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Top 10 Disturbing Ozark Moments

VO: Matthew Wende
Jason Bateman isn’t Michael Bluth anymore. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Disturbing Ozark Moments. For this list, we’re looking at the most intense and nerve-wracking scenes from the first season of Netflix’s Ozark. As you can expect, a SPOILER ALERT is now in effect.

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Jason Bateman isn’t Michael Bluth anymore. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Disturbing Ozark Moments.

For this list, we’re looking at the most intense and nerve-wracking scenes from the first season of Netflix’s Ozark. As you can expect, a SPOILER ALERT is now in effect.

#10: Jonah and the Gun

“The Toll”
Throughout the season, the youngest member of the Byrde family is also given the least to do. But the few times Jonah is called to action, he does not disappoint. After finding out his father is a money launderer for a Mexican drug cartel, and seeing good old Bobby Dean’s rotting corpse on the family’s dock, Jonah asks Buddy to teach him how to shoot. This proves handy when one of Cartel’s lackeys breaks into the Byrde’s home, and Jonah, wanting to be the good son, decides to protect his family. The click of the empty gun is even tenser than a gunshot. Thank god Buddy was there to save the day.

#9: The Garbage Truck

“Nest Box”
When considering the best ways to go out, getting hit by a garbage truck might not rank too high. The arrogant Eugenia has a small part to play on Ozark, appearing in only two episodes, but her sudden and creative departure leaves a lasting impression. During a heated argument with her son, real estate agent Sam Dermody, Eugenia walks out onto the street, and unfortunately, she’s too caught up in the verbal conflict to look both ways before crossing. Then destiny drives in. Well, at least, she didn’t suffer – Probably.

#8: Marty and Wendy’s Confused Sex

“Book of Ruth”
A major plot point throughout the season is Marty and Wendy’s failing marriage. The fire between the two has long since burned out, forcing them to find other outlets to release their frustrations. In an attempt to feel something again, Wendy has an affair with a guy named Gary. After Marty finds and studies their sex tape, he decides to try out a few of Gary’s moves on Wendy. After everything is said and done, Wendy rightfully asks “what the hell was that all about”, but Marty just brushes it off. Maybe they should spend some of their money on couple’s therapy?

#7: Marty’s Coworkers Are Murdered

Pilot episodes can make or break a series, especially ones like Ozark that are designed to be binge watched. A boring first hour, and soon people will be switching to the latest season of “Orange is the new Black”. So, to capture our attention, Netflix decided to open the show with some murder. It takes only 25 minutes for things to hit the fan big-time; that’s when Marty’s coworkers, including his best friend Bruce, are bumped off by Del for skimming. Who knew that stealing from a sociopathic drug kingpin could be so bad for your health?

#6: The Pastor’s Wife

“The Toll”
Some things are so terrifying that the idea alone is enough to send chills down someone’s spine. Pastor Mason Ryan and his pregnant wife Grace are two of the only genuinely good people in this entire series. When Mason refuses to give into the demands of the local kingpin, Jacob and Darlene Snell decide to use Grace to teach him a quick lesson. The gory details happen off-screen, leaving the audience to imagine how the poor pastor’s wife meets her maker, which in a way is even more terrifying.

#5: Sugarwood Nearly Crushes Marty

Yes, Ozark’s pilot is named after a man’s penis. But obviously, it is not the main focus of the episode; we are introduced to Marty, his family, his co-workers –and Del, one of the series’ primary antagonists. Despite the aforementioned murder of Marty’s co-workers, the grizzliest scene in the first episode comes when Mr. Sugarwood himself is thrown out of a window and lands right in front of Marty, who was on his way to confront the man about his affair. At least Marty was spared an awkward conversation.

#4: Charlotte’s Drowning

“Nest Box”
Marty and Wendy’s eldest child, Charlotte, surprised us as she developed from an annoying bratty teen in the first episode to a multi-layered and mature character by the end of the season. Her best moment arrives when she tries running back to Chicago but ends up being found by Wendy and Ruth. After a tearful reunion with Marty, she goes for a swim to clear her head. As the couple fights over how they’ve screwed up their children, Charlotte struggles to stay above water. The most disturbing part is the smile on Charlotte’s face, due to the rush she gets from almost drowning.

#3: The Eyeballs

Honestly, Marty could not have said it any better. After the explosive opening episode, Del takes a backseat for the majority of the show, with the Snells serving as the main villains. This all changes in the episode eight, when we see a flashback to how Marty and Bruce ended up involved with the cartel. Masquerading as a ceramic-tile mogul, Del scouts the two as potential employees when Marty notices that Louis from his company has been skimming. After Marty accepts the opportunity to launder Del’s money, the drug-lord drops his charming persona. Louis is promptly murdered, and his eyes removed from his corpse. Del sure takes the expression “See no evil” seriously.

#2: Vulture Obsession

“Tonight We Improvise”
Don’t worry; Jonah isn’t picking up the carcasses of dead animals because he’s a serial killer in training. No, it’s considerably more innocent than that – he just wants to use them as bait for vultures so he can study the birds’ behavior. You know, for science! Everyone reacts to tragedy and adversity in their own special way, so if nothing else, Jonah is at least one of a kind, but that doesn’t make it any less worrisome and creepy, especially considering how young he is.

#1: Del Bites a Bullet

“The Toll”
With millions of dollars on the line, the Feds hot on his tail, and a mountain of corpses in his wake – what seals Del’s fate? An ill-timed insult. He calls Darlene a redneck, and unfortunately for Del, she doesn’t tolerate such disrespectful language. His shattered face is disturbing enough as it is, but this moment ranks at the top because it’s so unexpected and happens in the blink of an eye. Nothing in the lead-up even hints at the possibility of Del being killed off, so it comes completely out of left field. After such an explosive climax, we can’t wait for season two.

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