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Top 10 Star Wars Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Alex Slade

Script written by Alex Slade

With all the great characters from a galaxy far, far away, this could've easily been a top 100. From Darth Maul, to Wedge Antilles, to Darth Plagueis, these Star Wars characters deserve their own standalone films. WatchMojo ranks the top Star Wars characters who deserve their own movies.

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Script written by Alex Slade

Top 10 Star Wars Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie

When it comes to this galaxy far far away, more is always better. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Star Wars Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at some of our favorite characters with mysterious backstories, great charisma, or who are just plain bad-ass. Whether or not these films are confirmed, rumored or pure fantasy doesn’t matter. If the character is strong enough to warrant a standalone film, they’re eligible for this list.

#10: Mace Windu

Mace Windu is a force to be reckoned with. When it comes to lightsaber skills, he’s unparalleled. He’s also a member of the Jedi Council, which means he’s a standout in more ways than one. An origin film depicting his time growing up with his fellow Jedi would shed light on what made him unique among his peers, while also (hopefully) giving a bit more screen time with a younger version of fellow fan-favorite character Qui-Gon Jinn. On the flip-side, seeing him survive the fall in Revenge of the Sith, as playfully suggested by Samuel L. Jackson, and witnessing what he does afterwards would also make for an interesting film.

#9: Chewbacca

Wookies have a long life-span. Like… VERY long. Chewbacca is in his 200s now, which means this character has got years and years of unexplored backstory. We know he’s been with Han since the roguish young man’s early years, as seen in the Solo trailer, but what he was up to before then remains largely a mystery. He appears in the Clone Wars too, which suggests that he’s always led a life of excitement and adventure. Though we’re happy to see him appearing in both the sequels and Solo: A Star Wars Story, we think Chewie has earned himself a starring film - just make sure to give him a droid sidekick to translate.

#8: Cassian Andor

Conflicted jedi aside, Star Wars features a lot of characters who are either downright evil, or selfless heroes. That’s why, when the odd morally gray character pops up, they really stand out. Cassian Andor is one such individual. From the moment that we meet him in Rogue One, his actions make it clear that he’s willing to go to dark places in the name of his cause. He’s obviously been through a lot in his lifetime, and we’d love to know how exactly he became this sort of man. Whether it focused on his time in the Rebellion, an earlier life, or a mixture of both, we’re sure it would make for a compelling film.

#7: Wedge Antilles

It’s incredible how one pilot can have such a significant impact in the fight against the Empire. Wedge Antilles might not be a force wielder, but he’s certainly gifted when you put him in a cockpit. He’s pivotal in every battle, consistently completing his mission with style and composure. A lot has happened since the fall of the Emperor, but onscreen, we haven’t seen or heard a word of Wedge. According to the new canon Aftermath novels, he kept fighting the good fight, including the Battle of Jakku. Make a film exploring his post-Return of the Jedi exploits, and people will pack the theater. We could watch this guy get into dogfights all day!

#6: Darth Plagueis & Darth Sidious

With the awesome book written by James Luceno no longer canon, all we have to go on in regards to the story of these two Sith is Palpatine’s speech at the Opera. If a Sith is able to grow more powerful than their master, it’s that apprentice’s duty to kill said master, assume the mantle and take on an apprentice of their own - only then can the Sith order grow stronger. There’s definitely a history between Plagueis and Sidious, and a movie highlighting the relationship between the two, as well as Sidious’ lust for power and eventual betrayal, would be truly awesome. Honestly… just adapt Luceno’s novel, we miss it being canon!

#5: Snoke

Please Disney… show us more! We need some sort of context behind this supposedly all-powerful being. Where did he come from? Why does he have the agenda that he has? How did he rise to power? Where was he during the reign of Sidious and Vader? Whether or not we get our answers in Episode IX, this evil Sith Lord deserves his own movie. Maybe he wasn’t always evil? Or maybe he’s a certain Sith Lord that we’ve heard of before… perhaps one who learned the power to stop others from dying? Fans theories aside, just show us more!

#4: Yoda

There is a certain appeal to the mystery of Yoda and his race. We know they live for hundreds and hundreds of years, and that all known members of the species have been powerful Jedi. Yoda was the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, and his power was no doubt impressive. But we’d love to see how he became so powerful, and where he actually came from. Because he was so old when he died, this would also allow us to get a glimpse of the in-canon galaxy of the past, which would make for a nice change of pace.

#3: Obi-Wan Kenobi

Help us Disney, you’re our only hope. You’ve given us Solo, now give us Kenobi. There's already strong rumours going around that this one might now be in the works and it's easy to see why. The brave and selfless Jedi surely must have had some troubles right after the birth of Luke. Leia addresses him personally in A New Hope, so maybe he left Tatooine occasionally to aid the rebels? Unlikely… but possible. He also protected Luke from threats that the boy never knew existed, as seen in the Marvel comics and Rebels, so a movie could expand on that too. In any case, as one of the most interesting prequel characters, Obi-Wan would definitely attract a crowd if he got his own film.

#2: Darth Maul

It’s official. It’s canon. Darth Maul lives after the events of The Phantom Menace. We see him in both the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series’. Now, this badass Sith deserves his own movie. It could either explore his rise to power and how he became a Sith apprentice to Sidious, or it could be set after the events of Episode I, when his hatred for Obi-Wan was the only thing keeping him alive. We just want to see his double-bladed lightsaber in action again, to be honest, and this time, with some actual dialogue.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a couple honorable mentions.

Dr. Aphra

Darth Bane

#1: Boba Fett

Seriously, the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy can’t go out like that. He just can’t. His “get the job done no matter what” attitude, voice, stance and everything else just oozes awesome, and the films don’t do him enough justice. We would love to see why he became the most sought-after and revered bounty hunter in the galaxy. Or better yet, see what he got up to after he escaped the Sarlacc Pit like he did in the now non-canon novels, because again, we refuse to believe that he simply died. A movie showcasing some of his high-profile assignments, either before or after Return of the Jedi, would make for a must-watch film.

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