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Top 10 Episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Laura Keating
Written by Laura Keating This alliterative show will have you laughing and appreciating comedy in a whole new way. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Episodes of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. For this list, we’ll be looking the most hilarious as well as the most memorable episodes of this highly bingeable show.

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This alliterative show will have you laughing and appreciating comedy in a whole new way. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Episodes of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

For this list, we’ll be looking the most hilarious as well as the most memorable episodes of this highly bingeable show.

#10: John Oliver
“What Kind of Human Animal Would Do This?”

Jerry decides to pick up his coffee companion for the day in a 1959 Triumph TR3. It’s pouring rain, which is perhaps fitting for a day with the British comedian. Together they talk history, accents and dialects, and how the English like to have fun before heading to Allswell café and restaurant. There, in a cozy nook, they discuss personal aesthetics, Englishness, and of course the internal logic of comedy. By the end, you can really see the friendship forming. It’s a great primer to the premise of the show, dissecting not only comedy... but how true comedians tick.

#9: Will Ferrell
“Mr. Ferrell, For the Last Time, We're Going to Ask You to Put the Cigar Out”

For the biggest kid of them all, Jerry picks his guest up in a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird. The two comedians start things off by discussing film, or rather Ferrell’s lack of film attendance, before switching gears to talk about how he did attend an early stand-up show of Seinfeld’s back in ’85. Treated to the story of Ferrell’s time as a bank teller, the two continue to play off of each other, trading banter and stories, including several anecdotes about cats. Low-key and light-hearted, it’s an episode for everyone to enjoy.

#8: David Letterman
“I Like Kettlecorn”

Jerry has fun with his chosen car before picking up his guest. Upon meeting up, Letterman reveals the oddly charming story about how he originally got the car: Paul Newman called and asked if he would like a station wagon with a racing engine, to which the at-the-time young comedian said, “Sure.” It’s a cute dynamic between the two recognizable faces, as Letterman comes to terms that he’s among (gasp!) real people, not actors, and that they can/must talk like regular folks. They talk parenting styles, but the real gold is the reminiscing about the early days on stage, when laughs were apparently hard to come by.

#7: Steve Harvey
“Always Do the Banana Joke First”

In this episode, car and comedian both make a statement – and that statement is fun and unforgettable. Picking his guest up in a 1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible, this episode kicks off right in ultra-smooth style. Even Harvey is blown away by how on-point the vehicle choice is. Together the comedians discuss the movement of comedy and the way Harvey incorporates physical comedy into his act. Big question: Is comedy teachable? Seems unlikely. As they enjoy coffee and lunch, Harvey shares his feeling that comedy has to come from within, and that comedy classes are a waste of time. They end the day in the classiest cigar lounge in Chicago.

#6: Larry David
“Larry Eats a Pancake”

Isn’t it great when old friends get together? Past collaborators on a little known show back in the ‘90s (you might have heard of it), Jerry and the Curb Your Enthusiasm star (not Bob Einstein, that’s for another episode) head off to get breakfast. The conversation, which navigates through the past jokes and ideas, relationships, strict diets, and the power of a cigar over a cigarette, is just a casual talk between old friends. They finally, truly do a show about nothing, and it is as oddly compelling as ever.

#5: Ricky Gervais
“Mad Man in a Death Machine”

If there’s one thing Ricky Gervais is known for, it’s his rapid-fire, no punches pulled, completely mad approach to comedy. Which is apparently the opposite of what he likes in his driving style when going for a casual drive. After Jerry picks him up in a 1967 Austin-Healey 3000, the American comedian burns rubber and nearly gives Gervais several heart attacks. During lunch they discuss the infamous Golden Globes award show Gervais hosted, fame, etiquette, and what moment in history they would have liked to witness the most.

#4: Chris Rock
“Kids Need Bullying”

After getting picked up in 1969 Lamborghini Miura, Rock gets right to his trademark observational wit, noting that the company you’re with changes everything about what you’re doing. This eases into musings about simple inventions from the present making their way into the past, and how they would change everything about a person’s fortunes or destiny. The high-concept banter is kept light, of course, by the fact that it’s being delivered by two comedians who are just having a good time. It’s a fun, insightful episode that shouldn’t be missed.

#3: Michael Richards
“It's Bubbly Time, Jerry”

Michael Richards is not the only “Seinfeld” cast member to make an appearance on Comedians in Cars. Jerry has also picked up Julia Louis-Dreyfus (in a 1964 Aston Martin, no less), and Jason Alexander – in full George Costanza character! But we just couldn’t leave Kramer off the list. Jerry picks the comedian up in a dilapidated 1962 Volkswagen Bus, and things take an odd turn immediately when Richards asks that they can turn down a side street to drop by professional boxer Sugar Ray Leonard’s house at random. But the woman who answers the door is not Leonard. Also, turns out Richards was doing a bit: He doesn’t know Sugar Ray Leonard. Never a dull moment.

#2: Tina Fey
“Feces Are My Purview”

Driving through Manhattan, Seinfeld talks with one of the most tireless and funny comedians out there: Tina Fey. They discuss food, and how eating can be a little mini-vacation in a stressful day, as food is the reward of any day. The conversation takes a number of twists and turns, covering a wide range of subjects, but at the heart of it… is a mutual love of food. Of course, Tina Fey also gives some sage life advice about being pleased with one’s accomplishments while continuously looking forward. Don’t waste time reminiscing, just keep working.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Jim Carrey
“We Love Breathing What You're Burning, Baby”

Kevin Hart
“You Look Amazing in the Wind”

Kathleen Madigan & Chuck Martin
“Stroked Out on a Hot Machine”

#1: Barack Obama
“Just Tell Him You're the President”

This interview with the former president is excellent not just for its insight, but for its comedy too. The dry humor Barack Obama delivers is something to behold. Obama is not a comedian… but this episode makes you wonder about an alternate reality where he is. Of course, they couldn't really go anywhere in the car – a beautiful 1963 Corvette Stingray –because of the secret service and all that. They do, however, check out the president's armored vehicle, drive in the driveway of the white house and then go down into the staff break room to chat. It’s a deeply down to earth exchange, and quite possibly one of the best Obama interviews out there.

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