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Ryan Gosling VS Ryan Reynolds

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by Savannah Sher It’s the ultimate countdown! The Canadian actors Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds are going head to head in this versus. We’re going to be judging them based on their acting ability, role choices, love life, their interview skills, sense of humor and of course looks! Let the battle begin!

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Ryan Gosling Vs Ryan Reynolds

The battle of the Ryans is on. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re pitting Ryan Gosling against Ryan Reynolds in a Canadian heartthrob showdown.

Round 1: Acting Ability / Role Choices

Ryan Gosling is a two time Academy Award nominee, as well as a five time Golden Globe nominee and one time winner. He seems to always choose challenging roles in critically acclaimed movies that are also hits with audiences. He has played in both romantic movies like La La Land, Crazy Stupid Love and of course The Notebook as well as more guy-friendly flicks like “Drive”, “The Place Beyond the Pines” and “The Big Short”. No matter what their background, the characters he picks are always charming and lovable despite their flaws.
Ryan Reynolds on the other hand, has only a single Golden Globe nomination and zero Oscar nods under his belt. This is to be expected however, given that he tends to choose more lighthearted, comedic roles. Though his turn as “Deadpool” may have been hugely successful at the box office, comic book movies don’t generally do well come award season. He’s also been in a couple of total flops. When he goes the romantic comedy route however, he totally nails it, with memorable roles in films like “The Proposal” and “Definitely, Maybe”.
While both of these men are clearly talented actors and have appeared in their fair share of good movies, we’ve got to give this one to Gosling. In terms of lovable characters, you just can’t compete with Noah from “The Notebook”.

WINNER: Gosling 1 / Reynolds 0

Round 2: Sense of Humor (Interview Personality)

Ryan Gosling has a dry humor and manages to keep a straight face even when making a hilarious joke. He is above-all self deprecating in interviews, never shying away from putting himself down for the sake of a good laugh. He isn’t exactly known for his comedic roles, but when he lets his real personality shine through, he can be just as loveable and endearing as the characters he portrays. In an industry full of big egos, his personality is certainly a refreshing one.
Ryan Reynolds is also great in interviews, always ready and willing to laugh at himself and poke fun at others. What really puts him over the top though is his hilarious social media personality. In fact, he has been called the “undisputed funniest man on Twitter” for his side-splitting stream of consciousness. On the platform, he shares constant light-hearted comments about his family life and observations about the world. Give him a follow and you won’t be disappointed.
While both of these guys are funny and likeable in interviews and online, we have to give this one to Ryan Reynolds because of his silly sense of humor and winning social media presence.

WINNER: Gosling 1 / Reynolds 1

Round 3: Love Life

Ryan Gosling’s love live has been in the spotlight since he began dating his “Notebook” costar Rachel McAdams after shooting wrapped. One of their most memorable moments as a couple came when they were awarded the prize for “Best Kiss” at the MTV movie awards and decided to recreate their iconic embrace. More recently, Ryan has kept his romantic relationships under wraps, having children with actress Eva Mendes while rarely making public appearances together.
Ryan Reynolds has also had some high profile relationships with A-list actresses. He was married to Scarlett Johansson between 2008 and 2011. The actor met Blake Lively while shooting “Green Lantern” in 2010 and clearly the two hit it off because by 2011 they were openly dating. They were married in 2012 in a small and private wedding but since then, they have often made mention of each other and their children in interviews. Reynolds seems like a great husband and father, even if he might take the opportunity to use those roles as comical fodder on occasion.
It’s a tight race on this one, but Ryan Gosling has the edge because of his acceptance speech at the 74th Golden Globes. During his thank yous, he made a special point to single out Eva Mendes for the time she spent raising their daughters while he was busy shooting “La La Land”. Now that’s a class act.

WINNER: Gosling 2 / Reynolds 1

Round 4: Looks

This round is inevitably going to be a contentious one. Ryan Gosling is an undisputed hottie, with scenes from his movies even acknowledging his ridiculous good looks. With his broad shoulders, trim physique and impressive abs, we don’t think anyone would kick him out of bed. His puppy dog eyes definitely add to the appeal. He is so beloved that a series of memes was started starring Ryan with encouraging or feminist leaning quotes overlaying his photos.
The boyishly handsome Ryan Reynolds on the other hand, also has legions of loyal fans. So much so, that he was actually named People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2010, joining other iconic lookers like George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford. Reynolds also shows off his bod in several of his movies, displaying impressive biceps and shoulders. With that winning grin and devilish twinkle in his eye… it’s the sort of face that’s hard to deny.
We acknowledge that it’s a matter of personal preference, but the people have spoken- or at least People magazine has. Though rumor has it that Goling has actually been offered the title and turned it down, in the end, this one is going to Ryan Reynolds.
WINNER: Gosling 2 / Reynolds 2

Round 5: Philanthropy

Ryan Gosling is a defender of both human and animal rights, having worked with several organizations over the years to make strides towards righting wrongs in both those realms. One of his earlier causes was the refugee crisis in Darfur, of which he was a vocal advocate. He made a documentary about the issue after travelling to the area in 2005. Gosling is also passionate about opposing animal cruelty and has partnered with PETA to fight against the atrocities occurring in factory farms in North America.
Ryan Reynolds is passionate about several important causes, from climate change to childhood cancers. He has narrated a Canadian documentary about the seal trade and has worked with the Natural Resources Defence Group as an advocate for renewable energies. Because Reynolds’ “Deadpool” character suffers from cancer, he has received many requests from the Make a Wish Foundation to help kids with similar ailments who have identified with the character.
Both of these guys put their time and energy to good use when it comes to charitable causes, so we couldn’t pick a winner in this category. The contributions that both actors have made in their respective fields are impressive.
WINNER: Gosling 3 / Reynolds 3

It looks like we’ve got a draw! You didn’t think we could possibly choose between these two Ryans, did you?
Who do you love more? Be sure to debate it in the comments and of course, don’t forget to subscribe to MsMojo for more smoking-hot versus battles.


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