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Top 10 PS2 Games That NEED A Re-Release!

VO: Daniel Paradis WRITTEN BY: Nathan Sharp
Script written by Nathan Sharp It’s finally time for the powers that be to remaster these key part of our childhood! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 PS2 Games That NEED A Re-Release! To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and get to it!

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Top 10 PS2 Games That Need a Re-release

Re-release when? Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten PS2 games that need a re-release. For this list, we’ll be looking at beloved games from the PlayStation 2 which we believe deserve an official re-release or remaster, so games like “Dragon Quest VIII” which recently got a release on the 3DS will not be included.

#10: “The Simpsons: Hit & Run” (2003)

It’s been a while since we’ve enjoyed a good “Simpsons” game, so what better way to break that drought than to re-release the greatest “Simpsons” game of all time? While “The Simpsons” may not be as popular as it was in 2003, we believe that there is still a devoted, nostalgic fanbase who are just itching for a remaster or re-release of this title. At the time, critics praised the game’s depiction of Springfield, the show’s transition to the video game format, and the GTA-inspired gameplay. It would give “The Simpsons” a much-needed boost, and it would provide modern-day gamers a chance to play one of the most surprising releases of the PS2.

#9: “The Operative: No One Lives Forever” (2002)

Before “F.E.A.R.,” “Condemned,” and “Shadow of Mordor,” there was Monolith’s “The Operative,” a first-person shooter with a 1960s twist. The gameplay was your typical FPS combined with stealth elements, and the mixture of fun gameplay, a unique 60s aesthetic, and the game’s use of humor earned it heaps of praise from the gaming press, including multiple Game of the Year awards. You’d think this would call for a re-release, right? Well, they’ve been trying. The thing is, no one really knows who owns the rights to the game, and as such, securing permission for a re-release has proved near impossible. Damn legalities getting in the way of our fun.

#8: “Fatal Frame” & “Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly” (2002, 2003)

While “The Evil Within” has scratched our itch for a great horror game of late, the market remains mysteriously devoid of horror. Enter the first two “Fatal Frame” games, which are easily two of the scariest gaming experiences of all time. While the original “Fatal Frame” was released on PSN in 2013, it is now absent from both the PlayStation Store and PS Now, so modern console players have no way of experiencing the game outside of YouTube. A Wii remake of “Fatal Frame II,” titled “Project Zero 2: Wii Edition” was released in Europe, Japan, and Australia in 2012, but remained absent from the North American market. Come on, guys. We want it, too!

#7: “Prince of Persia Trilogy”

Say what you will about Ubisoft, but their Sands of Time trilogy was a fantastic collection of games that any gamer, both old and new, needs to play. The series all started with “The Sands of Time,” which was released in 2003. It was immediately praised for its time mechanics and platforming, and two sequels soon followed: “Warrior Within” and “The Two Thrones.” These were compiled into a collection for the PS2 which received a remastered re-release for the PS3. Despite its somewhat recent re-release in North America, it’s time for a new one on modern consoles, as these games are nowhere to be found on the PS4. And that’s a damn shame.

#6: “Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies” (2001)

We don’t know how much of a market there is for an “Ace Combat 04” remake, but regardless, this is one game that desperately deserves one. “Ace Combat 04” is a flight combat simulator which sees you realistically flying various fighter jets. You earn money for shooting down enemy aircraft and completing various mission-specific objectives, which in turn can be used to purchase more powerful aircrafts. While it is most definitely dated by today’s standards, this was top-notch stuff in 2001. With a little spit and polish and maybe some redefined gameplay mechanics, this could be a fantastic combat flight simulator for modern and nostalgic gamers alike.

#5: “Viewtiful Joe” (2004)

“Viewtiful Joe” is what would happen if developers from the SNES era had their hands on PS2 technology. The game was your typical 2D side-scroller, but it came equipped with some unique graphics and gameplay elements, like the ability to slow time and paralyze surrounding enemies. It soon gained immense amounts of critical acclaim for its graphics and gameplay, but it significantly lacked in sales, selling only 46,000 units on the PS2. While it wasn’t an initial success, it has gained a large amount of retrospective attention over the years. Maybe if they re-released it today it would finally get the recognition and sales that it deserves.

#4: “SSX Tricky” (2001)

Younger gamers may not believe us when we say that a snowboarding game was one of the finest titles of the PlayStation 2, but it was. Titled “SSX Tricky” it was developed by…get ready for it…EA! It was your typical snowboarding game with an arcade twist, as you performed Uber moves which filled up your boost bar, which eventually provided infinite boost. The game was instantly praised for its voice acting, music, and new gameplay additions, and is widely regarded as the best snowboarding game of all time. A re-release would satisfy not only nostalgic gamers, but modern gamers who never got a chance to play one of the console’s best titles.

#3: “Soul Reaver 2” (2001)

While “Soul Reaver 2” may not have quite reached the heights of it’s predecessor “Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver”, it was still a quality sequel and a worthy addition to the series. The gameplay revolves around hack and slash combat and splitting your time between the material, living world and the spectral realm. While the gameplay was somewhat predictable, the game really shined in its art direction and story. With a modern touch of paint, this could be one of the most stunning and unique games on the market.

#2: “TimeSplitters 2” (2002)

If there is one underappreciated franchise in all of gaming, it's the “TimeSplitters” series. “TimeSplitters 2” was considered by many a masterpiece, as it contained both an inventive single player mode and an engaging multiplayer component which was arguably the best multiplayer experience on consoles south of “Halo.” There have been rumors of a HD remake for years, and an HD release was allegedly being worked on in 2008. However, nothing came of it, and “TimeSplitters” slowly faded into obscurity. What we would give for a chance to play this game on modern hardware…

#1: “Resident Evil Outbreak” (2004)

At a time when the “Resident Evil” games were scaring the pants off individual players, in came “Outbreak,” the first title in the series to feature online multiplayer support and co-operative gameplay elements. While this may seem like standard RE fare today, it was revolutionary in the early 2000s. However, the game was criticized for its lack of voice support and the omission of online play in Europe, which, obviously, would significantly hinder the intentionally designed co-operative experience. With today’s more reliable and polished online capabilities, “Resident Evil Outbreak” deserves another chance. It really is a great game once it, you know, actually works.

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