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Top 5 Marvel Characters Gary Oldman Should Play In The MCU

Written by Thomas O' Connor Gary Oldman is a talented actor who could has mentioned that he's open to the possibility of playing a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but which comic book character should he play? WatchMojo presents the Top 5 Marvel Characters that are Perfect for Gary Oldman! Watch to find out who made the top spot on our list! Watch on WatchMojo: Have an idea for our next video? Submit your idea on our suggest page here: https://www.WatchMojo.commy/suggest.php

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Gary Oldman wants to be in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie! Well, at least his kid wants him to be. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down the Top 5 Marvel Characters Gary Oldman Should Play in the MCU.

For this list, we’re looking at Marvel characters that the star of “The Darkest Hour” and the “Dark Knight” trilogy would absolutely nail if given the chance to portray them on the big screen.

#5: Nova

You may remember the Nova Corps as the Xandarian army and peacekeeping force from “Guardians of the Galaxy” volume 1, but this group has much more to do in the comics than throw Star-Lord in The Kiln. With members from every corner of the galaxy, they’re an interstellar peacekeeping force like few others, and they’ve had a couple of members from humble ole’ Earth. Most notable is Richard Rider, a human who served in the Corps for years, and kept it alive after it was nearly destroyed. If Marvel wanted to introduce Richard into the MCU as an older, battle-hardened vet, Oldman would be a fantastic fit.

#4: The Beyonder

But then again, an actor with Oldman’s range and screen presence would also be a great choice to play a more powerful character, and it doesn’t get much more powerful than this. An ancient being of almost limitless cosmic power, this enigmatic figure kickstarted the original “Secret Wars” storyline when he kidnapped a number of Marvel heroes and villains so that he could more closely observe the neverending battle between good and evil. Think of Q from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and you’re not far off. If Marvel wanted to adapt the “Secret Wars” storyline, we could easily see him landing the role.

#3: Galactus

We’d definitely be excited to see Oldman play the Devourer of Worlds himself, complete with his iconic armor and fashionable headwear, but it also pays to remember the character’s time as a normal being. Before becoming the scourge of the spaceways, the big bad was a humanlike being named Galen, an inhabitant of a universe that preceded our own. Playing the last survivor of a dead universe, one transformed into a being that must destroy worlds in order to survive, sounds like a thespian’s dream if handled properly, and Oldman would probably sink his teeth into a character with as much tragedy and pathos in his origins as this.

#2: Magneto

Don’t get us wrong: we’d love to see Michael Fassbender go on as the metal bending mutant, but considering Marvel Studios will likely want to take the franchise in a new direction after re-acquiring the rights in 2017, there’s a good chance 2018’s “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” will mark the end of that era. What better way to garner excitement around a new X-movie than with Gary Oldman acting as the lead antagonist. We’d love to see what Oldman would bring to the role, and what he’d do differently to differentiate his take on the character.

#1: Norman Osborn

Above absolutely all else, there’s one thing we know that Gary Oldman can always play, and that’s crazy people. Few other actors can pull off an air of unhinged menace like he can, and if you need proof of that, just watch “Leon: The Professional” or his brief but memorable role in “True Romance”. When it comes to Marvel villains, they don’t get crazier than the Green Goblin himself, and Oldman’s intensity and ability to fly off the handle at a second’s notice would bring the murderous supervillain to life better than we could ever imagine. Measure this man for some green pants and a Goblin Glider, asap.

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