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Top 10 Coco Easter Eggs You Never Noticed

VO: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Andrew Tejada
Script written by Andrew Tejada Did you notice these Coco Easter eggs? For this list, we’re uncovering the best Easter eggs, shout-outs and sneaky cameos hidden in this musical Pixar film. Did you catch that the movie gave a shoutout to the legendary Apple CEO with a sneaky easter egg? how about a quick “Cars” reference? or a shoutout to Finding Nemo! The movie even included one of their long running original Easter eggs!

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Top 10 Coco Easter Eggs

Wake us up before you “Coco”. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 “Coco” Easter Eggs.

For this list, we’re uncovering the best Easter eggs, shout-outs and sneaky cameos hidden in this musical Pixar film. Since it’s pretty hard to talk about this movie without giving away huge plot points, a spoiler warning is in effect.

#10: A Really Old Mac

In 1986, Steve Jobs invested in a little company called Pixar. Although he later sold it to Disney, his investment helped the studio become successful. “Coco” gave a shout-out to the legendary Apple guru with a sneaky Easter egg. After Miguel ends up in the Land of the Dead, he visits the Department of Family Reunions and sees his ancestor Imelda screaming at an employee. The employee is working with an ‘80s era Macintosh computer… until Imelda breaks it. The device may look old, but it sure paved the way for future innovation. In a movie about connecting with one’s roots, the bulky Mac fit perfectly.

#9: “Cars”

Right before Miguel strummed his way onto the big screen, Lightning McQueen zoomed into theaters in “Cars 3”. “Coco” give a nod to the end of the “Cars” trilogy at the beginning of the movie. While Miguel is hanging out with his great-grandma Coco, we see him change into a luchador outfit with a lightning bolt and a red cape. Lightning would definitely appreciate both style choices, as the symbol and color cover most of his body. He’d probably get along with Miguel, since both energetic characters perform well in front of crowds. Maybe they’ll team up when Miguel is old enough to drive.

#8: Nemo’s Mexican Vacation

When the clownfish Marlin lost his son Nemo, he really should’ve checked Mexico. While Abuelita Elena is teaching Miguel about the importance of family, we can spot a Nemo figurine in the background. The little fish can also be spotted on a table of mythical creatures called alebrijes. This time, he’s joined by figures that look like his father Marlin, the blue tang Dory, and Destiny the whale shark. In “Coco” alebrijes have a knack for guiding others exactly where they need to go. Since the characters in the “Finding Nemo” franchise are always getting lost, their appearance as alebrijes is kind of ironic.

#7: Sid’s T-Shirt?

Do you remember Sid? He was the creepy kid with the skull t-shirt who abused toys in the first “Toy Story”. After watching “Coco”, we’re worried that he may have met an unfortunate end. Miguel enters a Land of the Dead battle of the bands in order to win a chance to meet his hero. While watching a montage of the other performances, we can see a musician wearing Sid’s classic shirt. Does this mean something went horribly wrong for the toy bully? Or does the spirited performer just shop at the same Hot Topic as Sid does? We’ll let you decide.

#6: An Incredibly Undead Poster

By now, it’s clear that Pixar loves to reference their past films. But that doesn’t mean they neglect the future. In one scene, a group of joyous spirits is seen running right past a movie poster for an undead version of “Incredibles 2”. The original “The Incredibles” focused on a superpowered family hiding, and ultimately accepting, their powers. Audiences made the film a box office smash; and the sequel promises even more action, heart and baby Jack-Jack. We think it’s safe to say the celebrating spirits in “Coco” represent everyone’s excitement for 2018’s “Incredibles 2”.

#5: Cameos From Mexican Celebrities

The creators of “Coco” found creative and hilarious ways to pay homage to the famous Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo. But she isn’t the only Mexican celebrity to make an appearance. El Santo was a famous Mexican luchador who was known for always wearing a mask. You can easily spot him by his trademark attire during the party scene. The fierce Mexican actress María Félix also got a party invite. Legendary performers Cantinflas, Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete are just a few more celebs that appear onscreen. Although international audiences may have missed these cameos, the inclusion of these icons shows deep respect for Mexican culture.

#4: Pixar In-Jokes

Part of the fun of watching a Pixar movie is finding the company’s running gag Easter eggs. When Dante is chasing an alebrije, a ball is briefly seen. The pattern is the same as the Luxo ball, a toy that first appeared in Pixar’s breakthrough “Luxo Jr”. And some of the creative people behind that short attended the California Institute of the Arts. Since these animation students studied in classroom A113, the number appears in many of the Pixar’s films, including “Coco”. And if you’re feeling hungry, Miguel can always order from Pizza Planet. Keep those homemade Easter Eggs coming, Pixar.

#3: A Touching Tribute

The ofrenda is a crucial part of the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration. Consisting of photos of deceased family members and offerings, ofrendas pay respect to the dead and invite spirits to visit their loved ones. In “Coco”, this tradition keeps Miguel’s ancestors from disappearing from the Land of the Dead. Pixar also made an ofrenda to pay respects. During the credits, pictures of the deceased friends and family of Pixar employees can be seen. Among these images, you’ll find former CEO Steve Jobs and Don Rickles, the voice of Mr. Potato Head. It’s a beautiful tribute that ensures that many beloved souls will never be forgotten.

#2: Piñatas

Believe it or not, piñatas were once used at religious ceremonies in Mexico. Over time, they became more associated with celebrations and festivals. This aspect of Mexican culture was beautifully combined with a clever cameo during the film. If you pause during a wide shot of the marketplace, you can see piñatas of iconic Pixar characters like Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Mike Wazowski. We’re not sure if Boo from “Monsters, Inc.” or Andy from “Toy Story” would be cool with hitting paper models of their friends. Either way, the piñatas are some sweet Easter eggs.

#1: John Ratzenberger

John Ratzenberger has the distinction of appearing in every full-length Pixar film. Whether he’s playing a monster, supervillain or piggy bank, audiences always welcome his voice. Ratzenberger’s cameos are either instantly recognizable, or insanely easy to miss. “Coco” definitely falls into the latter category. When Miguel first enters the Land of the Dead, we meet a deceased man named Juan Ortodoncia, on his way to visit his living family. Right after we see him flash a metallic smile, you can hear the familiar sound of Ratzenberger’s voice. This compact cameo may be brief, but it still continues one of Pixar’s best traditions.

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