lily was Sonny and Marshall was Cher. Of course, most people remember their three person costumes where they try to include Ted; which included classic trios like salt, pepper and cumin; and Dr. Frankenstein, his monster and a scared villager.

#3: The Olive Theory


The Olive Theory, as described by Ted while on his infamous first date with Robin in the pilot episode, is a theory based on Lily and Marshall. According to Ted, Marshall hates olives and Lily loves them; and it’s this perfect balance that makes them a great couple. The look of giddy excitement on Lily and Marshall’s faces when Ted tells them Robin hates olives solidifies their belief in the theory and further demonstrates just how in tune the show’s ultimate couple truly is. Of course it’s all a lie, as Marshall actually loves olives! Which only makes them even more perfect, as it proves how far he’ll go to prove their love.

#2: Their Airport Tradition

“Three Days of Snow”

As a relationship progresses, couples inevitably begin to develop little rituals with each other. One of Lily and Marshall’s is their lunch time “I love yous”. But their most well-known tradition may arguably be that whenever one of them leaves on a trip, they must return with a hilariously named six-pack of beer from the place they travelled. Despite having done it for years, they decide they’re too old to keep it up. Of course, Marshall later has a change of heart, worrying Lily will arrive at the airport with beer anyway and he won’t be there to greet her. Fans were later treated to one of the show’s most heartwarming moments, with Marshall showing up with an entire marching band!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Their Lullaby for Marvin

“The Final Page”

The Night-Night Video


#1: Their Wedding

“Something Borrowed”

Lily and Marshall’s wedding, much like Marshall’s proposal, was far from perfect. First Lily’s ex boyfriend Scooter showed up to profess his love, then the harp player went into labor and later, Marshall, panicked over a horrible haircut, decided to shave a chunk of his hair off! The two run into each other outside and admit that the day has been a disaster. But when Ted suggests that they get married there, thus fulfilling their original plan for a small, outdoor wedding with just close friends, things falls into place. Everything from their vows to the looks on their faces is gratifying. Even if the rest of the wedding was a mess, that moment was perfect.


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