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Top 10 Funny 13 Reasons Why Cast Moments

Script written by Nathan Sharp The entire cast seem like real life bffs! For this list we’re taking a look at the casts’ funniest moments outside of the show. We’ve included moments like Dylan Minette’s vines, Justin Prentice is psyched for Dylan and Katherine when they were on Ellen, when Katherine Langford was shook AF after being acknowledged by Lady Gaga on Twitter and more!

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Top 10 Funny 13 Reasons Why Cast Moments

Who knew that one of the darkest shows had one of the most lighthearted casts in television? Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funny 13 Reasons Why Cast Moments.
For this list, we’ll be looking at ten funny behind-the-scenes moments concerning the cast of “13 Reasons Why.” These funny moments can come from the cast’s personal social media accounts and promotional interviews.


#10: Dylan Minnette’s Vines

Vines aren’t really a thing anymore (RIP), but if they were, then Dylan Minnette would be Vine star number one. Dylan Minnette has posted numerous Vine-like videos to social media, many of which show a clear comedic talent from the otherwise serious actor. There’s a little bit of everything here – goofy reaction shots, Dylan trolling his friends, observational comedy, and everything in between. If you’re in the mood for some good old-fashioned Vine humor, check out Minnette’s videos, because he has some bangers.

#9: Justin Prentice Is Psyched for Dylan and Katherine

If there’s one thing you’ll take away from this list, it’s that Justin Prentice is probably the funniest guy in the cast, despite playing the most immoral and disgusting character on the show. In this adorable video, Justin films his television screen, which is playing Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford on “Ellen.” He proceeds to say that it is “amazing” before squealing in excitement like a little girl. It’s just delightful to see Justin so psyched for his co-stars and the success of his show.

#8: Justin Prentice’s Interview with Young Hollywood

Justin Prentice makes for one hell of an interviewee. In this interview with Young Hollywood, Justin shows his playful side, reveals a little bit about his personal life, and cracks jokes at every opportunity. He talks with a charming wit about his life as a hermit, getting manicures, and watching “Degrassi” on Friday nights in high school. He also shows off a hilarious photoshopped picture of himself riding an ostrich. It’s clear that Justin is really down to earth, and this interview proves that he is way more appealing than Bryce Walker.

#7: Justin Prentice’s Popmania Interview

Yes, it’s another Justin Prentice interview!.Justin must have been in a really good mood when he spoke with Popmania, because he is absolutely on fire. He playfully sings “Love You Like a Love Song” and laughs halfway through, tells a story about the cast singing him Happy Birthday when it wasn’t his birthday, and recalls a funny anecdote about how he went by Tommy as a child because he loved the Power Rangers so much. He seems to be aware of how goofy he is, which only makes him that much more adorable.


#6: Alisha Boe and Justin Prentice Mispronounce Selena Gomez

Ah, there’s nothing like a little in-joke amongst your employees. In this interview with Access Hollywood, Alisha Boe and Justin Prentice intentionally mispronounce Selena Gomez’s name, calling her Salad and Salana Goman before stating that she’s just an up-and-comer and that we probably haven’t heard of her. For those who are unaware, Selena Gomez is an executive producer of the show, which effectively makes her Alisha and Justin’s boss. At least we know that Selena is a good boss, because otherwise they probably wouldn’t be poking fun at her this much.


#5: Katherine Langford Is “Shook as F***”

Katherine Langford apparently loves her some Lady Gaga. After Gaga acknowledged her on Twitter, Katherine took to social media to document her feelings. She simply stares at the camera with a bewildered look on her face before saying “she knows who I am” and that she is “shook as f***.” It’s adorable to see Katherine fangirl out like this, and it’s more than a little relatable. Katherine later told the story on “Ellen”, with Dylan Minnette stating that it was “a big moment for her.” You can say that again.

#4: Dear Theodosia


We all have our different bathroom habits. Some people like to get in and get out. Others sing songs from “Hamilton” at the top of their lungs. In this video, Alisha Boe catches her co-star Christian Navarro, who plays Tony on the show, singing Dear Theodosia from “Hamilton” in his hotel bathroom. We don’t know what’s funnier – Alisha’s expressions, Christian’s passionate singing, or the fact that the bathroom door was cracked open. All we know is, these two are clearly very comfortable around each other!

#3: A Giant Pineapple

Alisha and Christian have so many hilarious moments together, we just had to include another one on our list! When New Yorker Christian comes across a palm tree in Los Angeles, he dryly notes that it’s actually a giant pineapple and that he’s never seen such a big fruit before. When Alisha corrects him, Christian pretends not to know what a palm tree is and remains adamant that it’s a giant pineapple. It’s a cute little moment that once again shows the bond between Christian and Alisha and proves that pretty much everyone in this cast are friends with each other. 


#2: Dylan and Katherine Keep Goofing

Everyone has those moments with their friends where it seems like literally everything is funny. Katherine and Dylan definitely have that here, but it’s made even worse due to the fact that they’re supposed to be filming a promo. Dylan cracks up while describing the show and it all goes downhill from there, complete with the two constantly laughing, accidentally talking over each other, and making fun of Selena Gomez’s involvement. Bloopers are always enjoyable to watch, especially the ones where actors struggle to get through a specific scene, and their laughter here is infectious.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
Brandon and Alisha Re-enact “Game of Thrones”

Ross Butler Plays “Do You Know Acronyms”

Dylan & Katherine’s Variety Interview


#1: Brandon Flynn Dances to One Direction

Like Justin Prentice, Brandon Flynn is another actor who is nothing like his character on the show. Brandon seems to get along with everyone, as he is constantly appearing in the cast’s social media posts and funny fan videos. However, this video proves that he can be just as funny by himself as he is with other people. In this clip, Brandon performs an…interesting dance to One Direction’s “Story of My Life”, complete with goofy and dramatic arm gestures and shoulder wags. He ends the performance with a great smile and an adorable laugh, proving that he is not only funny but charismatic as well. Why can’t we all have a Brandon Flynn?

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