Top 10 Most F*%KED Up Things to Ever Happen on Black Mirror

Written by Nathan Sharp

This show certainly knows how to mess with your mind. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most F***ed Up Things to Ever Happen on “Black Mirror.”

For this list, we’ll be looking at what we consider to be the most messed up and disturbing scenes in “Black Mirror” history. Warning: spoilers ahead.

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Top 10 Most F***ed Up Things to Ever Happen on Black Mirror

This show certainly knows how to mess with your mind. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most F***ed Up Things to Ever Happen on “Black Mirror.”

For this list, we’ll be looking at what we consider to be the most messed up and disturbing scenes in “Black Mirror” history. Warning: spoilers ahead.

#10: Carrie Is Trapped Inside a Stuffed Monkey
“Black Museum"

The finale of the 4th season certainly had no shortage of disturbing moments, and Clayton being forced to relive his execution certainly deserves a mention. But Carrie takes this spot for received a fate worse than death. While wanting to escape a comatose state to see your child is certainly understandable. Having your consciousness transferred into an inanimate stuffed animal and is only given two useless responses to communicate may as well be your own personal hell. Especially when; just like any other kids toy, it’s eventually discarded, abandoned. And leaves Carrie spending the rest of her days helpless inside a display case for patrons to pity her. At least Nish saved her from the fire.

#9: Liam Cuts the Grain from His Head
“The Entire History of You”

This episode takes place in a future where certain people have implanted “grains” which allow them to replay everything they have experienced. When Liam becomes paranoid that his wife has been cheating, he forces her to replay the moment, which validates his jealousy. He then decides to cut the grain out of his head to remove the memories of his family, an act which could result in permanent brain damage. Not only is it disgusting to watch someone slice open their head with a razor blade, the episode leaves viewers with a tantalizing question – is Liam irreparably damaged? Did the “cut” to black symbolize his loss of vision? We don’t know . . but we want to.

#8: Autonomous Drone Insects Kill Nearly 400,000 People
“Hated in the Nation”

This episode attacks groupthink, hiveminds (literally), and the dangers of social media. In the story, any person targeted with the most #DeathTo tweets in a given day will be killed. However, the story takes a radical turn at the end when we realize that the #DeathTo campaign was a ruse to target bullies who cower behind anonymity. The end of the episode harrowingly sees everyone who used the hashtag murdered by compromised drone insects, resulting in the deaths of 387,036 people. “Black Mirror” has always been dark, but we never thought they’d go this dark. Really, where do you even go from there?

#7: Abi is Forced into Pornography
“Fifteen Million Merits”

While (xref) Bing becoming a reality star is certainly an upsetting ending, the true victim of this story is Abi. In this dystopia, people work for “merits.” If you accumulate enough, you can audition for a reality show which gives you the opportunity to entertain and move into more luxurious accommodations. Abi is gifted Bing’s inherited merits and sings for the judges, but since the market is oversaturated, they force her into porn instead. Bing not only wastes his dead brother’s merits, he is forced to watch advertisements for distressed Abi’s pornographic show. It’s not a great situation for anyone, to say the least, and isn’t that what “Black Mirror” is all about?

#6: Stripe Learns the Truth
“Men Against Fire”

This is easily one of the most divisive episodes, as some viewers saw right through its approaching plot twist. Surely “Black Mirror” wouldn’t do a simple zombie/vampire story, right? Regardless of your opinion on it, there’s no denying that the truth is f***ed up. As it turns out, the military is using augmented reality on its soldiers, which makes humans appear as crazed monsters. This inhibits the soldiers’ morality so they may easily kill people deemed unnecessary by the eugenics program. The idea of the protective military indiscriminately committing genocide is a horrifying concept to imagine, and the images of Stripe brutally murdering innocent people are ripped straight from a nightmare.

#5: Killing the Baby

Things escalate quickly when, in an attempt to cover up a hit-and-run death from her past, the unsuspecting Mia goes on a desperate murder-rampage. When an insurance investigator uses a device that can go into someone's mind and see their memories, she discoveries Mia's illegal activities and Mia kills her before going after the woman's partner. When Mia thinks the woman's baby has witnessed her latest murder, Mia, deciding she is already in too deep and there is no turning back, kills the baby to prevent its memories from being used against her. It turns out that the baby was blind and never actually saw anything, making the horrible slaying unnecessary. This is Black Mirror after all.

#4: Matt’s Isolation for the Rest of His Life
“White Christmas”

“White Christmas” is arguably the darkest hour of “Black Mirror, and also highlights the perils of augmented reality. The thought of “cookie Joe,” a replicated consciousness, being trapped endlessly in a virtual cabin is truly hellish. However, we could theoretically take SOME comfort in knowing that he’s, well, not exactly a real person. But Matt is very real. Because he committed voyeurism, Matt is forced to register as a sex offender and live the rest of his life blocked from society. This means that he can’t hear or see ANYONE, and everyone sees him as a malicious red shadow. Matt might be a terrible person, but we can’t help but feel sorry for him when it comes to his incredibly alienating fate.

#3: Cooper’s Entire Experience

To earn some cash, Cooper agrees to act as a guinea pig for a new piece of virtual reality technology. However, things soon turn horrifyingly psychological – he loses the extraction point, his memory degrades, and he’s led to believe that the tech cannot be shut off. He then safely wakes up from the nightmare, learning that the game had malfunctioned. He returns home to make amends with his mother but sadly finds that she, like his father before her, is now senile. But at least he’s safe, right? Nope! He’s been dead the whole time, as the device instantly fried his brain. He died in his literal worst nightmare. Not a great way to go.

#2: Kenny is Revealed to Be a Pedophile
“Shut Up and Dance

In this plot, we follow a seemingly innocent person throughout the episode before a massive twist reveals that they are actually the villain. Kenny is caught masturbating on camera, and to prevent the rather embarrassing footage from leaking, he reluctantly follows his hacker blackmailers’ instructions. However, the fantastic twist ending reveals that Kenny was masturbating to children. This not only puts the entire episode into a different perspective, it also provides an explanation for Kenny’s desperation and turns a rather sweet interaction with a child into something totally creepy. Leave it to “Black Mirror” to make us feel sympathy for a pedophile.

#1: The Prime Minister Has Sex with a Pig
“The National Anthem”

It’s not easy for a single moment to stand out in “Black Mirror.” The series is filled with so many haunting moments that it should be incredibly difficult to pinpoint only one single scene which disturbs and troubles EVERYONE. But we actually can, since the images of Michael Callow having sex with a pig have become ingrained in the minds of “Black Mirror” fans. It is easily the show’s most iconic moment; and to think, this was only the first episode! Like the audience in the actual episode, people couldn’t believe what they were seeing. It perfectly captures the insanity of “Black Mirror” and lets prospective viewers know that they are in for something unlike anything else on television.