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Top 10 Worst E3 2018 Moments

VO: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
Script written by Ty Richardson E3 2018 is over, but the moments and games that came with it will be remembered for years to come. While we celebrate the best, we just can't deny that there were more than a handful of worst moments. From awkward silences to out-of-place music performances, we look at the Top 10 Worst E3 2018 Moments. To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and get to it!

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Top 10 Worst E3 2018 Moments

Like every E3 before, this year didn’t go without a few bumps in the road. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst E3 2018 Moments!

For this list, we’re reviewing the various moments that were the lowest points for during the press conferences of E3 2018.

#10: That Madden NFL 18 Belt Champion

Electronic Arts

Because OF COURSE Electronic Arts has to kick off our list; it’s practically tradition! Admittingly, EA was decent in showing quick trailers for sports titles, unlike previous years where theatrics and celebrities would butt into these announcements, further extending their necessary duration. Just when we thought they went through sports games without the theatrics, the “Madden NFL 19” trailer ended and out walked...someone who won a belt in an eSports tournament. The next “Madden” game wasn’t talked about at all. This was simply a one-on-one interview about how this guy called “Young Kiv” came from nothing but kept playing “Madden” and won this shiny belt and how hard he worked for it blah blah blah… get off the stage!

#9: “Crackdown 3” Delay Non-Announcement


Sometimes, it’s best to break the bad news before letting fans get lost in the hype of E3. Before the Christmas of video games began, Jason Schreier of Kotaku reported that “Crackdown 3” was about to get yet another delay. This would be confirmed at Xbox’s press conference via a gameplay trailer, which ended with a targeted release window of February 2019. Even though the game seems to be shaping up nicely, “Crackdown 3” was the last first-party exclusive for Xbox One for 2018. Forza Horizon 4 seems to have been brought up to fill that release gap, but it’s still the only exclusive Xbox has this year. That’s not a good position to be in.

#8: Live Performances

Bethesda & Sony

We can always appreciate the work that goes into making music for games, but why was this the year of musical performances? The solo banjo and flute performances At Sony lacked on-stage energy to be engaging, while Andrew W.K. made Bethesda's conference a little awkward in the beginning, just look at the audience. The only performer we can give a pass to was Grant Kirkhope and the band Critical Hit as Ubisoft made the smart decision to show gameplay footage of the Donkey Kong DLC for “Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle” during the performance. As for the others, they simply dragged on too long and were completely unnecessary. We’re here for the new games guys.

#7: “Battlefield V” Royale Announcement

Electronic Arts

In our Top 10 E3 2018 Predictions video, we said that we’d be dreading announcements for multiple battle royale games. There were a total of 4, and EA wasted no time to give us the first one. At their briefing, DICE teased that “Battlefield V” will be getting a game mode we’ve supposedly been asking for: Royale! Our initial thoughts were, “Ha! Funny joke, guys!” Then, they started getting into the specifics. They were not joking, and their announcement was followed by some groans and booing from the audience. Time to tone down the battle royale jokes, guys. They’re starting to take us seriously.

#6: Please Applaud for “Rage 2”


We may not have asked for a sequel to “Rage”, but so far, the game is looking somewhat enjoyable. Since it was announced a little over a month ago, it came as no surprise that “Rage 2” would make an appearance at Bethesda’s conference. However, judging from the frequent pausing of the presentation, it seemed like speakers Tim Willits and Magnus Nedfors were wanting an applause after every other sentence. Then, there was that lengthy silence that just made things unbearably awkward and people clapped anyway! We’re guessing there was a mishap with a teleprompter. (Is it too early to call this “the Wellens curse”?)

#5: “Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order” Announcement

Electronic Arts

If you ever need a reminder for the definition of “underwhelming”, this should suffice. At one point in EA’s conference, host Andrea Rene sat down with Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella to talk about Respawn’s “Star Wars” game. To our unfortunate surprise, talking is all they did. Zampella revealed that Respawn’s game is called “Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order” where you gasp “Play as a Jedi” is scheduled for Holiday 2019. That’s it. No trailer, no concept art, no logo reveal, nothing. Not to mention, we’ve already played as a jedi in multiple Star Wars games in the past, so this “announcement” doesn’t exactly make us crazy.

#4: Ubisoft’s Dancing Panda


We know that “Just Dance” has become a successful franchise for Ubisoft, but do we need a weird musical performance every year? Ubisoft answered with an overly energetic “Yes!” So, this year, we got to see a dancing panda lead a marching band into the auditorium and attempt to get people partying. The internet may have had fun making fun of this moment, but we weren't. This is something we seem to be regurgitating every year: we are here for the games and any trailers or demos that may be shown, not the world’s strangest house party. At least they made it up with Grant Kirkhope’s performance later on.

#3: The Playstation Intermission


At the start of PlayStation’s conference, Shawn Layden said things were going to be a little different this year. Okay, but how different are we talking? Apparently, different as in “let’s spend fifteen minutes to move the audience from one venue to another”. This was just inconvenient for everyone watching, both in the audience and those watching at home. We understand the goal was to immerse viewers into the world of “The Last of Us - Part II”, but that isn’t enough to justify moving your whole audience into another section. It was completely unnessisary, it hurt the whole quality of the conference and whoever thought that was a good idea should be locked out of future Sony boardroom meetings.

#2: “Final Fantasy VII” Remake is MIA


Depending on who you ask, Square Enix held a conference just as terrible as EA’s. Some felt it was okay while others saw it as a complete waste of time. However, the biggest question on our minds was, “What’s going on with the ‘Final Fantasy VII’ remake?” This was a question that would go unanswered throughout E3. Fans have been left wondering for the last few years if the project is even still in development, and the game’s lengthy absence since its reveal doesn’t look good. Speaking of missing games, remember that multi-game Avengers deal Square-Enix annouced last year? A “multi game deal” and they have nothing to show for it so far? Not a good look Square-Enix.

#1: “Command and Conquer: Rivals”

Electronic Arts

Once again, EA dominates another one of our lists of criticism and negative feedback, and this was the most damning. In the second half of the briefing, EA announced a mobile game in development, and they were going to put on a match in front of us, complete with casters. Yep, it was a free-to-play mobile game presented as the next eSport. The match was boring to watch, and it dragged on for far too long. When it was revealed that this was a “Command and Conquer” game, it was official: “Command and Conquer” is dead. The hilariously outrageous strategy series we knew and loved is no longer here. So long, old friend… We’ll see you in space. *sniffle*


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