Top 10 Disney References in Enchanted You Never Noticed

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Script written by Nick Spake Did you catch these Disney references in Enchanted? For this list, we’re taking a look at clever details in this 2007 comedy that satirize or pay homage to other Disney classics. If you have never seen the film, keep in mind that a few spoilers lie ahead. You’ll find Disney references such as Giselle loses her show, Giselle goes down the rabbit hole, Mary Poppins appears and more!
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Top 10 Disney References in Enchanted

Who knew the House of Mouse could be so meta? Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Disney References in Enchanted.

For this list, we’re taking a look at clever details in this 2007 comedy that satirize or pay homage to other Disney classics. If you have never seen the film, keep in mind that a few spoilers lie ahead.

#10: Giselle Loses Her Shoe

Roles are reversed in the climax of “Enchanted” where Robert takes on the role of damsel in distress and Giselle rises up as the hero. On her way to rescue Robert from a fearsome dragon, Giselle removes her high heels and pulls out a sword. She is in such as rush that she leaves one of her shoes behind. This is an obvious nod to the sequence from “Cinderella,” in which the titular character loses her glass slipper. Things come full circle in the end when Prince Edward helps Nancy try on Giselle’s forgotten shoe. When the shoe fits, these two realize that they’d make a perfect match, paving the way for happily ever after.

#9: Giselle Goes Down the Rabbit Hole

When Narissa gives her a push down a well, Giselle falls out of her animated world and into a live-action reality. This sequence has more than a few things in common with Alice’s trip down the rabbit hole. As similar as these two scenes are, however, they’re actually polar opposites if you think about it. Alice’s everyday life is literally turned upside down when she lands in Wonderland. Meanwhile, Giselle goes from a fairytale kingdom to a very real world. So it’s only fitting that Alice enters Wonderland upside down and Giselle emerges from a manhole upright.

#8: Giselle’s Dream Prince

In “The Little Mermaid,” Ariel hits the jackpot when Flounder salvages a statue that is the spitting image of Prince Eric. Ariel practically loses herself in the sculpture’s arms as she dreams about her prince. Giselle does the same thing in “Enchanted,” although she has to build her statue from scratch. With some help from her woodland friends, Giselle tries to bring her dream prince to life. Of course, this is also similar to another princess who foretells of her prince "once upon a dream." Aurora also gets help from animal friends to recreate his appearance -- though little did they know they'd stolen from the real thing!

#7: Giselle’s Animal Friends

Like Snow White, Cinderella, and other Disney princesses, Giselle shares a natural connection with animals. Instead of cuddly rabbits and chipmunks, however, she is only able to attract New York’s rats, pigeons, and insects. While that takes away from the magic a little, Giselle and her new friends still come together to clean the apartment in typical whimsical fashion. A sequence like this wouldn’t be complete without a happy working song in the spirit of “Whistle While You Work.” Giselle’s tune also borrows a few notes from “Sing Sweet Nightingale” as bubbles show off her reflection.

#6: Queen Narissa’s Appearance

Voiced by a deliciously evil sounding Susan Sarandon, Queen Narissa is Edward’s wicked stepmother. Two characters that largely inspired this villainess are the Evil Queen from “Snow White” and Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty.” In the same vein as her predecessors, Narissa drapes herself in dark colors, maintains a devilishly elegant demeanor, and is no stranger to the black arts. Taking a page from the Queen, she disguises herself as an old hag to trick Giselle into eating a poison apple. Then when true love’s kiss prevails, she takes on the form of a dragon like Maleficent. And just like the Queen and Maleficent, Narissa’s evil deeds inevitably catch up to her.

#5: Mary Poppins References

In addition to animated features, “Enchanted” also has a few nods to Disney’s most cherished live-action film, “Mary Poppins.” For example, Robert is working on a divorce case involving Mr. and Mrs. Banks, who share the same surname as the family in need of a magical nanny. In the park, Giselle crosses paths with a lady who asks if she wants to “feed the birds,” which is one of the most memorable songs in “Mary Poppins.” Speaking of musical numbers, the elderly male dancers in “That's How You Know” were also the chimney sweeps who taught us how to “step in time”. Could this Easter egg possibly be any more adorable?

#4: Ballroom Scene

A key moment in any Disney fairy tale centers on our love interests coming together and sharing a dance. While this scene features an original song from Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz, it references several other Disney films. Robert and Giselle’s waltz is reminiscent of Cinderella’s first dance with Prince Charming at the ball. Aurora and Phillip’s happily ever after in “Sleeping Beauty” also comes to mind. On a visual level, the scene probably has the most in common with the ballroom sequence from “Beauty and the Beast,” especially when we get a good shot of that chandelier. As much as the scene borrows, though, it still stands on its own as a genuinely romantic moment.

#3: The Television

Mistaking a television for a magic mirror, Edward channel surfs through a tidal wave of Easter eggs. “Pink Elephants on Parade” from “Dumbo” can briefly be heard and a clip from “Fun and Fancy Free” also pops up. The most ingenious reference comes in the form of a soap opera starring Paige O’Hara, the voice of Belle. O’Hara plays a character named Angela, a nod to Mrs. Potts herself, Angela Lansbury. The man she’s arguing with is named Jerry, which references Jerry Orbach, who voiced Lumiere. Plus, the background music sounds an awful lot like the main theme from “Beauty and the Beast,” doesn’t it?

#2: Voice Actors Cameos

O’Hara isn’t the only Disney legend to make a cameo here. Julie Andrews, who scored a Best Actress Oscar for playing Mary Poppins, provides the opening narration. Edward runs into Judy Kuhn, who lent her singing voice to Pocahontas. Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel, plays Robert’s secretary and “Part of Your World” can even be heard in his office. There’s also a news reporter named Mary Ilene Caselotti, a reference to Mary Costa, Ilene Woods, and Adriana Caselotti, who voiced Aurora, Cinderella, and Snow White, respectively. As if uniting our favorite Disney princesses wasn’t cool enough, the film also stars Idina Menzel, who would go on to voice Elsa in “Frozen”.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

The Bus Driver’s Mickey Mouse Hair

Bella Notte & “Lady and the Tramp”

Nancy’s Last Name Is Tremaine Like Cinderella’s Stepmother & Stepsisters

#1: The Troll’s Appearance

At first, the troll who attacks Giselle might look like a generic green beast. Anyone who pays close attention however will find a plethora of Easter eggs hidden here. The troll’s ensemble is comprised of pieces of dresses worn by Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, and Belle, not to mention Ariel’s seashells. Does that mean he ate these five princesses and Giselle was next on the menu? Not necessarily. It’s worth noting that the princesses all wore these outfits towards the beginning of their adventures. Once they lived happily ever after, they upgraded to fancier attire. So maybe the troll raided their old wardrobe. In any case, one thing’s for sure: the troll’s holler sounds just like Goofy’s.

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