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Top 10 Most Exciting Releases of 2018

VO: LY WRITTEN BY: Michael Wynands
Script written by Michael Wynands 2018 is already looking like a good year at least in entertainment! Here are the releases we are most looking forward to! Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake, and Camila Capello are all coming out with new albums and this year we’ve got strong female lead movies like Mary Poppin’s Returns, Lara Croft, the star-studded cast of Ocean’s 8 and Annihilation with Natalie Portland! Wes Anderson is also back with another beautiful film, Isle of Dogs. For TV, watch out for the up-and-coming star, Yara Shahidi in the spin-off to Black-ish, appropriately titled Growin-ish!

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Top 10 Most Exciting Releases of 2018

This is the most hotly anticipated content of the year! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Most Exciting Releases of 2018.
For this list, we’re looking at the most buzzworthy and exciting films, shows and albums scheduled to be released in 2018.

#10: Selena Gomez's New Album -TBA (2018)

The reigning Queen of Instagram certainly keeps herself busy. She’s serving as producer for hit Netflix series “Thirteen Reasons Why”, collaborating to design limited edition handbags, lending her voice to animated characters and somehow, still finding time to record new music. Speaking with Zane Lowe in October 2017, she claimed to have recorded a full two albums worth of material. In December 2017, she followed that comment up with the promise that we’d be getting a new album “very soon”. Though details, including the title, remain scarce, the mystery only adds to the hype.

#9: “Annihilation” (2018)

After his excellent, cerebral A.I.-centric 2015 sci-fi film “Ex Machina,” cinemagoers should be excited to see anything that screenwriter turned director Alex Garland puts out. His past work is naturally a big part of the hype surrounding his second directorial effort, but even if he were a complete unknown, we’d still be excited to see “Annihilation” based on the first two trailers. Boasting an impressive female cast including Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez and Tessa Thompson, with support from the excellent Oscar Isaacs, the film certainly isn’t lacking for talent. But it’s the cinematography, compellingly mysterious premise and tense action that has really cemented this as a must-watch film in 2018.

#8: Camila Cabello's New album- “Camila” (2018)

What a hit-maker! There’s nothing like dropping one of the hottest songs of 2017 as your lead single to get people talking about your upcoming debut album. With “Havana,” Camila Cabello showed that she has what it takes to conquer the charts. On “Crown,” a collaboration with Grey for the Netflix original film “Bright”, she proved that she’s anything but a one trick pony. But let’s be honest… we knew she had talent way back when she was on X-Factor. All that to say, with chops like these, there’s little wonder as to why her debut album, titled simply “Camila,” has quickly established itself as one of the most anticipated of 2018.

#7: “Grown-ish” (2018)

“Black-ish”, the award-winning sitcom created by Kenya Barris, has proved a runaway success. With inspired humor, poignant social and political commentary and it’s impressive cast, “Black-ish” is the sort of family comedy viewers deserve in this modern age of high quality programming. Though most television spin-offs prove to be littlemore than pale imitations of the series from which they originate, with creator Kenya Barris at the helm, “Grown-ish” could very well join the handful of great spin-offs like “Frasier” and “Better Call Saul”. Yara Shahidi already won over the audience on “Black-ish,” and, given the quality of the season 3 backdoor pilot, we think fans will be all too happy to follow her to college.


#6: “Mary Poppins Returns” (2018)

Alright, full disclosure… we’d be lying if we said that it wasn’t more of a nervous excitement that we’re feeling for this release. The stakes are just SO high. For every contemporary sequel to a classic film that succeeds, like “Blade Runner 2049,” there are a dozen “Dumb and Dumber To”s. And the reality is, with Mary Poppins, we’re talking about one of the most cherished childhood films out there. But, to Disney’s credit, they’ve given us every reason to hope for the best. Emily Blunt is the perfect actress for the titular role. Lin-Manuel Miranda is an inspired choice for Jack. And who better to direct than master of the musical film himself, Rob Marshall?

#5: “Isle of Dogs” (2018)

Returning to the world of stop motion for the first time since he blew everyone away with his take on the medium almost a decade ago in 2009, Wes Anderson offers what looks to be another wonderfully odd story involving talking animals. Helping Anderson to tell this tale about the bond between boy and his dog are Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Greta Gerwig, and Frances McDormand among other recognizable names. The story looks to be the classic Wes Anderson mix of charm, decorum, polished aesthetic and quiet absurdity. It also looks like a hit. Suffice it to say, we can’t wait to explore the Isle of Dogs, canine flu be damned.


#4: “Oceans 8” (2018)

Speaking of ensemble casts for the ages, we’re not sure there’s ever been a more impressive all-female one than this. Roll call! Front and center, we’ve got Sandra Bullock as Debbie Ocean, the estranged sister of George Clooney’s loveable con Danny. Joining her are… (wait for it) Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter and Awkwafina. Honestly… with a cast like that, we’d go see a movie about a bunch of people taking a bus ride during which absolutely nothing noteworthy happens. But in the context of an Ocean’s spin-off? EVERYONE should be excited to about this.


#3: "Incredibles 2” (2018)

What incredible news! But seriously… most of the fans who first fell in love with Pixar’s first superhero family are now grown ups, and in a testament to the enduring popularity of this film, they’re still going to line up around the block to see this long awaited sequel. After a break of nearly a decade and half of time, some of those fans will likely be bringing along kids of their very own - a whole new generation of Incredible devotees-to-be ready to fall in love with this hilarious and charming cast of characters. You made us wait Pixar, but we suspect it’ll be worth our while.


#2: “Tomb Raider” (2018)

Lara Croft is coming back to the big screen, and this time there’s a new star dual wielding the pistols this time around. Alicia Vikander is quickly establishing herself as one of the most noteworthy talents in Hollywood. In Ex Machina, her performance as Ava the humanoid robot was incredibly nuanced. Her turn in the Danish Girl earned her an Oscar that same year. If there’s any actress we trust to bring substance to one of the video game industry’s most iconic heroines, it’s Vikander. And based on the first trailer, they haven’t skimped on the action. This film may just succeed in breaking the video game adaptation curse.

#1: “Avengers: Infinity War” (2018)

What Disney and Marvel have accomplished with the MCU is unprecedented, and with “Avengers: Infinity War” it looks as if they’re about to do the unprecedented all over again. Nothing of a comparable scale, cast or world building has ever been attempted on film before. The cast list is so long and impressive, we couldn’t possibly name them all off. It’s essentially everyone of note from every Marvel movie leading up this one. The Russo Brothers, who directed the Winter Soldier and Civil War, have already proven that they know what they’re doing and, based on the first trailer, they’re intent on delivering. On May 4th, 2018, pop culture movie history gets made.


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