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Top 10 Craziest Scandals from the Bachelor

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Tiffany Ezuma This show is made for scandals. For this list, we’re looking at scandals that come from any show in “The Bachelor” franchise that may include, “The Bachelorette,” “Bachelor Pad,” and “Bachelor in Paradise.” Some of the scandals we’ve included on the list are the most recent scandal with Bachelor in Paradise, Chad’s antics that got him booted, Michelle Kujawa and the sound guy, Katilyn spoils her own ending, Jake and Vienna break up disaster and Jason Mesnick dumps Melissa for Molly.

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Top 10 Scandals From The Bachelor

It's not all fresh roses and smiles. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Scandals From The Bachelor.

For this list, we’re looking at scandals that come from any show in “The Bachelor” franchise that may include, “The Bachelorette,” “Bachelor Pad,” and “Bachelor in Paradise.” The scandals in question could have been either on-air or off, before or after the contestants’ season.

#10: Racist Tweets From Contestant Lee Garrett

Like a plot line out of “UnREAL,” it would figure that the season featuring the first black Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, would include a racist contestant. Shortly after Rachel’s season began, it came out that contestant Lee Garrett, a singer-songwriter, from Nashville had some questionable tweets in his past that included calling the Black Lives Matter movement racist and comparing it to the KKK, as well as calling all feminists ugly. His inclusion on the program sparked some outrage with fans of the show, and is pretty reminiscent to when Bachelor Juan Pablo got some heat for his homophobic comments, calling gay people “more pervert in a sense.” ABC, please keep this type of hatred off our screens!

#9: Michelle Kujawa & the Sound Guy

It’s pretty common knowledge that past contestants of the Bachelor and Bachelorette go on Paradise to find love with one another, but Michelle Kujawa from Season 14 with Jake Pavelka didn’t seem to get that memo. After not feeling an attraction to any guy on the show and voluntarily deciding to leave, she hooked up with the sound guy, Ryan Putz, in secret on her final night. Or so she thought. A producer came to check on her only to find Ryan in her room. Instead of dealing with the consequences, he decided to jump off the room’s balcony, where he fell 25 feet and broke both of his legs. And in the end, he still got fired. Tough luck, bro.

#8: Chad’s Antics Get Him Booted

Known as the villain on Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher’s season, Chad Johnson kept up the persona and problematic behavior that came with it on Paradise. On night one, Chad got extremely wasted; and as he made out with Lace he became more aggressive, name-calling and threatening to throw her under a bus. When Sarah called him out for his remarks he proceeded to call her a “one-armed bitch” due to her disability. Other contestants tried to get him to calm down but he eventually passed out. The next morning, he was unapologetic as Chris Harrison asked him to leave. Before his final exit, he gave the host an earful and threatened to fight him as well. What a class act.

#7: Kaitlyn Spoils Her Own Ending

Kaitlyn Bristowe was always an unconventional Bachelorette due to her carefree attitude and independent streak, which sometimes came at odds with the show itself. Case in point, she slept with Nick Viall before the Fantasy Suite, a big no-no on the show that lead to a bunch of drama. But her bigger no-no came off-screen when Kaitlyn accidentally Snapchatted a picture of her in bed with the eventual winner, Shawn Booth, only four weeks into her season. It was an unwanted spoiler for many fans and got her in hot water with the network that she still has a strained relationship with.

#6: Jake & Vienna Break-Up Disaster

At this point, we don’t expect the majority of couples from the show to last– but we don’t expect them to flame out in such a disastrous manner, either. But Bachelor Jake Pavelka gave us just that when him and season 14 winner, Vienna Girardi, needed a whole break-up special with Chris Harrison to sort out the drama that was their relationship. The whole time the two snapped at one another with Jake accusing Vienna of cheating and her calling him a “fame-whore.” It’s unclear how their relationship got so bad, but it didn’t exactly help the idea of finding your true love on the franchise.

#5: Chris Soules’ Hit-And-Run

Chris Soules was a pretty run of the mill Bachelor, but two years after his season, his name began appearing in the tabloids after a fatal hit-and-run in his home state of Iowa. Chris reportedly caused a car accident that left 66-year-old Kenneth Moser dead. Unfortunately, Chris fled the scene of the crime, and he’s facing the charge of leaving the scene of a fatal accident to which he entered a not guilty plea. Bachelor Nation has been largely quiet about the charges, but it’s a terrible situation for everyone involved, especially the deceased.

#4: Rozlyn & the Producer Affair

You can’t help whom you fall for, but season 14 contestant Rozlyn Papa couldn’t have made a worse choice. On Jake Pavelka’s season Rozlyn hit it off with a producer on the show, which production quickly found out about. When Chris Harrison confronted her, she proceeded to lie and say she did nothing wrong even though there was evidence to the contrary. She was booted off the show for their physical relationship and the producer was fired as well. After all was said and done, Rozlyn maintained her innocence, saying the whole thing was concocted for ratings. Whatever you have to tell yourself, girl.

#3: Brad Womack Chooses No One

The whole foundation of “The Bachelor” is that there will be an engagement at each season’s end, but Bachelor Brad Womack shattered that expectation on the show’s eleventh season when he chose to propose to neither DeAnna Pappas nor Jenni Croft. He did his best to let down both women gently but in the end, it was a polarizing move that made some members of Bachelor Nation feel like he took the whole show and the process for granted. The backlash didn’t stop him from returning as the Bachelor for season 15, but his first time won’t be forgotten.

#2: Jason Mesnick Dumps Melissa for Molly

The After the Final Rose special is meant to be the first time we see the Bachelor and the season’s winner together as an engaged couple but Bachelor Jason Mesnick threw that out the window when he used the platform to dump the winner, Melissa Rycroft. Melissa was devastated and called Jason a bastard for breaking up with her on national TV. Everyone was in shock as he asked for a second chance with runner-up, Molly Malaney, who accepted his offer. It shook the franchise, but all’s well that ends well, since Jason and Molly got married in 2010, are still together and welcomed a child in 2013.

#1: Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 Shutdown

Not even a week into shooting the fourth season of Paradise, production was halted after there were allegations of “misconduct” and a producer allegedly brought a lawsuit against the network. Details were hazy but it came out that two of the show’s villains, DeMario Jackson and Corrine Olympios, were engaged in a sexual situation that may have not been consensual. In what became a big cluster of “he said, she said” multiple parties gave varying accounts to what happened and both Corrine and DeMario were dragged through the mud in the process. After a third-party investigation and review of the footage, the studio determined that no laws were broken and they would be moving forward with the season as planned. We’ll never know quite what happened with this one and we get the feeling ABC doesn’t want us to.

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