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Top 5 Far Cry Games (So Far)

Script written by Mackenzie Houle South east Asia! The Himalayas! The Stone Age! We’ve been to lots of cool places in the Far Cry games, and we’ve shot a lot of dudes in the face while we were there, but which was the BEST? Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 5 Far Cry Games! To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and get to it!

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Top 5 Far Cry Games

These games will have you crying…far more… sorry. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down the top five best games in the Far Cry series. Before we begin, we publish new content every day, so be sure to subscribe.

For this list, we’ll be diving deep into the unknown landscapes that have been laid out in the Far Cry series, and determining what stood out, gave us a run for our money, or taught us the true meaning of insanity. Also, since we are examining a game series that is not to be taken lightly, a spoiler and mature warning is in effect. (Riley’s torture)

#5: “Far Cry” (2004)

What would a series be without the one to start it all? After being attacked out at sea, you’ll need to make for the nearby island to rescue the girl, and discover what the hell is going on. The game broke several barriers in gaming - boasting impressive 3D visuals like nothing anyone had seen before, incredible open-ended gameplay, and a great tale of survival. While Crytek wouldn’t develop another numbered entry in the series, their first game would allow them to explore the island setting in another point of view… (Crysis)

#4: “Far Cry 2” (2008)

Moving away from the glistening waters to the heated African jungles, Far Cry 2 helped give the series another staple - open world environments. Prior to 2, the series had an open-ended linear environment, with agency given to how you approach objectives. This mechanic incited a major change up in the gameplay by offering near limitless new ways of play. While most players don’t have fond memories of the Malaria injected into them, the second iteration in the series brought a lot of mechanics and features that would be utilized throughout later entries, albeit improved greatly on.

#3: “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon” (2013)

The 80’s were a crazy and wild time - with lasers, cyborgs, over the top action films, and games aplenty, it certainly led to many cult followings. So why not shove all that 80’s nostalgia into one game and have Michael Biehn voice the protag? Blood Dragon may be a short stand-alone expansion, but if you need seizure-inducing rose tinted glasses for a small price, Blood Dragon is a must-have. Parodying not only the flicks of the 80’s, it manages to parody the game industry at the time of its release (Parodies tutorials), while providing faster more action packed gameplay to the Far Cry series.

#2: “Far Cry 4” (2014)

Taking cues from its predecessor, Far Cry 4 tried something the series hadn’t seen much of - a more vertical environment. With scaling mountains and a large valley located in the center of it all, Far Cry 4 brought more of the vertical movement seen in Far Cry 3 to literal new heights. Of course, a sequel also needs a shiny new feature, and that’s where Far Cry 4’s co-op comes into play. With drop-in/drop-out in the main campaign, you and your friend could be even more destructive. While the core gameplay didn’t see many changes -though it really didn’t need much, it still provided that Far Cry experience fans have come to love.

#1: “Far Cry 3” (2012)

Do you know the definition of insanity? When one thinks Far Cry, Far Cry 3 is probably the first game that comes to mind for most. Returning to the classic island environment, FC3 made leaps and bounds for the series with a well-thought-out stealth system, gorgeous visuals, several means of approach to objectives, and, of course, a memorable story and cast. One can’t think about Far Cry 3 without thinking of the madman Vaas. So let me ask you again, do you know the true definition of insanity?

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