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Top 5 Big Brother Scandals

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Sadie Perkins From the infamous turkey slap, to Belinda’s murder secret to Cory Brook’s anti-gay tweet, there’s always something happening on the hit reality TV show “Big Brother”. After houseguest Corey Brooks appeared on the show, it was revealed that in 2011 and 2012 he’d tweeted out homophobic slurs concerning Nicholas Spark’s movie The Notebook. Many viewers were upset that Brooks didn’t receive more criticism. Also when the government gets involved in a TV incident…you know it’s big. The turkey slap incident was quiet the controversy.Though it was never aired on television and only streamed on the site’s website, nobody escapes the prying eyes of the internet, and the two men were kicked off the show.

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Top 5 Big Brother Scandals

Reality TV is no stranger to tantrums, blow-ups, and conflict, but sometimes even the most dramatic shows go too far. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 5 “Big Brother” scandals.

For this list, the scandals must either involve “Big Brother” or its cast, and can have occurred both on or off screen.

#5: Corey Brooks Anti-Gay Tweets

After houseguest Corey Brooks appeared on the American show’s eighteenth season, it was revealed that in 2011 and 2012 he’d tweeted out homophobic slurs concerning Nicholas Sparks’ movie “The Notebook,” leaving viewers upset that Brooks didn’t receive more criticism for his actions. While his comments might seem tame compared to some of the offensive slurs that have been tossed out in other seasons of the show, Brooks’ tweets are a reminder than once you put something online, it’s there forever. 

#4: Belinda Thorpe’s Murder Secret

It’s no secret a lot of questionable stuff takes place inside the “Big Brother” house, but confessing to knowledge about murder is a cut above the rest. After an evening of heavy drinking, “Big Brother: Australia” season three contestant Belinda decided to chat with a few of the male housemates regarding her sister’s involvement in the murder of a gay man. Her comments shocked the house, and she was pressed for more details. Not long after the incident, Belinda became the first housemate in “Big Brother” history to voluntarily remove herself from the house. Is this a bad time to remind her that she was on TV…?

#3: Aaryn Gries Racism Scandal

In one of the most controversial seasons yet, “Big Brother 15” stole the show when it came to homophobic, racist, and sexist commentary. Throughout the series, and right up until her eviction, Aaryn Gries wasn’t shy about her prejudices on camera and frequently made racist remarks without hesitation. One of the most unpopular contestants to appear on the show, Gries’ eviction was broadcast in front of a live audience and served to start a conversation about the views presented on the show, and what was permissible on TV.   

#2: The Masturbation Controversy

Just because it’s a livestream doesn’t mean no one’s watching. While U.S. Big Brother 17 contestants Jeff and Julia were lying together in bed, as the houseguests tend to do, Jeff appears to be masturbating under the covers. As if that and carrying on a conversation with the oblivious Julia wasn’t weird enough, at one point it looks like he reached over and wiped something from his fingers onto her back. You don’t need a very strong imagination to figure out where that stain may have come from… 

#1: The Turkey Slap Incident

An incident big enough to earn criticism from even Australia’s Prime Minister, the “Turkey Slap” scandal occurred on “Big Brother: Australia” in season six. During a late night segment of the show, housemates Ashley and John called over Camilla to their bed and held her down while John rubbed his genitalia on her face. It was laughed off immediately afterwards, but prompted an emotional breakdown of Camilla in later episodes. Though it was never aired on television, and only streamed on the show’s website, and the two men were kicked off the show.

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