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Top 10 Craziest MythBusters Moments

VO: Adrian Sousa
Written by Victoria Toltesi Do not try this at home! Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting our picks for Top 10 Craziest MythBusters Moments. For this list, we will be looking at some of the most wild, crazy, and sometimes scary things to happen on the hit show. From explosions to insane stunts, they’re all done in the name of science. Have an idea you want to see made into a WatchMojo video? Check out our suggest page at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and submit your idea.

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Top 10 Craziest MythBusters Moments

Do not try this at home! Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting our picks for Top 10 Craziest MythBusters Moments.

For this list, we will be looking at some of the most wild, crazy, and sometimes scary things to happen on the hit show. From explosions to insane stunts, they’re all done in the name of science.

#10: Rocket Car

“Jet-Assisted Chevy”

In their very first season, the team decided to start off with a bang. The myth about a car hitting 300 miles per hour and getting airborne came from a supposed Darwin Award recipient who died after equipping his car with a jet engine. So the MythBusters souped up a 1967 Chevy Impala with rockets and gunned it. Take that, Batmobile! But it didn’t catch air. They tried the whole deal again years later with a ramp, and that, at least, helped them get up in the sky a little.

#9: Match Bomb

“YouTube Special”

What do you get when you take a million match heads and light them on fire? A huge fire cloud of death and destruction, of course! The team was recreating a video they saw on YouTube, to see if the chemicals from match heads could create an explosive reaction. They started with tens of thousands of match heads but that just wasn’t good enough. In true “MythBusters” fashion, they upped the ante with a whopping 1 million match heads. It sent a 50-foot fireball straight into the air and even stirred a giggle out of Jamie!

#8: Shocking Shockwave

“22,000-Foot Fall”

When falling twenty-two thousand feet, your only hope of survival may be the shockwave from an explosion. That was the theory anyway; in practice, not so much. To tackle this burning question, the team needed a sizeable explosion, good timing, and poor ol’ Ted the crash test dummy. An insane amount of carnage was created, so all was not lost in the busting of this myth! The explosion lit trees on fire and the guide wire was found ominously wrapped around a tree. A thousand-pound bomb will do that . . .

#7: Jet Taxi

“Special Supersized Myths”

Jet engines are powerful beasts. To put one of these bad boys to the test, the team took a bus, a taxi, and a small plane to see if they could withstand the blast of a Boeing 747. As soon as the doomed vehicles get in range of the engine, though, they go flying (and not in the good way). Seeing a bus get blown away is hella cool, but the taxi doesn’t stand a chance. It actually gets some decent air before getting slammed back down. It basically disintegrates as it’s flipped around like a rag doll.

#6: Curse of the Snowplow

“Myth Evolution”

Long-time fans of the show will know that snowplows and the MythBusters have a love-hate relationship. They either have a lot of fun with them, or everything goes awry. This time everything happened to go right. The stars aligned and made way for glorious destruction. They equipped a steel wedge with rockets that will gave it 75,000 pounds of thrust, and sent it speeding towards a car at hundreds of miles per hour. The car split in half like a banana, and the steel blade was never seen again, as it completely disintegrated on impact with a concrete barrier.

#5: Wheels on Water

“Motorcycle Water Ski”

For this myth, the goal was to ride a motorcycle on water, without the aid of divine intervention. Their approach to the myth took a few tries, but was eventually pretty simple (but also pretty crazy): drive as fast as possible straight at the water, and see what happens. Water seems like it would provide a cushy surface, but when you’re going some 80 miles per hour, it might not feel so great. Danger aspect aside, Jamie managed to pull it off. He rode atop the water for a whopping 300 feet. Yee ha!

#4: Cement Removal

“Salsa Escape”

Do you have stubborn, dried-on cement, maybe inside the barrel of a cement truck? Well, worry no more, just throw in some dynamite and that pesky cement will be gone in no time. Well, along with everything else in the area. The MythBusting started off pretty innocently here, with just a little dynamite and some cement. The team wanted something with faster results, though: enter five thousand pounds of ammonium nitrate. It cleared the cement with no problem and . . . completely terminated the truck. The sound it made was deafening, and the shockwave, a thing of beauty.

#3: Sinking Automobile

“Underwater Car”

We can all agree that being trapped in a sinking car is nightmare fuel. Right up there with being buried alive or being chased by a clown. The MythBusters team wanted to see if it were possible to open a car door underwater. When the car was lowered into the pool we saw the water climb up Adam’s body, until there was no air left. Then, while Adam was holding his breath, he tried to open the door . . . but it didn’t budge. And even though they had a diver in the backseat with oxygen, some panic set in. A later test proved it could work, but it’s a terrifying prospect.

#2: Coffee Creamer Kaboom!

“Viral Hour”

After this, you’ll never look at powdered coffee creamer the same way again. In this special episode, the MythBusters tackled viral videos. In this case, it was videos of creating infernos out of sawdust. They managed to get a decent flame going, but Tory, Kari and Grant kicked it up with, yes, non-dairy creamer. As it turns out, all it takes is coffee creamer, the right volume of air and some heat to create a mushroom cloud of fire. It created a much bigger blast than the team was expecting and sent them running to the hills. The only casualty was a camera and our trust of everyday household products.

#1: Cannon Misfire

Despite all the crazy things they do on purpose over at “MythBusters,” our number one spot goes to a moment that’s crazy for all the wrong reasons. In 2011 the team was testing out a homemade cannon on a firing range, (because of course they were) when a cannonball bounced AWOL. It headed 700 yards off course, into a suburb of San Francisco. It went straight through the door and bedroom of a house, hit another roof, and then crashed through the window of a minivan to finish off its journey. Amazingly, no one was hurt, but the team still considers it one of their very worst moments.


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