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Top 10 Batsuits of All Time

VO: Dan Paradis
Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean If you’re going to tackle the scum of Gotham, you’re going to need the right outfit. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten batsuits of all time. For this list, we’ll be looking at the various costumes that Batman has worn over the years across various mediums based on their impact, function and popularity.

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If you’re going to tackle the scum of Gotham, you’re going to need the right outfit. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten batsuits of all time.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the various costumes that Batman has worn over the years across various mediums based on their impact, function and popularity.

#10: Thomas Wayne’s Batsuit

It seems like every time the Flash travels through time, he always manages to mess everything up. Granted, in this particular case it did give us one of the most interesting alternate timelines in comics. While trying to prevent his mother’s murder, Barry Allen inadvertently changes the future for the worst, including the fate of the Wayne Family. Instead of his parents, Bruce Wayne is killed in crime alley, leading to his father Thomas to become Batman, while Martha Wayne was sent down the path of insanity, becoming this timeline’s version of the joker. Thomas doesn’t share his son’s hatred for guns or rule against killing criminals, and this change is reflected in his black & red suit.

#9: Adam West’s Batsuit

Ah there it is, the gloriously cheesy and iconic outfit that stood as the definitive Batman for years. Fashion and function go right out the window on this one, but for some reason that just adds to the charm. Despite being far too tight, the mask often slipping to an angle and looking like it offers no form of protection whatsoever, there’s no denying that the outfit and the kooky performance that came with it have etched its way into the Batman mythos.

#8: Batfleck Batsuit

The verdict is in people, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t the best portrayal of its two titanic titular leads for a variety of reasons. However, fans are in near unanimous agreement that Ben Affleck’s portrayal ofBatman was actually pretty good. Killing sprees aside, the sheer physique and presence of Batman is menacing. Combining Affleck’s bulked frame with a costume heavily inspired by the likes of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns results in a modern costume that has the potential to be just as iconic as its predecessors. We may have given this spot to the power armour he wore when going up against Superman…if we would have seen more than five minutes of it.

#7: White Lantern Suit

While it may have been brief, this look proves Batman could easily pull off the whole White Knight look, especially when it comes with a ring that imbues him with godlike powers. After being saved by Hal Jordan from the grip of the Black Lantern Corp, Batman along with the rest of the Justice League harnessed the power of life itself to defeat the death dealing Nekron and the all-consuming Anti-Monitor. While we prefer our Batman to work from the shadows, it goes to show that if he were chosen to join a Corp he could easily work a Power Ring.

#6: Arkham Knight Batsuit

Just as the Arkham games have gotten bigger and bolder over time, so too has Batman touched up his suit in order to keep up with the influx of villains. In an epic battle for the fate of Gotham against Scarecrow and the mysterious Arkham Knight, Batman needed a suit strong enough to take on a whole militia. Not only does it come with all the classics like detective mode and ability to glide to great heights, it also gave us one of the most badass mechanics in the whole game: The Fear Multi-Takedown. Admit it, you couldn’t wait to use it every chance you got!

#5: The Dark Knight Batsuit

Christopher Nolan gave us one of the grittiest and most grounded versions of Batman to date, and with it reinvented the classic Batsuit that inspired the darkness and fear that we love the character for, something that had been sorely lacking up until then. Out of the all the suits he wore throughout the trilogy, our choice would obviously fall to the plated version worn by Bruce Wayne when going up against his greatest foe; Heath Ledger’s Joker. It may be more susceptible to gunfire and knives, but for many moviegoers this particular Batman stands as a class above the rest. Projectile arm blades and all.

#4: Batman Beyond

In the not too distant future, Gotham still desperately needs its own silent guardian. Enter the Second Knight. Trained by Bruce Wayne, Terry McGinnis donned a much more futuristic version of the Batsuit with all kinds of sci-fibells and whistles. Able to instantly camouflage, pull batarangs literally out of nowhere, hack into frequencies by mere touch, and fly! It may be lacking the signature cape, but Batman Beyond’s sleek design was a radical change in direction that actually paid off.

#3: The New Batman Adventures Batsuit

Most fans would agree that, with the exception of a couple of stand-out episodes, The New Batman Adventures was a step down from the classic Animated Series. That being said, Batman’s redesign was near perfection. Not to say the original outfit isn’t iconic but by replacing the yellow bat symbol with a minimalist black bat, and generally going with a much simpler black and grey colour pallet, the Dark Knight looked all the more imposing. It’s just too bad that the other character redesigns, namely the Joker’s, weren’t as successful.

#2: Michael Keaton Batsuit

Following the hilarious exploits of Adam West, no one thought they would ever see the dark, brooding Batman from the comics on the big screen. That was until Tim Burton and Michael Keaton came along with an interpretation of the character that still rings true to many as the definitive onscreen Batman, capturing every essential ideal of the Dark Knight inside that costume. Yeah, it might be a little on the rubbery side and not nearly as hi-tech or functional as some of the later entries, but when it comes to striking terror into the hearts of criminals, this was the live-action portrayal that set the standard.

#1: Neal Adams Batsuit

There would be no Batfleck suit, no Nolan suit, No Keaton suit, without the revolutionary re-design created by Neal Adams in the early 70s. While Michael Keaton brought the darkness of Batman to the silver screen, it was Adams that brought it back to the character on the page after the ultra-campy 60s Batman seemed like it would never go away. Adams’ work with writer Denny O’Neil reshaped both Batman and the comic book medium for good. All in all, we might not have the Batman we know and love today if it weren’t for this man’s work and classic design, pointy ears and all.

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